What developer to use to darken hair

What developer to use to darken hair 10, 20, 30, 40 volume

You should always use a 20 volume developer to darken hair. There are different types of developers available to use 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume if you want to lighten brown hair.

When using a developer at home be sure to read the instructions carefully & avoid over-processing your hair.

Now, everything depends on where your hair is at. If it’s already dark, use a 10 volume developer and lightening treatments to achieve a light shade and golden tint.

But if you use a 30 or 40 volume developer, your hair will just get light and won’t turn dark.

Do you have doubts in what i am saying?

I want to clarify a few important points for you. You can read about these in greater detail below.

You’ll barely lift a finger to find the perfect color match for your new edgy hairstyle because this developer will perfectly darken your hair in just minutes.

Many people who change their hair color don’t realize that the developer they use determines the outcome of the color to their hair.

Does 20 volume developer lighten or darken hair?

A few days ago, I saw Melisa in my salon and asked her how her blonde color came out. She said that she wanted a change after having her hair that color for a long time (i.e. running the same hairstyle continuously).

For many women, lightening their hair is the next big trend. Melisa didn’t want to follow that trend; she wanted to darken her hair instead.

She thinks that you have to bleach your hair before you can get a darker tone. Her idea wasn’t true at all–Melisa’s hair turned out a totally different way.

You shouldn’t subject your hair to bleaching when it’s not necessary, which is why you shouldn’t have waited so long to switch up your look.

When you want to change the tones of your hair, bleaching is necessary. For example, going from a darker tone to a lighter one.

You should bleach your hair to help remove the dark dye, then apply light tones to make it look fresh.

But applying a dark dye isn’t going to give you the same type of look that a lighter one would, and you can’t just apply it straight onto your hair without bleaching it beforehand. You’ll need to use 20 volume developer for that.

As a professional, I recommend that you are aware of what you need to do to darken your hair.

Melisa wanted to go from a medium blonde hair color to a jet black hair color. The change is drastic but she’s seen as someone who has always been comfortable with her blonde shade of hair for the past ten years.

We decided to choose chocolate brown as the color for her hair. Since black may be too dark, we decided a lighter tone was best.

When my client saw herself in the mirror, she smiled and there was a lot of joy present in her smile.

As is expected, there was some gratitude after the change. It wasn’t overly shocking, so most people would notice it, but the before and after were gradually changing & noticeable enough for other people to notice her.

What’s the idea with a color change? You should feel comfortable in it and you should be able to recognize your own reflection. It should make you happy and want to look at yourself again and again.

For this reason, I recommend that if you’re going to change the tone of your hair, you do it gradually. Start by darkening it by two or three shades.

If you don’t like your new color, it will be easy to turn back to your previous shade. You’ll also get used to your new hair quickly!

Now, to get the best results from darkening your hair, you might want to stick around because I am about to tell you:

  • Which volume developer to use to darken your hair depending on your base tone
  • Can you use 30 volume developer to lighten or darken hair
  • Can you use 10 volume developer to lighten or darken hair
  • How to take care of your hair after darkening it?

Which developer to use to darken your hair depends on your base tone.

We should always put in 20 volume developer to darken your hair. Doing so will provide a high level of quality for your dye job, which is what you want.

You should never be forced to use a developer who has a higher volume. Do you know why?

Can you use 30 volume developer to lighten or darken hair

You’ll only lighten your hair if you use a 30 volume developer, so do not try it if you want dark hair.

Some dyes for blonde hair come with 30 or 40 volume developer. That’s why these dyes tend to lighten your hair.

Applying a dark dye will lighten the colour of your hair when taking into account the 30 volume developer.

The tone you chose will not actually look how you wanted it to – it will end up looking lighter and you wouldn’t get the dark tone which is the tone you did choose.

You must pay attention when you’re buying the color kit so you can pick the right amount of developer. They come in 20 volume, so be sure to check that before getting started on your hair.

You should use 20 volume developer if your base tone is a medium blonde 7, and you want to apply a chocolate 5.

If you hair is light and blonde, but your roots were previously dark brown, then you should use 20 volume developer.

You should use 20 volume developer if your base tone is a chocolate 5, and you want to apply a black 1.

Can you use 10 volume developer to lighten or darken hair

But, as with everything in life, there are some exceptions.

These exceptions include cases where your hair already has a fairly dark base tone, and you don’t want to darken it too much more.

  • You can use 10 volume developer if your base tone is a brown 4, and you want to apply a dark brown 3.
  • You can also use 10 volume developer if your base tone is a dark brown 3, and you want to apply a black 1

So that it’s clear, I’ll repeat:

The 10 volume developer only works in certain cases and not others. The reason it doesn’t work in darkening your hair is because pigmentation cannot be absorbed.

The developer is applied to hair fibers in order to open their cuticles so that the hair can absorb and hold onto dye pigments.

Dark hair colors with deep shades have more pigments, so you don’t need a 20 developer to put in the hair before dyeing as compared to other colors.

Do you want one last recommendation before darkening your hair?

Do a strand test first before use.

Unlike other dyes, the molecule p-phenylenediamine is found in a lot of dark dyes. This can cause some people to have a reaction such as swelling and burning which may be uncomfortable.

Allergic reactions to permanent dyes are uncommon and often occur when the cause is a dark hair dye, but can vary dramatically.

How to take care of your hair after darkening it?

You should not wash your hair for 48 hours before getting a hair color. If you can wait 72 hours, it will help ensure the hair cuticle traps in more dye to create the best result.

Try to switch to specially designed products for your dyed-dark hair. They’ll help your hair look healthier and feel softer.

This is important for giving your color the longevity it needs, as it can help keep pigments in your hair longer.

Try to do a weekly treatment with a hydrating mask. Find those that contain ingredients you’re comfortable with! Parabens aren’t necessarily bad, just not the type of ingredients you want to add if you have concerns about them.

The good thing about getting your hair dyed a darker shade is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. It lasts longer!

It’s probably best to do a color refresh every 2 months and keep up with your roots. That way you’ll be able to get the most out of your dyed hair.


The conclusion is i would recommend using the 20 volume developer for darkening hair color. It has a good mix and is the only option for this.

What shade will you pick to darken your hair?


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