how to get silver hair with toner

How to get silver hair with toner? (Step-by-Step guide)

One way to get silver hair is through the use of a toner. To achieve a silver color tone in your hair, no matter what your base color should be a light shade of blonde.

If you want to apply a blonde toner to your hair, it needs to be light blonde. If not, you’ll need to bleach and tone your hair beforehand.

If you’re serious about maintaining silver-toned hair, you should know just how much time and effort it can take to do the upkeep.

It surprises me that the silver color has become the most popular trend in such a short time, even among some of the most famous Instagrammers.

You may ask yourself just what is the difference between developer and toner for a silver hue?

The answer is simple.

If you are sick of your silver hair, simply stop applying toner to your locks. However, with dye, you need to choose a different color to continue use of, so that your hair color doesn’t end up looking lackluster.

Applying the toner is a very simple process when you understand how to treat it. As long as you’re starting with a light blonde base tone, it’ll work best..

Those with other hair tones cannot apply the silver-gray or the silver that they would like to.

The base tone in hair needs to be light blonde 9 or higher to achieve silver, otherwise the color will appear brown.

What do you do if your hair is not this shade of silver? You could use bleach to make it become silver.

In my salon I’ve noticed that those who have finished 3-4 sessions of bleaching are the ones that achieve their desired hair color and the silver hair.

And besides, it is difficult to maintain the gray color in your hair.

If you want to apply toner to get a silver hair color, stay tuned because I’ll tell you how.:

  • The best base tone for applying silver toner
  • You can purchase a silver toner
  • 4 Easy ways to apply toner
  • How to maintain silver hair so that it looks beautiful and shiny for longer

I hope after reading this you feel more certain about your doubts and can show off your silver hair with pride.

How To Determine Which Shade Is The perfect Base For Applying Silver Toner

As I have explained, the base color should be lighter than your natural hair color by about 3-4 shades. This will make it easier to maintain and not too noticeable for those who can’t tell the difference.

Silver-gray or silver are not a color like brown or blonde. This is because they use the base tone for pigmentation.

This is why the gray pigment doesn’t change the other colors, but instead lightens them.

Silver toner can be added to various different hair colors, but if you want to know the color it will turn your base, you will have to ask for a mix.

Your base tone is a brown 4 and if you add silver toner, your hair will be silver brown 4.11

If you use silver toner to almost white-blonde hair, it will come out silver without a question.

If your natural hair color is between a 9, 10 and 11, you won’t need to bleach it.

To avoid the base tone from affecting the appearance of your silver, it’s worth bleaching it first.

Depending on the tone you’re looking for, this could mean that you’ll need more than one bleaching session.

  • Should your base tone is a 7 or 8, one session of bleaching should be enough.
  • “If your base tone is a 5 or 6, you’ll also need two or three sessions of bleaching.”
  • You should keep in mind that if your base tone is a 1, 3, or 4 it will likely need more than 3 bleaching sessions to achieve the desired result.

But you have to bear in mind that bleaching is a chemical process that will damage your hair. A better option would be for you to go to the salon instead.

Many of my clients’ hair is damaged by badly done bleaching. This takes time to fix, so it’s important for them not to do it by themselves or I’ll have to redo it all over.

If a salon promises you silver hair in three hours starting from a dark base tone, then you should leave. Realistically that won’t happen though if you want to preserve your own healthy hair.

If you don’t need to bleach your hair, then you just have to buy a silver toner.

I suggest that most of my clients do at least one of the following three things?

I’ll let you know next.

Which Silver Toner should you purchase?

The rise of grey hair has led to the development of safe, at-home toners that are compatible with a wide range of brands.

  • A good example of this is the WELLA COLOR CHARM hair colour. It comes in several tones, including an extra silver blonde. If you’re looking for a silver tone, this might not be the right one. But if you want to start experimenting with grays, this is a good base color.
  • If you are looking for a dye that will last, we recommend KOLESTON PERFECT. WELLA’s silver toners provide deep and dark color but they are permanent dyes. But don’t worry, toners are by definition permanent colors and will last through as many washes as you like – unlike other colors such as brown or red. They therefore go by the name “toner”.

Make sure you get the right shade of toner for your hair. Unpleasant colors like orange and yellow can neutralize the vibrant hues you want, so if you’re looking for permanent dye at a salon, don’t be scared if they offer to tone it down.

  • JOICO VERO K-PAC is a professional brand and one of the excellent toners which, based on what you are in search of colour wise, has 10 different tones to offer.

My favorite brand?

  • IGORA because it is a toner that has shades of gray like silver, smoke, lead, ash and more.

You can also buy toner separately from dye, but the following items will be needed: 20 volume developer, gloves (to protect hands from stains), and a measuring cup with which to mix the dye

Once you have these 3 things, it’s time for the big moment: It’s time to dye your hair silver.

HOW To Use Toner In 4 Easy Steps

You should already have a light blonde base color, whether your natural hair is like that or you needed to bleach it first.

So in this tutorial, we will teach you how to use the silver toner

Step 1

Brush your hair and then make sure it is fully dry. Gently comb through your hair to detangle any knots afterwards, as knots can disrupt the toning process.

Step 2

Put on your gloves, then pour the silver or silver-gray tube of dye into a plastic container. Add a full bottle of 20 volume developer. Mix until it forms a uniform consistency

Step 3

Use this mixture to apply to your entire hair, from roots to tips, covering your hair surface as much as possible without leaving any spaces.

Give the mixture 20-30 minutes to saturate your hair, which might seem silver gray in the first few minutes

Step 4

After the exposure time, wash your hair with a lot of lukewarm water. You’ll notice that it will run grey but try to rinse out all the residue and dirt until it is all clear.

Look in the mirror—now you are apart of the silver hair club.

To keep your silver looking good, you’ll need to apply a lot of care. Keep reading for some helpful tips.

How to Maintain Silver Hair so That It Lasts Longer

You have come a long way to get your silver hair. So, we have the following recommendations for taking care of it properly.

Swap your usual shampoo with a silver or violet toning one. This will deposit color pigments which will make your hair look more silvery each day.

You should use silver keratin for normal hair repairs, with no more than two sessions per week if you want your hair to last.

This keratin has gray tones so that your color won’t fade. It is also advisable if you have bleached your hair before you do this.

When applying hair masks, do not do it more than once a week because sulfates found in the products will make your hair lose its natural pigmentation.

Washing your hair every other day is the recommended amount for most people.


These are all the secrets that hide behind the silver hair colors that provoke sighs whenever you see them on social media.

But now you have the knowledge to do it yourself.

What silver toner will you use for your next color change?


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