Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day

Can You Dye Your Hair Twice In One Day?

If you dye your hair using any kind of color more than twice in one day, it may lead to serious hair damage. Please be mindful of the risks!

If you use permanent hair dye, the chemicals could irritate your scalp and it could lead to hair breakage.

Alternatively, It is recommended not to use semi-permanent hair dye twice per day to ensure that you are not saturating your hair.

Are you afraid of the reaction you might have if you dyed your hair at least twice a day?

I’m going to start telling you the story of one of my clients, Pati

The people in the salon always over-exaggerated, said Pati. But they told her that applying hair dye twice in one day is not recommended but she thinks that the salons only wanted to increase sales.

But she was wrong.

The mention of her hair made everyone in the room laugh, as it was evident that her mistake with hair dye cost her a great deal with her hair.

So, remember, you shouldn’t color your hair twice in one day. You should avoid doing anything permanent with hair dye, because it contains corrosive chemicals and skin irritants.

Pati wanted to change up her look a bit and had decided that it was time for summer. She has wanted to have lighter hair in the past but never found the courage or desire to do so until now.

Since she would be taking some time off over the summer, she wanted to go for a sun-kissed blonde. This would make her appearance look lighter.

She purchased the kit by the model’s photo, an 8 blonde. She got started on following the instructions

Her nightmare began when she washed & dried her hair. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was a different shade of brown on her strands.

It looked as if she had taken a paintbrush to brush several strands of hair on her head.

When she regained her composure, she was able to come up with a plan. She wanted to dye her hair again.

She went to the beauty store and bought a different color kit

This time, she decided on a lighter shade of brown, which this time was # 5

She followed the instructions in the kit again.

After 45 minutes she rinsed her hair to remove the dye that was collected in her hair. After that, she blow-dried it and felt content because the color looked good.

On the second day, she did not notice hair loss until she washed her hair. She noticed that her hair dropped out strand by strand as soon as water touched it.

There was a shocking amount of hair falling out of her pillows when she woke up.

After about five days, she noticed white areas on her scalp and started to panic. She felt that her scalp was burning.

When she came to see me, I asked her about her concerns. She didn’t know who else to turn to and eventually came to see me in hopes of receiving some answers.

When faced with such a scenario, it’s best to ask a doctor.

Pati called me on the seventh day and told me what happened at the dermatologist’s office.

Do you want to know what happend? Keep on reading


The dermatologist found that her hair was damaged by dying it twice in one day because the hair follicles were being disturbed & scarred by the chemical in the dye.

As a result, she was experiencing an itchy scalp & hair loss.

Pati had scratched herself to relieve the irritation and her small wounds became infected.

 Even a short dye time can be too aggressive for your hair. When you dye your hair twice in one day, you may end up with some serious scalp discomfort and damage to the cuticles of your hair.

It would be worse if you dye your hair with a permanent dye. It can lead to some nasty hair problems.

When the scalp is irritated, it may become swollen or inflamed. When this happens, cells are trying to keep themselves safe and they release chemicals into the blood which cause inflammation.

If your scalp is irritated, hair tends to lose its consistency and break easily because of hair dye’s effects on hair.

The dermatologist’s prescription included antibiotics as well as a recommendation against dyeing her hair for at least six months.

She also gave her a couple tips to soothe the irritation she felt caused by using the hair dye twice in one day.


Dying your hair is something that should be taken seriously – don’t compromise or make a mistake & ruin your hair, especially if you are spending time and money on it.

Pati resists trends and is not always the most popular person in the office. Yet, she has found success by wearing a hair mask that conditions her scalp to protect against any irritation



  1. Two tablespoons of honey
  2. One tablespoon of olive oil
  3. ½ mashed avocado

Preparation and application:

  • Stir the ingredients into a creamy mix.
  • Apply it to the scalp with gentle movements, and leave it on for 20 minutes
  • Then, rinse with cold water.

Avocado and olive oil have natural nutrients that can repair your scalp, leaving it looking nourished & smooth over time. Honey is also a great tool to reduce scalps dryness in a natural way.

But hold, there’s even more.

You should drink plenty of water.

Your scalp needs nourishment too! Maybe don’t think of your head any differently than you do your skin, because they are both part of the same body.

Rinse your hair thoroughly every time you wash it.

It’s much better to do it with cold water. If you rinse your hair thoroughly, you’ll remove the residues that weaken the hair follicles, and prevent the growth of new hair.

That allows for better quality & less breakage if compared to rinsing with hot water which contains high boilers in it.

Use shampoo for irritated or sensitive scalp.

This shampoo is the perfect option for people with sensitive scalp. It’s free of sulfates, parabens and other harsh ingredients which means it will not cause any issues with your scalp. Most importantly, it does not have a lot of colorants and additives that can cause irritation.

Opt for semi-permanent hair dyes. They contain less aggressive ingredients than permanent ones.

Don’t be stubborn. I’m guessing that you’re thinking.


No. No way. Semi-permanent hair dye doesn’t use the same chemicals as permanent hair dyes, but it can be quite difficult to remove at times.

If your hair is dyed with semi-permanent hair dye, you might end up leaving a bit of color on everything you touch.

The semi-permanent dye doesn’t penetrate all the way down from the surface of your scalp and therefore won’t appear on your roots.

If you apply semi-permanent hair dye often, it can saturate your hair with different shades of color. Also, the pigments will be collected on your clothes, sheets, and towels.


Permanent & semi-permanent color can be used in a number of situations. Your professional hair stylist should be able to tell you if it’s the right choice for you, so it’s worth talking about with them first.

You will be putting your health at risk if you use permanent hair dye too often.

Also, There’s a downside, though! A few dyes don’t mix well with your hair and are to be avoided.

Though semi-permanent dye tends to get absorbed by the hair follicles and release the color over time with natural light, it can cause uncomfortable static cling & dryness if you don’t use it correctly, leading to waste of money or unsatisfactory ends

It is up to you as usual.


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