First Hair Wash After Keratin Treatment

First Hair Wash After Keratin Treatment

The first hair wash after a keratin treatment is the most important in the entire process.

With this step, you can make sure that your hair is not damaged and you are getting all of the benefits from your treatment.

Are you interested to know how to care for your hair after getting a keratin treatment, remember the following:

Do you use a keratin treatment with formaldehyde in your hair, you should wait one day after applying keratin to wash it.

If you use keratin without formaldehyde, you should wash your hair as soon as you finish the treatment.

However, if you have color-treated hair, you should use cold water after the keratin treatment.

Then, alternate between using keratin shampoo and using color shampoo. Step-by-step instructions can be found below.

If you don’t have colored hair, it is advisable to use Keratin shampoo, blow dry and space out washes. I’ll outline the steps for you in the article below.

For those of you with colored hair, a keratin treatment can be a great way to cure tired and damaged locks.

However, it’s important that your hair is properly washed after the procedure. We have a full on guide for this on our site that might be worth checking out.

If you had keratin, but would like to wash your hair, here are the steps to do so.

You can find instructions in the packaging of the product if you want to apply a keratin treatment by yourself.

You might be interested to know that not all keratin manufacturers recommend the same.

On the other hand, if you didn’t read or receive any instructions with your hair keratin-treatments, don’t worry. I’ll still tell you how to wash your hair after applying the treatment.

There are a lot of different types of keratin, but they generally promise the same things: to reduce frizz, repair hair, and control volume.



Keratin treatments with formaldehyde are not actually keratins that restore hair.

They are less harsh straightening treatments, that have formaldehyde in them.

In general, these products are called keratin and don’t come with any manufacturer’s instructions.

The typical time for this type of chemical process to work will be 24 hours

One thing to note before I go on is that you can wash your hair as usual. Now, let me tell you what you came for:

Trying not to buy products without a laboratory logo or the necessary approvals/instructions it is not a good idea. The vast majority of them contain harmful substances which could damage your hair and your health.

So, if you want to get a keratin treatment done professionally, you’ll need to purchase an official product from a salon.


As for formaldehyde free keratin – those who have been authorized and legally marketed – they are washed out after being used.

There are a few steps to remember when washing your hair after getting a keratin treatment. Plan ahead and have everything you need on hand before washing your hair.


If you recently had a keratin treatment and have color-treated hair, it’s possible that you’ll notice a change in its shade.

The first wash after the keratin treatment will depend on whether your hair is colored or not.

Before going to the step-by-step here’s why your hair changes colors after the keratin treatment: due to the dye that is used on treated hair.

On one hand, the heat from the flat iron & blow dryer opens the hair cuticle. On the other hand, the keratin treatment is applied with heat.

This is why your opened cuticles lose a bit of color in the process. Most likely, your hair color will look slightly oxidized.


1) Rinse hair in cold water and make sure to wet it thoroughly.. This will finish closing the cuticles and stabilize the color.

2) I recommend doing this first wash out the bathtub to avoid freezing.

3) Then, when your hair is wet, wash it twice as you usually do. Use a color-specific shampoo. The water may be warmer.

4) After shampooing, apply a conditioner for color-treated hair and rinse to thoroughly cleanse your hair.

5) Following a keratin treatment, blow-drying your hair helps preserve its texture.

Extra tip: 

I recommend alternating color shampoo and shampoo with keratin. This can help prevent a buildup – which is no good for either hair or scalp.

Use each one once in your following hair washes. This way, you’ll take care of the keratin treatment and your hair color simultaneously.


In general, uncolored hair looks healthier because the cuticles are more closed.

It’s important to have a clarifying shampoo before the keratin treatment, which will make it last longer.

Additionally, if you don’t wash your hair before keratin, the treatment won’t work right and it might not last as long.

Whether you have thin or thick uncolored hair, try to space out the washes to extend the treatment.

The temperature of the water when washing isn’t always crucial,

Your hair products and how often you wash your hair can make a difference.

1) You should be using shampoos and conditioners that contain keratin. Shampoo that contains a lot of keratin for example is the Shampoo for Normal Hair would be a good option.

2) Try to space out your hair washes in between. Also, every time you wash your hair, blow dry it. This also applies especially to the first wash after a keratin treatment. If you have curls, use a diffuser

3) Did you know that keratin is thermo-active? That is, it’s activated by heat. That’s why the hair-dryer extends the durability of your keratin treatment.

4) You should always blow dry your hair with heat. However, if you can’t do it every day, do it at least once a week.


It’s important to know how to wash your hair after a keratin treatment, even if you’re not color-treated. I’ve outlined what you should do with the steps below.

The market is inundated with products, so it’s important to do research & learn which keratin treatments are most effective.

I recommend that you get a seal of approval from a stylist to make sure you’re investing in something worthwhile.

Don’t forget to use shampoo and conditioner with keratin. You’ll also need to alternate your shampoos for color-treated hair.

Although drying your hair is not always important, it typically is. The heat from the air will extend the duration of your keratin treatment and make it last longer.

Here are a list of products after the keratin treatments you may want to consider using. You’re an expert now!



  • L’Oréal Vitamino color shampoo
  • Vitamino color conditioner
  • Fructis by Garnier color shield or color resist 


  • Lisa unlimited by L’Oréal professional
  • Tresemme straight keratin
  • Perfect straight line or keratin line

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