yung joc hairstyle

Yung Joc new hairstyle

Yung Joc has been all over the internet showcasing his new beveled pixie cut hairstyle. In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, he explained the promo shoot for his upcoming movie role helped him decide on a change in hairstyle.

In addition to his slot on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joc will star in the upcoming stoner comedy Waiting to Inhale with comedian Shawty as well as a slew of other projects. He also promised critics, ‘the do is all natural,’ claiming the stylist performed a simple blowout.

He said he had to wear his hair in a certain style back home. He said it was “back in the days” when people who live in Atlanta usually wear their hair with finger waves and s-curls.

yung joc perm

Yung Joc explains his new permed hairstyle

For the last 24 hours, rapper and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star Yung Joc has been dragged on social media over his new hairstyle. Joc sorta explains the new look, alluding to the fact that he MAY be taking on a new role.

Young Joc Nipsey Hussle hairstyle

Young Joc honors Nipsey Hussle with new hairstyle

Yesterday, Young Joc shared a new hairstyle on Instagram. He’s keeping his usual braids in, but got “Nipsey” braided into it.

Joc has been a famous rapper for quite some time now. He often gets creative with his hairstyles and wore Tupac’s portrait last week as well as “TMZ.”

yung joc trans

Yung Joc shows Off new trans hairstyle!

The internet is going crazy over Joc’s hair – which he straightened 2 years ago.  But now, Joc decided to add a little color to it, making it blue.

Some people are calling the new hairstyle against what is traditionally gender-specific “trans” style. Others are supporting his choice by commenting on how he can change his hair.

How to do Yung Joc perm hairstyle?

What you’ll need:

Sea Salt Spray

Curl-Enhancing creams/gel

The key to getting your natural curls to stand out is to ensure that you keep your hair frizz-free. This means protecting it, while giving it plenty of moisture.

Curly hair is notoriously dry and loses moisture easily, so it is important to maintain hydration with a system that will remove the moisture. You can find out more on this in this guide on hair porosity.


Try not to wash your hair too often, as a lot of shampoos can dry out your hair and prevent your natural curls from forming. In particular, shampoos that contain something called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) can strip away your hair’s natural oils.

When you have hair wash day, let your hair dry naturally. Don’t use your towel too much to dry your hair.

While your hair is wet, you can apply sea salt directly to the roots of your hair. The effects on volume and length are different, but look sexy nonetheless

Use curl-enhancing products, like this one, to define curls and reduce frizz. You won’t need too much of this product and it can be used on damp hair.

The best shampoo we’ve used is the Hairstory New Wash. It restores moisture and cleans the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.


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