Dave East braids hairstyle

Dave East braids hairstyle Tutorial

Dave East braids has became the latest trend on Instagram with over 31,000 followers. With his hairstyle tutorial on how to braid your hair like him. He has been in the music industry for two decades and is most famous for his hit single, “The Nutcracker Suite.” He released it in 2017.

The Harlem rapper switched up his look this week and posted a few clips of it on the Gram, but he didn’t get the reaction that he was looking for. Dave East has become quite infamous with the ladies over the past few years, so naturally it’s his female fans who are reacting the most about his new look. He calls it “box braids, dusty.”

Here’s why we appreciate the many hairstyles of Dave East

Last year, Dave East’s constant posts about his hairstyle caught the attention of a few people. We just published this article last month and there seems to be interest from the Harlem community as well.

He may have passed on the color of his hair, but Dave East has picked out his signature braids, took his cornrows to New York Fashion Week and recently debuted a curly fro. Let’s take a closer look.

Signature style: Dave East braids

Dave East seems to have settled on braids as his signature look. He is staying away from the fancy criss-cross and zig-zag braid designers that could rival a hair show, and prefers his hair braided down the sides of his head tight to the scalp or in singles.

Dave East’s braided hair didn’t mean he wouldn’t catch you. Dave East walked the runway at the Grungy Gentlemen’s Fall 2019 show during New York Fashion Week in February.

Styles P is one of the best rappers to touch a mic, but he also had a special mentor in Beloved. He graced the runway alongside Styles P when they both showcased their new clothing line in Paris.

Fro-real: Dave East afro

Dave East posted a video on Instagram with his afro making an appearance on the song “Somebody’s Gotta Die,” which was playing in the background. He captioned the video, “Rest In Peace BIG.” Happy H30D Day to my Harlem’s All Over The World 3X10.”

Dave East, a Harlem native, debuted a new style every month so far in 2018. The “I Found Keisha” rapper entered the year in a traditional cut, line-up always crisp and occasionally tapered on the sides. It started off as a low-cut but quickly grew into a mini afro. It was long enough to pick but too short to try and tangle or twist his hair.

Dave East: Low wave cut

Black men are limited in the amount of hair styling options they have. Most brothers can’t switch from a smooth slick back to a layered cut, to a messy or to a choppy buzz cut within weeks., leaving us to pick and commit to a hairdo for months at a time.

Dave East: Twist Braids

East’s twists were unleashed in February. Like many at the beginning of their locs journey, Kairi’s father caught some slack for his mini-slicks, but his fans soon adjusted to the perfectly parted style and continued to witness the growth of his hair.

Dave East: Cornrows

Now in March, Dave East is with cornrows, a style that many men of color test out at least once in their life. The hair is parted to the desired size, sectioned into three pairs and braided close to the scalp.

The Bottom Line:

We appreciate the many styles that the Def Jam artist is offering. This puts East in our books of men’s hair goals and if he continues to keep up a new do, we might have a budding grooming icon on our hands.


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