Textured Layers Vs. Cascading Layers

Textured Layers Vs Cascading Layers

Here are some points to consider when deciding on a haircut, whether it’s one with cascading vs textured layers.

If you have straight, flat hair that doesn’t move much, opt for a textured layered cut that will add volume.

If your hair is wavy and you need volume, try a cascading layered cut. You may need to spend time styling the cut into perfection but it will be worth it.

Cascading layer cuts work best on hair over shoulder length. A textured layer cut, on the other hand, can be applied to any level of hair length.

1- First, what do you want to achieve with the cut?

  • Do you want to disguise a short neck?
  • Would you like to emphasise the more prominent features of your face, such as beautiful cheekbones or stunning eyes?
  • Or do you prefer to have the round shape of your face go unnoticed?

2- The second thing to consider is your hair type and length:

3- And the third point is the time it would take for you to comb it

  • Looking for a new haircut? Check out these great styles that you can rock with little to no effort in the morning.
  • Do you like to switch up your hairstyle often? If so, an automated hair straightener should be top of your list. They’re pretty time saving since they do the work for you.
  • Here you will find a list of questions that will help your decision process regarding choosing either cascading or textured layers.

Do you want to know more?

Actually, you can get the best of both styles because textured layers are technique rather than a cut.

The haircut is a layered cut that features short layers, giving it a cascading texture.

Yes, you can do both with these two cutting techniques. It’s possible to use both of them together.

You can ask your stylist to do a cascading textured layer if your hair is shoulder length and wavy.

Why can you combine both styles? 

Texturing is a styling technique that provides a more natural appearance to the hair. This is usually done by cutting layered or level lengths into the hair.

In other words, to remove volume in hair, you don’t always have to cut it in clean layers.

So that you can choose your future haircut without any fear, stay with me, because I’ll tell you:

  • Textured or cascading layers are perfect for specific hair types.
  • To find out, you should consider what kind of routine your hairstyle has. For example, braids require products with thicker formulas whereas curly styles work well with gel or waxes.
  • There are many types of layers to choose from depending on your company’s preference; you can select what kind according to your coloring needs.


Here are two quick tips for you, if you want to start offering haircuts to your clients:

  • You should always check if the cut you need is available. You may be able to find photos of what you’re looking for on the Internet.
  • The second advice is to trust my advice after seeing the photo

You can find pictures of cascading haircuts that are really great, but the picture may not show what they look like on your hair or face type.

I’ll use my expertise to find a new way to get the same benefits but that better suits your hair & lifestyle.

It’s important to keep in mind that most of the pictures you find of hairstyles on the internet have been filtered with computer programs.

That’s why it’s important that you have a photo of the cut you want to show your stylist, but keep an open mind. They might have other ideas.

When a stylist is deciding between a cascading or textured lay they’ll first take into account the type of hair.

If you want to add some volume, choose textured hair layers. You can also choose a straight style if you want to avoid the movement and still have a lot of volume.

If you choose the cascading layers, your hair will have natural volume.

If you have wavy hair and want to take away some volume, try slicing it into cascading layers. This will give your hair controlled growth and a balanced style.

Textured layers are great for any length. They look beautiful on the back of the head, styled with long layers or pulled up into a bun.”

Cascading layers are done on long hair to waist-length hair

Cascading layers don’t work for short hair The subsequent layers will be 2 centimeters apart until the end of your hair.


Textured layers are made by cutting the shapes at a 90 degree angle with a knife. They have an uneven texture, unlike symmetrical cuts.

That’s how textured layers offer a more relaxed look while cascading layers are more elegant.


Getting the perfect haircut is crucial, especially when you’re not at the hands of a professional stylist all the time. It’s important to pick a style that suits your hair type and face shape.

Cascading layers and textured layers give very different styles. You need to take care of them in different ways.

If your haircut requires blow-dry or curling iron after every wash, you’ll have to complete these tasks

That’s why I have to warn you about it. Cascading layers are harder to style if your hair isn’t naturally straight or if it’s permanently straightenedAs this is a symmetrical cut, it needs to be blow-dried to achieve a perfect finish

If you like to get out of the shower and let your hair dry naturally, this textured look is perfect for you. It doesn’t require a hairdryer or curling iron to look neat and tidy.


Do you color your hair before getting a haircut? In order to decide what you’d like for your hair, it’s important to know this.

There are many types of hair colors out there, so choose one that suits your style. Layering is great if you prefer more traditional hair colors while balayage, highlights or ombre are more contemporary options.

Gray, platinum or white can also be a fun choice for people who want to do something different.

Black hair is not boring! There are many different ways to include black hair. For example, cascading layers in silver or gray with black roots are one of the most requested styles these days.

Layering can give your style that trendy edge. You can get various shades and textures done too, such as traditional colors like chocolate or light blonde and more extravagant shades like green or fuchsia.

No matter what the length you choose to go with, this styling will create volume and body.

For example, daring individuals can go for textured layers in a long Bob hairstyle. A good colour choice would be turquoise and violet.


Throughout this article, I’ve explained the differences between Textured Layers Vs Cascading Layers

Textured layers are perfect for straight hair when you want to add movement without combing or styling for hours. They’re also suitable for any length of hair.

For people with long hair, the cascading layers should be done after you’ve washed your hair. You can also use them to decrease volume or create messy curls.


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