Vacation Box Braids

Vacation Box Braids

With the rise of braided hairstyles, it’s hard to resist trying your hand at this style — even if you weren’t really personally into it. From cornrows to box braids of all sizes, these beautiful vacation box braids hairstyles are more than just protective hairstyles.

I’m highlighting a hairstyle that I recently tried, a stylish expression of oneself and an ode to the culture. To get ready for a recent vacation, I decided to try box braids. Read on to learn about my experience with what I call vacation braids.

Vacation Braids: The Box Braids You Need to Try

For my most recent vacation, I had to choose between looking good and staying comfortable. As I traveled a lot each day, there wasn’t enough time in the day to get my hair done in the morning & make it look good.

It can be hard to find a hairstyle that will work in the height of summer when you’re away from home. However, having a good hair day always makes it more likely that you’ll rock your vacation outfits with confidence.

I decided that box braids were the right fit for this vacation. I was able to alternate the style based on my outfit and do my hair on the go!

I haven’t worn braids in my hair since I was a teen, so I was up for a challenge. Where do I go? What pictures should I bring? What are the costs associated with getting braids installed? Depending on the salon you go to, it could cost anywhere from $100-$200.

The Process

I hired Gwen, the owner, to do my braids. I trusted her so I felt comfortable being honest about what I wanted. And we had no problems at all!

Box braids can take a while to do, but Gwen is an express worker! We used about six packs of Kanekalon braiding hair ($1.50 per pack) in black and some that blended with my copper highlights.

Gwen made sure she mixed enough black extensions with the copper to give a smoother, more natural effect to my braids.

The Final Result!

I was pleased with the results and loved the way my hair turned out. My braids didn’t feel heavy, which I was really concerned about, let alone having the weight of the braids tug at my hairline. I applied a few drops of The Good Stuff Frizz Control Oil to my hair to add shine to the extensions and to protect my natural hair braided in between.


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