How To Wrap Hair With Leggings

How To Wrap Hair With Leggings

How To Wrap Hair With Leggings? You know what they say, ‘one girl’s pair of old leggings, is another girl’s new head wrap. 

Okay, maybe that’s not exactly the saying- but we love all of our new & one-of-a-kind hair accessories that came out of this simple up-cycling project!

Head wraps have really grown in style variety and popularity. There are leggings of countless colors and prints that you can be found in.

Now, there are plenty of styles and tutorials out there, but we have the best of the best that show variety in styles, creativity, and ease.

But, this might be the most inventive thing I’ve thought through. If you’re like any woman, you have leggings sitting in your closet. If you have natural hair, you’re always looking for new ways to wrap your hair.

Heck, if you have ANY hair, you’d love to do something fun with it every once in a while. Well, this is it. This is how to wear leggings as a head wrap.

5 Ways To Wrap Hair With Leggings?

  1. start I gather the items I use to wrap my hair
  2. It’s pretty simple, really. fold your leggings in half, lengthwise. Place the flat on the back of your head. Tie them together in the front, with the waistband on the bottom, and the legs on the top. Tuck in at the top of the your head, and be fashionable!
  3. Bobby pins, hairpins, or hair clips to hold my hair in place
  4. Satin leggings to wrap my hair
  5. If I feel my hair is feeling dry and needs a moisture boost I’ll use a leave-in conditioner and natural oil to moisturize and seal my hair.

How To Wrap Hair Using Leggings Tutorial

It took me a minute to figure this one out, but it really is that easy. If you are a visual learner like me, below is a video of how to wear leggings as a head wrap.

If you’d like some cool patterned leggings to use as head wraps you can find them on Amazon, If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them below!

How To Wear Leggings As A Turban

Leggings are the secret to an easy turban. Here, we just used a pair of little kids’ velvet leggings, and no one who saw the finished product could believe it.

Sure, it feels a little silly to throw them over your head, but unless someone’s watching you, they’ll never know what you did.

After you’ve put them on, you just twist them in the back, tie them together in the front, and then knot the ends together and tuck them under to create a solid triangular knot in front.

Finish up by tucking the waistband under in the back and hiding any loose strands. It’s super fast and perfect

What’s been your experience with Wrapping your Hair With Leggings? Do you wear head wraps? What have you used other than a scarf?


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