Why does my hair curl inwards

Why does my hair curl inwards?

Someone emailed me about their issue with why does my hair curl inwards. It had been bothering them for a while, but they were frustrated because the salon they were going to had trouble with what makes it curl.

Now, this time the layers weren’t applied, but she is finding the ends of her hair curling inwards due to some unforeseen circumstances.

This started when she asked me how this process came about and what she could do to prevent it.

While many people have this question, there’s a lot that goes into determining what kind of curl the hair should naturally have. A good number of processes and tools exist to help fix these problems without having to pay a stylist.

We’re going to help you correct this issue today. We need you to pay attention to the details. It’s good practice so keep your pen and paper handy and make notes, because here we go!

So, why is my hair curling inwards?

At first, it’s a good question, but certainly a difficult one to answer. After all, hair that curls inwards has more to do with outside factors than you might think at first. It may just be that this has nothing to do with how you’ve had your hair cut or styled.

Your hair curling inwards isn’t just one of the many reasons why you might want to cut your hair. There are other negative effects from having a long, loose curl and you might have overlooked them.

Cutting your hair is definitely a big factor in healthy hair growth. This article is going to be more in-depth and will teach you more about it by the end.

Although this isn’t exactly a “thing,” there are other reasons your hair may be curling inwards. These may include: stress, lack of nutrients, dryness or over-styling. All these causes can play a role we discuss more of them below.

Changing your hair product

The ‘inward curling of hair’ can sometimes be caused by other things, like the way it’s cut or more with the products you use.

Sometimes switching to a new hair product can make your hair look just that little bit better.

The best way to figure out if your hair will like a new shampoo is to go back to the old product for awhile and see if your hair still curl up inwards. You can also talk to other customers or check reviews on different websites.

Sensitive scalp? Hair that reacts differently to different ingredients in shampoo? Your hair might just need a hair-care product tailored to your needs.

Seasons changing

Hearing about ups and downs in your hair? Hair changes often, but can be difficult to identify. Dryness during the winter and humidity during the summer are just two examples of changing behavior of your hair.

You can straighten your hair with some irons without damaging it, but remember to use heat protection spray so that you don’t fry your hair.

When your hair is exposed to high heat, it can cause a lot of damage. This includes split ends, heat-damage to the cuticle (which can lead to breakage and poor styling), a dull dry appearance, and more general hair weakness.

because of the change in season, you can find your curly hair going inwards. The best case scenario is using a straightening iron to make it look nice, whether that be professional or just for yourself.

Change in hair structure (hormones)

Some hair is affected by outside factors, but that’s not the only factor that can cause it to curl inwards. This why using a styling gel should be part of your daily routine!

You may have noticed the way in which your hair curls, leading you to question a change in their structure. A hormone-induced change can cause these changes.

Stress is also a big factor in your hormones. Constant or long-term stress has the potential to become one of the factors unbalancing your hormones.

You may find that you’re under more stress recently and have your hair doing the same. It’s very important to keep stress levels down & work on reducing them in order to feel better.

Of course you can find someone to help you with this, but it might also be helpful to figure out where the stress is coming from and do something about it yourself.

Your diet can affect your hair curling inwards

Eating healthy food is important to your whole body, and this shows in both your natural hair care and condition.

Women are interested in how to care for their hair, with many expressing interest in how nutrition & food effects their appearance.

Are you noticing a significant change in your eating or drinking habits recently? After making these changes, you might notice your hair is curling more naturally, which is a happy surprise.

There is a lot of debate about whether or not these changes from your diet have caused your hair to curl up inwards that you’re self-conscious about. 

How do you solve this? This is actually quite simple: all you need to do is find out what you’ve started to add to your diet.

If your hair stop curling up inwards, there’s a good chance that your diet is working. There are so many correlations between the two! You still have time to change and find new healthy habits!

A straightening iron is an appropriate solution here, as well as a heat protection spray and some silicone-based emollient.

Of course, a significant source of moisture in your hair also helps it to curl up more. This is because, like so many other hairs, your wet hair curls easily.

Moving to another location can impact your hair curling

Locations may have seasonal changes in the weather, which is why you can experience more wind when winter comes & humidity during the summer.

Have you moved in the last few months and notice your hair is curling gracefully now? Then it’s very likely that the changes in weather conditions at that location have caused your hair to react differently now.

You can style your hair by using styling products or, for example, a straightener. Always do this safely and keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Using harsh chemicals on your hair can lead to damage so it is important to use gentle rehabilitating products.

Finally, hair curling inwards after a haircut

After a lot of hard work & research, we can say that cutting your hair in a certain way can indeed provide the desired effect.

There’s a chance that your stylist may not give you the curl-enhancing treatment you would hope for. In fact, research suggests that some of them can actually make things worse.

Experts say that hair cutting into layers does not invariably always make your hair curl inward. Women can opt for other styling if they don’t want their curls in the wrong direction.

This is not true. The reason your hair was set to layers instead of long is because it was associated with that preference, not because the staff at the salon forgot to tell you.

How is scissors holding can affect how your hair falls? This is important to consider if you don’t want your hair curling inwards.

Your hair will fall straight if you use the cutting tools correctly. With the sharper angle of the blade, they have no problem slicing through your tresses to curls inward, or outward.

A hairdresser who is experienced understands how to give you the perfect curl. They can do this by either providing a straight or a curly hairdo.

They have an expertise in knowing what hair will suit someone and will know how to make it look even better after they’re done styling it.

Now, what should you do when it isn’t cut the way you want it and you’re left with hair that curls inwards? 

If you had your hair cut differently and the hairstylist was still able to do her job well, then it would be best to go back and talk to her about what changes might have been made.

Now of course there’s the option to wait two months (so your hair has grown back) and then have it cut. In this way, you can keep the length you want and get the desired effect.

What you really shouldn’t do is:

Cutting your hair yourself so that you can make it now curl inwards anymore.

Don’t try to cut your own hair at home. Most people end up messing it up in the process, and you’ll only be more frustrated. Go to a professional and pick out a good cut!

You’re probably making the problem worse by your attempt. If it makes you feel better, then that’s fine, but it doesn’t help the potential solutions.

If you think that the problem is because of the recent haircut, Talk to your hairstylist. They are always happy to help fix any issues!


This is not always the case. Your hair doesn’t always curl inward after being cut by a hairdresser because other factors play a role, too.

If you notice your hair curling inwards, it could mean a change in what has been happening around you.

You should take a closer look at these changes and see whether they are related to your new outlook on life.

We hope that this article has helped you understand the importance (an important thing) of not cutting your own hair, or anything else on your own, without proper guidance.

The first step in getting your issue solved is to talk to your hairdresser and explain the situation calmly. If you’re having a real problem, they will want to help and solve it as soon as possible.


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