Flattering Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Medium Hair

Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Medium Hair

Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Medium Hair are set to be just as hot in 2020 as they have been for the last few years.

If you’re looking for a fresh look this year, I’ve got a few straightening iron hairstyles that, with a little patience, trial and error, and the right tools, you can create in the comfort of your own home.

The flat iron is one of our favorite hair tools because it’s so versatile! For one, you can use it to create so many different flat iron hairstyles, which is especially key for any special occasions or fun nights out.

And huge bonus: You don’t have to use them to just achieve flat, sleek hair. Now, many people even use them to achieve stunning curls and head-turning waves. Awesome, right?

Read on for 5 hairstyles that’ll have you looking like you just stepped out of the salon. It can be hard to get the right look without the best tools so I’ll also point you in the direction of which hair straightener is best for each styling technique, just in case you’re wondering what to get for your next hair straighteners.

Flat ironing hair can be harder than it looks and there are a few tricks to getting perfectly straight hair that will stay that way all day (and all night, too!.

How To Flat Iron Your Black Medium Hair

How To Flat Iron Your Black Medium Hair
  1. Comb hair thoroughly before straightening. It’s better than brushing because it separates the strands and allows the plates to contact every strand for a longer-lasting effect.
  2. Apply a high-quality straightening product with heat protectant qualities.
  3. Pin hair up in section clips and begin styling from the nape of your neck, working around your lower hairline and then up section by section. Use a tail comb to separate small sections of hair for straightening.
  4. Pick up each section close to the roots and glide smoothly in a downwards motion through the section.
  5. Apply a (light!) setting spray for a bit of extra shine and perfectly straight hair for longer.
  6. It seems like a lengthy process but taking the time to do it well will mean you get a long-lasting result and won’t have to do touch-ups later.
  7. For a reliable straighten with just one pass per section, you can’t go past the Bio ionic flat iron. It’s a model used in top professional salons and, if you know how to use it, it can give you a salon straighten at home.

How To Maintain Flat Iron Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Flat Iron Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

These 10 tips will help you get, and keep, you’re straight ‘do.

Begin with Well-Conditioned Hair

Before you even turn on that flat iron, ask yourself this: is my hair well-conditioned? Is it moisturized? If it’s not, turn that iron off and tend to your hair first. Sometimes, we think that a good heat protectant product is supposed to do all the work, but that’s not true.

You have to do your part to make sure you’re only applying direct heat to hair that’s in a condition where it can handle it without doing further damage.

Only flat iron hair that’s been regularly conditioned and cared for; otherwise, applying heat to dry, brittle hair is only prolonging the inevitable a major cut. If you’re usually kind of dry, deep conditioning once a week is incredibly important to hair health.

If you’re not getting the results you want when you flat iron your hair, it may not be the iron it could be your technique. Try these tips for flat ironing for a smooth, sleek finish!

Flat Iron Clean Hair

The best time to flat iron your hair is immediately following a fresh shampoo and conditioning session (and deep conditioning, if necessary).

You have to press hair when it’s clean; applying heat to hair that has products and dirt in it is doing nothing more than baking these old products and dirt in.

It might straighten it at least slightly, but the damage it does to your hair will increase tenfold. Need a touch up during the week? Flat iron once more, with minimal heat, but that’s it; flat ironing is not for every day.

Use Smoothing Balm or Serum

After shampooing and conditioning, apply a smoothing balm or serum to your hair. This helps a little more if your hair is chemical-free, but relaxed ladies can benefit from it, too.

Look for humidity-resistant formulas, particularly if you live in a climate where moisture-filled air makes a frizzy mess of your straightening work as soon as you step out the door.

Use Heat Protectant

Once your hair is dry, apply a heat protectant to each section of hair before you flat iron it. Don’t get fooled, though—a heat protectant helps, but even the best brand won’t hold up to heat that’s too high.

Avoid Oil Before Ironing

Applying a natural oil (we recommend Playa’s Ritual Hair Oil, $38) after you iron is fine. Sometimes you need a little weight afterward, but don’t put oil on your hair ​before you press it.

This will heat the oil, and then oil will eventually deep-fry your hair. You won’t get that lightweight, bouncy look you’re after if you compound the damage on your hair.

Only Flat Iron Dry Hair

For the best, longest-lasting results, only flat iron hair that’s totally dry. Again, doing otherwise just a recipe to fry your hair. Does this mean you have to blow dry it straight first? Not necessarily.

You can always wet wrap your hair and sit under a hood or bonnet dryer until it’s dry—this is a gentler drying method and the wrapping technique smooths your hair just like blow-drying would.

You can also let your hair air dry until it’s about 80% dry, and then blow dry it the rest of the way. Flat ironing hair that’s not completely dry will cause it to frizz up.

Go Slow and Steady

Try not to flat iron when you’re on a time limit. Flat ironing is is a technique that requires slow, controlled movement, but also avoiding letting the iron sit in one place for any length of time.

Move it, but don’t rush it. Begin as close to the roots as you can, and pull the iron down in one smooth motion. If you hurry through it, you may have to go over that section again (and again).

Remember: the less heat, the better. Making one good pass is better than making three or four mediocre ones.

Also, the “comb or brush chase” method works wonders in helping to straighten (particularly natural hair) with just one pass.

It’s as simple as running a fine-toothed comb or boar bristle brush down the length of each section, right in front of the iron.

This method smooths the hair and ends prior to the iron touching them, resulting in incredibly sleek locks.08of 10

Adjust the Temperature as Needed

Just because your iron heats up to 450 degrees doesn’t mean every part of your hair requires that much heat. For women with natural hair, finding out that they have two or three different textures on one head may be a shock, but it’s not uncommon.

Your crown area may be the curliest section, which would require high heat, but the hair on the sides of your head may be straighter, so turn the heat down when pressing that section.

Iron Small Sections

Smaller irons (1 1/2 inches or less) are better for tackling small sections of hair. Try not to press pieces wider or thicker than 1 inch at a time, even if the bigger iron is cheaper.

You’ll do a better job of straightening the entire section when you don’t have to deal with too much hair at once. Big, chunky sections won’t straighten properly.

Wrap Hair at Night

Now that your flat ironing job is complete, don’t ruin all your hard work with no nighttime care! Wrap your hair at night, and cover it with silk or satin before bed.

This way, your morning routine consists of little more than taking your hair down and combing through it. You already have the slight curve and volume no more heat is required.

How To Flat Iron Hairstyles For Short Black Hair

Even if you’ve only got an inch of hair, there are lots of cool ways you can flat iron short hair. Try these short and funky flat iron hairstyles:

  • Smooth Front, Textured Crown: Separate about two inches from your hairline back, create a side part and flat iron smoothly down, as close to the scalp as you can get. Apply a texturizing wax to the back section and flat iron upwards, away from the scalp.
  • The Pixie: for little flicks that frame your face, choose very small sections of hair and roll them between your fingers before using the flat iron in a curving motion. You can also texturize the top like the above style.
  • Sleek and smooth: flat iron all of your hair keeping the straightener as close to your scalp as you can for a chic ‘cap’ style.
  • The best flat irons for these styles have 1-inch plates and a narrow housing which allows you to work with precision close to the scalp. The Chi Air Expert is a classic and reliable model and it’s hard to go past for short hair styling with flat irons.

5 Ways to Style Your Hair With a Flat Iron

Think your flat iron is nothing more than a one-trick pony? Think again. If you’re tired of your usual stick-straight ‘do and want to switch things up, here are 5 gorgeous ways to style your hair with a flat iron minus the whole buying new equipment thing.

1. Straight Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Hair

Straight Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Hair

First things first: Use the flat iron for it’s original intention—to create sleek, straight hair. We recommend starting by using TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray to protect your hair from the heat, as well as add shine.

All you need to do is mist your hair and allow to dry for a minute or so. Then, use your flat iron to straighten your hair. Keep your motion totally even so you don’t create a bend in the hair.

2. Curled Under Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Hair

Curled Under Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Hair

Curled-under bobs are one of those really cute flat iron hairstyles you can create in minutes. To achieve, you’ll need to change up your straightening technique a bit.

Start off by straightening your hair as usual. Then, when you are about two inches from the ends of your hair, turn the flat iron inward towards your neck (be careful!) without releasing your grip. Tug lightly to release the ends, and you’ll have a gorgeous pageboy-inspired look.

3. Loose Curls Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Hair

Loose Curls Hairstyles

One of our favorite flat iron hairstyles involves curls, whether these be in the form of natural flat iron hairstyles, where hair is loosely coiled, or chunkier, tighter ringlets. To create a curly texture that isn’t too springy, you’ll need to start by turning down the heat.

Using a high heat flat iron to create curls will make it much harder for the curls to loosen up! Also, you’ll want to twist the straightener around your temple area so your curl will start lower on the hair shaft. Click here for a handy-dandy tutorial.

4. Natural Waves Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Medium Hair

Natural Waves Hair

To create a naturally wavy texture, apply TRESemmé Make Waves Defining Cream onto your hair. Then, roughly blow-dry. Next, create random bends in your hair by clamping and twisting your flat iron. Create one wave at a time for a tousled effect. Voila! Another seriously cute flat iron hairstyles you can do to change up your look

5. Perfect Curls Flat Iron Hairstyles For Black Medium Hair

Perfect Curls Hair

Using a flat iron to create curls is so easy! And, it makes curling short hair even easier. All you need to do is twist the flat iron while pulling your hair through. Master this look by following our step-by-step tutorial for flat iron curls.

I do hope you try out some of these straightener hairstyles and have just as much fun with your hair as I do. The trick is to relax and allow yourself to play a little. Who knows? You might accidentally create something fabulous!

If you’re starting from scratch (or upgrading!) and want to buy hair straighteners to start creating some of these (and some of your very own!?!) styles, have a scroll through my hair straighteners reviews and guides to find the perfect setting for your hair.


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