Benefits of deep conditioning with heat

Benefits of deep conditioning with heat

Benefits of deep conditioning with heat?, If you’re looking to infuse some serious moisture into your hair care routine, then a good deep conditioning treatment is what you need. It provides the hair with exactly what it needs to create the most defined curls and promote maximum health.

But the best way to maximize the benefits of your deep conditioner is to add heat to your treatment., An increase in time and temperature do, in fact, increase the amount of conditioner absorbed. We recommend a time and temperature of 20-30 minutes and 95° Fahrenheit, respectively.

The benefits of deep conditioning with heat can be summed up as follows:

  • Ensure deep moisture penetration.
  • Prevents hair damage.
  • Improves moisture retention.
  • Leaves hair soft and smooth.
  • Improves elasticity.
  • Makes hair able to retain length.

It’s important to note that 20-30 minutes might not be the perfect time for everyone. So, start with this temperature and experiment based on your results.

It’s difficult to pinpoint an ideal time and temperature because each ingredient has its own unique properties that may change when combined with other ingredients.

However, there are some similarities that are important to keep in mind when deciding on an ideal time for conditioning.

The main ingredients found in good deep conditioners (examples: surfactants, hydrolyzed proteins, silicones, and polyquats) will stick to the hair within seconds of application.

If the conditioner is left on the hair for 10 minutes the amount of penetration will double, and continue to increase up to 30 minutes.

However, after 30 minutes, no additional penetration is expected from the initial application of conditioner, absorbance is at its max. 

There is an increase in penetration up to the 30-minute mark, but as time goes on after that there is no additional penetration.

It’s also important to note that body temperature is typically around 95° Fahrenheit and testing for ingredients is done using temperatures between 90° and 104° Fahrenheit to prevent skin burns.

What is deep conditioning?

Deep Conditioning refers to the process of treating (healing/restoring) your hair with a moisturizing or protein-based conditioner.

The conditioning product that is applied to your hair might be specially formulated for deep treatment or it might even be simply a “boosted” regular conditioner or even a DIY concoction! Deep Conditioning adds extra moisture or protein to our strands so as to ensure that they are strong and healthy!

How to Heat up Hair Conditioner?

There are several ways to heat up your hair conditioner, including using a hairdryer. Although, we like to warm up hair conditioner by simply using your bath water. This method only takes about 5-10 minutes to accomplish.

You will need:

  • Small container either made of glass or heat-resistant plastic
  • Large bowl filled with hot water (sink, bathtub, etc.)
  • The conditioner you will be using
  • Towel
  • Plastic cap
  • Timer

If you want your deep conditioner to work double duty and make your hair feel super soft and smooth (or super strong if it is protein based), heat it up.

heating your deep conditioner up to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) increases the amount and effectiveness of adsorption (the good stuff that sticks to the hair) of said conditioner. Long story short, warm conditioner works better.

How to deep condition your hair?

1. READ THE LABEL and don’t be fooled by words like “all-natural” or “moisturizing” or “rapid repair.” Check the ingredients, and only use a deep conditioner with coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado: these are the only ingredients that can truly penetrate the hair shaft. (NaturAll Club’s conditioners use all three!) Other conditioners will just coat and sit on your hair.

2. Focus on your ends. They are usually the most dry, since natural oils take a while to work down the length of your hair strands. Applying a deep conditioner to your ends will restore oils, preventing breakage and split ends.

3. After applying a deep conditioner, cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag and add low heat (wrap a warm, damp towel around your head.)

This opens up the cuticle and allows the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. Leave in the DC for at least 20 minutes (we recommend 20-40.)

4. Rinse out deep conditioner with cold water, which closes the hair’s cuticle and helps the strands retain moisture. You can rinse with your normal shampoo and conditioning products!

5. And most importantly: Do it REGULARLY. Deep conditioners aren’t a magic solution to hair problems, and results will come slowly.

Just like getting in shape after a long period of inactivity, hair growth and repair takes TIME and CONSISTENCY.

Why should i use heat?

When you apply a deep conditioner without heat it can only do but some much for your strands. Naturally, hair cuticles are closed, meaning the treatment is only working on the surface of the hair shaft.  

When you apply mild heat, your hair cuticle opens allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft and provide nourishment from the inside out. This results in healthier, happier, more moisturized curls.

Benefits of deep conditioning

Add shine and luster

Frequent styling, product build up, and chemical treatments will strip moisture from your hair. It can leave your hair dull and lifeless. If your hair has lost its lovely luster, consider a weekly deep conditioning treatment.

The product will help smooth the hair shaft. Hair that is regularly deep conditioned is softer, silkier, and more manageable. It also allows your hair to gain back its natural shine.

Promotes elasticity

Dry and brittle hair is prone to breakage. To prevent breakage, you want to keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Deep conditioning treatment is one of the best ways to nourish and moisturize your locks. With regular use, it will improve the elasticity of your hair; thus, preventing breakage.

Imparts moisture

One of the main reasons why our hair becomes dull and unmanageable is due to the lack of moisture. Regular deep conditioning treatment can add moisture to your strands, giving it smoother, shinier, and healthier appearance.

Deep conditioners do not only impart moisture to your hair, but also to your scalp. Dry scalp can cause itching and flakes. Regular deep conditioning treatments can help prevent this problem.

Damage prevention

Deep conditioning is crucial in preventing damage. Whether your hair is damaged or you just want to improve the appearance of your hair, incorporating deep conditioning treatment to your hair care routine can be of great help.

Deep conditioning treatment provides a preventive measure against damage.  It prevents split ends, reduces breakage, and improves your hair’s health. It is also beneficial on damaged as it helps treat and repair damaged hair.

Watch this youtube video to see the benefits of deep conditioning with heat

Benefits of deep conditioning with heat

How long should a deep condition session be?

It’s best to deep condition regularly or as your hair needs it. For some its once a week and for others once a month is enough. Its main purpose is to condition your hair stands to prevent breakage and repair any damage.

We don’t think it’s necessary for everyone. Experimentation is important. Although, if your hair is “more damaged” you’re likely going to need to deep condition for 20-30 minutes.

The length of time needed to leave the conditioner on your hair is directly related to your hair’s damage (i.e., overall condition). Conditioner works better on damaged hair because it gets stuck in the flaws and cracks of damaged hair.

If your hair is overall healthy, then there won’t be much need for a lengthy conditioning session as there won’t be as many flaws and cracks in the hair shaft.

A good way to tell if you are leaving the conditioner on too long is if your hair gets overly soft, or curls don’t hold well after conditioning. If this situation applies to you, then 5 -10 minutes should be enough time.

Although, I can’t emphasize enough that each person’s hair is difficult, so you should be willing to experiment to tweak our advice for your specific needs.

After how long should you deep condition your hair with heat?

Remember that whatever “regularly” means is determined by you. Some naturals and transitioners deep condition their hair every 3-4 days. Some, every 2 weeks.

I personally aim for once a week, twice a week if I’m lucky. My recommendation is to start out weekly – if your hair begins feeling weak and limp, lessen to every two or three weeks. If it still feels dry, pump it up to twice a week.

Can you deep condition dreadlocks with heat?

You should put conditioner in your dreads after washing it. When you just start your locs journey, you shouldn’t be scared to put conditioner in your hair because you might hear that it was not good for locs, but eventually you’ll realize that nothing was wrong with conditioning your dreads, especially deep conditioning. This helps hair to retain moisture, keeping it soft and beautiful.


Deep conditioning is one of the best ways to keep your hair moisturized. it promotes the overall health of your hair and it prevents hair damage.

Protein based deep conditioners also promotes hair growth and keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy by strengthening the strands.

deep conditioning is a very important procedure to incorporate into your hair routine. Thanks for reading my post about the Benefits of deep conditioning with heat, also please read my other post Does backcombing cause hair loss thanks again guys see you in the next one 🙂


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