Does Protein Treatment Straighten Hair

Does Protein Treatment Straighten Hair

Protein treatment doesn’t permanently straighten hair, but it does make it more manageable. For that, you would need to use a permanent straightening treatment because that will be the only thing that alters the structure of your hair.

If you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the keratin treatment will reduce its frizz. This is why your hair will likely look straighter afterwards.

However, the effect of straightening lasts only two weeks with average washing frequency. Higher frequency will lead to an earlier return to the original curl pattern.

If you have an afro hair type, a protein treatment is the perfect way to keep your curls manageable. Protein treatments are applied without heat.

Do you struggle with split ends, despite trimming them every 2-3 months?

How often does your hair seem dry and brittle?

If your curls are feeling weighed down and listless, then follow these expert tips to get them back on track!

Why does your hair need a protein treatment?

Our hair naturally contains protein, but exposure to environmental conditions & product buildup can cause a loss of it over time.

The primary benefit of a protein treatment is it will help to strengthen your hair and nourish the scalp.

Do you have any other hair-related expectations that we missed?

For example, if you wanted to treat the protein in your hair to straighten it, this would not be possible

This will require a permanent straightening treatment which changes the molecular structure of the hair permanently. It’s a reasonable alternative to getting a perm

I will illustrate this by telling you the story of two of my clients: Agustina and Jeni.

Agustina is a 17-year-old who is full of energy and has waves in her hair. However, she takes very little care of her hair.

She flat irons her hair more than three times a week. She should use deep moisturizing hair masks instead to counteract the thermal damage.

Jeni is a 20-year-old girl. She was born in a small fishing village in the south of Brazil.

Besides the fact that I love her name, which means ‘born of the moon,’ I admire how dedicated she is to her afro.

She needs to apply a moisturizing product and a mask that has proteins in it.

I recommend applying keratin protein treatment, which is one of the most popular treatments available.

Agustina was looking for a way to nourish her hair and eliminate frizz. She also had difficulty with her otherwise relatively straight hair being wavy so she wanted to straighten it.

On this occasion, protein treatment was done by sealing the keratin with heat

I recall that in Jeni’s case, things were completely different

She loves her afro hair, but it needed more care than a hair mask would give.

Therefore, she applied a protein treatment without heat. If she had applied a protein treatment like keratin, even for a few weeks, her curls would have been looser. She can’t go a day without her curls

Can you see the difference?

There are many hair protein treatments on the market that can meet all of your hair needs and expectations

If your hair is very curly, and you don’t want to lose the natural wave pattern in it, a protein treatment that does not contain heat can be used to maintain the curl structure.

So, to avoid any doubts, I’ll be categorical.


You already know from what you’ve been told that keratin treatments nourish and repair the hair.

So, if you have straight hair then this conditioner will most likely work perfectly. If not, then it’s likely that this product won’t do much. Straightened hair will stay straight for about 2 weeks without the need for touch-ups.

One of the positive attributes of this treatment is that it temporarily straightens hair.


Because many protein treatments are applied with heat, both a blow dryer and flat iron are used.

So, what can you expect from protein treatment?

  • Frizz-free hair
  • Shine
  • Docility
  • Softness
  • Resistant hair
  • Less hair breakage when brushing it

Protein treatments can provide a variety of benefits, including straightening. Keep reading to learn about the other benefits a protein treatment may offer.

If your hair has an afro or is very curly, it may not be possible to straighten it with a protein treatment. Advise the client that the outcome of the treatment may vary depending on their hair type.

To change the curl structure permanently you will need a different type of treatment such as extra strong straightening.

If you are looking for a protein treatment that won’t change the look of your afro hair, you have to ask for one. In this case, the stylist will use standing dryers so that the nutrients can bind with your hair.

So, we come to the second conclusion


  • Protein treatment repairs and nourishes the hair.
  • Straightening, meanwhile, changes the internal structure to achieve the straight effect

You need to be clear about this difference if you are not satisfied with the implications

The protein treatment will make your hair super soft, shiny, and manageable. Your hair will feel stronger and more elastic. It may even seem straighter for up to two weeks.

Straightening will make your hair look smoother and shinier. This may make it lighter and more prone to tangling and making your scalp more oily.


The protein treatment nourishes the hair because it absorbs the proteins. On the other hand, straightening is an aesthetic treatment that “laminates” by closing and sealing the cuticles.

People often confuse protein treatment and straightening. Protein treatment happens on the inside of the hair while straightening happens on the outside and makes it straighter.


Protein treatments are great for people who want an intensive treatment that provides temporary straightening. You’ll get rejuvenated, hydrated and nourished hair without the need to put in any effort.

However, if you want to keep your afro curl pattern and avoid the flat iron, opt for a protein treatment instead.


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