How to stop hair from curling outwards

How to stop hair from curling outwards?

Have you tried to figure out how to stop your hair from curling outwards, sometimes seemingly taking on a life of its own? You might want to take a closer look.

As men age, the neck of the hair begins to curl outward from the center of their head.

Many women, especially those with hair that is close to the shoulders, are noticing this more and more. There are many reasons for this and all of them have to deal with their hair problems.

Some of the time, unfortunately, there may not be anything you can do about this and so there are tips that can help you adjust this.

What causes your hair to curl up at the back and outwards in such a way and what you can do about them? Then keep reading on to find your answer!

Why does my hair curl up at the back?

Most people have experienced the phenomenon of hair curling up at the back. The reason for this is that there are certain conditions in which your hair is prone to curl up. These include:

  1. When you are experiencing a lot of stress or anxiety,
  2. When you have an oily scalp,
  3. When there is a lot of humidity in the air,
  4. When you are sleeping on your stomach or side

Why does my hair curl up at the back for men?

People often complain about their hair curling at the back of their head. Men may want to grow their hair longer for variety or even for a particular look, but this often causes it to curl up at the back of your neck and outwards.

There are typically several possible factors for this. If you have a natural wave in your hair, that may be the cause for a small section of where the hair curls and creates a wave.

Hair starts to curl at the roots, but since hair can grow to up to six inches, it may not become visible until a bit of length has been reached.

Straight hair is more straight and easier to manage, but there are a few cases where that might not be the best option.

If you’ve got a curl under your hair, but want to keep the back of your hairline in place, it’s always better to use a wave brush.

Combing your hair with a brush before you go to bed can also help you get ready for the day and make it more likely you’ll be able to wake up on time!

The main cause for your hair curling at the back can also be because it is exactly the length you need to rest on the nape of your neck

When your hair rests on the nape of the neck, it will curl outward in that spot. This is usually due to your own natural body oils and residue.

However, sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a certain length and choose what to cut. It all depends on how long your hair is in the first place!

Why does my hair curl up at the back for women?

Women who cannot keep up to their desired length for a longer period of time face the difficult decision of cutting their hair.

Whether you want to grow your hair very long, or just want it longer than a short hairstyle, you need to go beyond the in-between phase.

Below, I’ll go into more detail about a bit longer hairstyle that curls outward.

Below, you’ll find 4 ways you can avoid your hair curling up at the back. With longer hair than neck-length, some things you can do to avoid this include:

To stop your hair from curling outwards don’t let it touch your shoulders

When your hair reaches above the shoulders, you’ll notice it curling & even beginning to curl outwards.

This can be a factor of your hair not looking as sleek as you would like it to appear regardless of how much you take care of it.

If you notice your hair is curling outward when it touches your shoulders in one direction, this could be a sign that your shoulders are too wide.

The solution

By keeping your hair away from your shoulders, you can avoid putting a lot of pressure on the strands at the back of your neck which prevents them from curling. This will help keep them more strait-forward.

Getting a better haircut to stop hair from curling outwards

Some hair straightening methods and how your hair is styled can affect the likelihood of your hair curling outwards. When you have thick layers, like you mentioned, your hair is more likely to wind up curling.

When you go to your hairstylist, make sure that you tell them (if you got a good one he or she already knows) to cut your hair in such a way so that it will tuck in.

They can also perform some undercutting at the nape and this will make it more suitable for a lot of different looks.

If you have less hair, or less thick hair, you can reap the benefits of texturizing and overlapping layers. Ask your hairstylist. They’ll help know what to do!

Hair damage can contribute to hair curling up outwards

A common reason for your hair curling up is the state of your hair. If it is healthy and properly hydrated, it will not curl as easily as when your hair is damaged.

Your hair might start to feel dry, coarse and brittle if you use a lot of heat on your hair. This could also lead to a split end or curly hair frizziness.

If this happens, always remember that it is important to moderate the amount of heat you apply when styling so as not to damage your locks.

A way to combat this is to use a shampoo and conditioner. The NewYorkBiology Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Hair Growth will do just that.

It can help you repair your hair damage and boost the protein in your strands so it has more strength than before.

What’s the solution?

The best way to hydrate your hair is by using moisturizers, serums, & conditioners. You may have guessed that already but I just wanted to follow up and make sure you understood..

When you take care of your hair properly, it becomes easier to manage & less likely to curl outwards. This means you can focus on other important aspects of your life & business.

You can try a perm

A perm is a long-lasting type of hairstyle that makes it unlikely for your hair to curl in unwanted directions. It also will not slip or slide during sport or high heat and sweat.

Let’s say you want to try a new style. One problem, though, is that it will eventually grow out of sync with your features and may curl outward, which is not ideal for your hair.

So what’s the best thing to do? Letting it grow and actually twisting it up or cutting the curls back could avoid this problem altogether.


Some people experience a hard time to stop hair from curling outwards, it’s also an issue that affects men and women equally.

There are plenty of options to try out if this is going on too often for you, and it doesn’t have to put your life into a spiral

By now I hope you’ve learned how to keep your curls from curling at the back of your neck. At other times it might just be that your hair is too short, in which case you can simply wait for your hair to grow longer.

Maintaining your hair leaves less to chance, so you can have beautiful curly hair on a regular basis. Taking steps that include things like hydration and conditioning can help achieve the healthy curl-less hair you want.

My curls are never straight at the back, but if you find a trick that helps them stay in place better, I’d love to hear it. Let me know so I can include it in this article.

This article introduces 5 tips or tricks to help you keep you curls from curling outwards. Here, we can get rid of some unneeded steps and make the styling process easier & more enjoyable!


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