Hair Botox Aftercare For Botox Hair Treatment

Hair Botox Aftercare For Botox Hair Treatment

After getting a hair botox treatment, you may want follow these aftercare procedures for best results to ensure your hair is properly cared for.

Well, glue your eyes to the screen whether it’s your computer or your phone because It’s important to know how to care for your hair after getting a successful botox treatment, as it will most likely go back to its original state.

And I tell you because I know.

That first time I had hair botox, the next day I washed my hair with the shampoo that was in my house, and five days later, my hair looked terrible.

I used a temporary hair straightening treatment made of botox to make my hair look straighter, but the resulting hairstyle left me feeling disappointed.

I also wanted to get it, My hair didn’t look as if I had just stuck my fingers into an electrical socket, and the frizz returned in my hair, leaving no area untouched.

Despite the fact that I swore that I remembered all of the relatives of the hairstylist that had done the hair botox treatment.

I called her to complain after she put up with me ranting for 20 minutes, but I ultimately understood that it was my fault.

I didn’t follow her instructions when I left the salon.

The salon where she had her hair done made a difference. Suddenly, all of her past recommendations started to come back to me, which I had forgotten as soon as I left the salon.

One of the first things she had asked me was not to wash my hair for at least three days

Common questions that people have about Botox hair treatment include whether or not it can make your hair fall out, if you should use heat following the treatment, how long does the Botox last and how to reduce inflammation.

Do you want to know how to care for your hair after having the treatment?

Continue reading and i will share with you the process of how to do proper aftercare for your hair botox treatment.

Or don’t do it and ruin your botox in the blink of an eye.

If you decide to keep reading, you will learn:

  • Why you should wait three days before washing your hair with a hair botox
  • What type of shampoo to use if you have done a botox
  • 6 tricks so that your botoxed hair looks beautiful and attractive for longer


It sounds like you think that everything stopped when the treatment was done. However, this isn’t true. There are a lot more things to do once you have your botox!

Hair Botox is an innovation that contains a range of proteins, amino acids, collagen, vitamins, and antioxidants used to revive damaged hair.

The product penetrates the cuticle to provide women with keratin that helps to restore hair vitality. It also provides people with a lot of other nutrients lost during brining about heat tool, which includes vitamin C and iron.

Botox treatments can make your hair look straighter and are thought of as a revitalizing treatment. However, the most important thing is that it actually works to improve the health of your hair.

Having curly hair can be difficult under the best of conditions, but it’s easy when using a good quality product.

All went to hell when I washed my hair after the botox treatment. I should have avoided water for 3 days before doing this again.

Remember: you can’t wash your hair nor wet it for at least three days. Avoid doing intense physical exercise during this time, as it can damage the effects of the treatment.

Why should you avoid contact with water for three days after your botox treatment?

Water can eliminate the components of botox when it is able to be malleable, which can leave unpleasant marks in your hair.

A treatment you paid a few hundred dollars for may seem like it’s not worth it, but remember that for three days you’ll have healthy, beautiful hair.

Your botox treatment will last on average up to 6 months and will vary according to the products you use, when you wash your hair, etc.

You may have noticed that your botox is wearing off faster than expected. You may want to evaluate how & what products you use on your hair to see if there are any changes.

To make your botox last longer, we recommend washing with shampoos and conditioners specially designed for daily use, such as Tea Tree Shampoo.

We also recommend using a botox cream or ointment to protect the hair follicles, before washing & rinsing it off.

I’ll tell you.


We found that the longer you wait to wash your hair, the more likely it is that your hair product will be absorbed by your strands.

Don’t ever use a shampoo that you usually use at home, nor one that you got on sale at the supermarket.

For clean, healthy hair you should consider a shampoo with a pH between 5.5-7. Keratin has natural helpings of hydrophobic amino acids that keep the cuticle closed and prevent sulfates from penetrating to your hair shaft. 

Shampoo labels must be checked to see if they are free of lauryl sulfate, laureth sulfate, and chloride.

If you can, find a conditioner that contains natural seed oils, hydrolyzed proteins, and plant extracts in its formula. These ingredients provide optimal benefits for your hair.


  • This can be achieved by washing your hair only a few times a week to decrease the chances of losing hair Botox too soon. You’ll have time for more treatments or when you have time, use something else.
  • We recommend applying a deep hydration mask to your hair once a week. This increases moisture & helps it grow healthier.
  • You could try searching for a mask that contains hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil and hyaluronic acid to help repair your damaged hair.
  • Try doing without the hairdryer & flat iron for a bit. If you do use them, put a heat protector on your hair before using them.
  • Do you color your hair? When possible, I recommend that you start by coloring your hair and then doing the botox hair treatment. If you use permanent hair dyes, they’ll chemically alter the cuticle and lessen the effects of botox.
  • chlorine and saltwater is not a good combination for botox users. Applying a swim cap just before swimming can also significantly reduce the damage.

The last time I applied a botox treatment to my hair was actually not too long ago.

It’s exactly four months ago today. I had, at the time, beautiful hair.

I respect the stylist’s rules, which were provided to the “t.”

This time, I ensured that I followed the recommended time I waited five days before washing my hair.

In the past four months, there was a small itch with my scalp. All I know is that my hair looks so much better now..

As I was reading the labels on shampoo and conditioner bottles, I started realizing that it was important to pick one that was suited for my specific hair type and needs.

If you have just undergone a botox treatment, it’s important to look after the results and take steps that ensure they last.

These steps may include applying moisturizing cream, or choosing hair styling products that are less damaging.

Do you still have doubts?

Do you have doubts about what shampoo to use in your hair after doing the botox?

I’m happy to help you get rid of those doubts

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