Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

You’ve booked your ticket, planned out your outfits, and saved all of the spots you want to visit. While your to-do list for your vacation is almost complete, you’ll need to choose some hairstyles for your Bahamas vacation that are still on the list.

Bahamas is a group of Caribbean islands that are located in the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are famous for their beautiful beaches and rich culture.

When it comes to hairstyles, you will find that there are many different kinds of hairstyles to choose from. So, what should you wear on your Bahamas vacation?

Hairstyles Tips For Bahamas Vacation:

  • The weather is probably going to be hot or very warm
  • Your hair may behave differently after washing because of the water, sea salt, or chlorine
  • You are probably not going to bring your entire collection of hair tools and products, right?
  • You still want to look super cute, right?

10 Best Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

We love fun in the sun! When you’re traveling to the Bahamas or going to lounge at the beach, here are our 10 Best hairstyles for Bahamas Vacation that are super cute and easy to do.

No worries! Because the following hairstyles we picked out for you are very simple, will work for most hair types, and will require minimum to no hair products or hair tools Let’s get started!

1. Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

When it’s hot out, it feels so good to get the hair out of your face and off your neck. This dutch braid is an amazing way to do just that, and it always looks super cute.

2. Double Fishtail Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

Double Fishtail Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

We say yes to any kind of braids. This one is our favorite pick, because it’s so simple to do, but looks very intricate! If your natural hair isn’t long enough for this style and you don’t feel like wearing extensions, remember that you can always do a regular fishtail braid.

3. A Defined Twist Out That Lasts 

I love this amazing twist out and I think it is so perfect for a day at the beach! Latoya does an amazing job styling her twist out that makes it feel beach ready!

4. Double Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

Double Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Bahamas Vacation

This look is an easy and simple hairstyle do for the beach.

I think with this hairstyle it would need to be braided really good in order to last a week if you are in the water daily. 

I am not a cornrow type of girl but I think this is quick to do and I would probably get a professional to do it. 

5. Faux Locs Protective Style

Faux Locs Protective Style

This faux locs by Meagan Goods is absolutely stunning and I feel like I will do it my own hair. My partner currently has dreads but I am more into this faux locs look. 

6. Double Halo Braids

Double Halo Braids

This double halo braid protective style that Lupita Nyong’o has going is awesome for a day at the beach! Although I wouldn’t rock it, I think is perfect for those that are into this look. 

It’s simple, elegant and easy to do!

7. Senegalese Twist Hairstyles For Women

Senegalese Twist Hairstyles For Women

I totally love the look and style of the Senegalese Twits.

Keep in mind they can be done differently, but I like the smaller ones compared to the jumbo ones for the beach.

8. Simple Single Braids

Simple Single Braids

If you can rock the single braids route then go for it. This is my go-to style most of the time and that’s why I am looking for something very unique for my vacation. 

But single braids are safe and it can be styled in multiple ways.

9. Half-Up, Half-Down Mini Braids

Half-Up, Half-Down Mini Braids

This half-up and half-down mini braids are a simple cornrow look that is very low maintenance. It makes for a gorgeous look for the beach!

10. Easy Jumbo Cornrow

Easy Jumbo Cornrow

Don’t you just love the look of this easy to do jumbo cornrow hairstyle? 

They look easy to do and also easy to maintain while on vacation. And you can finish it by tying into a bun.


In this article, you have seen some of the best hairstyles that you can do before going to Bahamas for a vacation. You could try the braids, buns, curls and ponytails to create a good look during your vacation time.


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