How to keep twists from unraveling

How to keep twists from unraveling?

So you may ask, “How do I keep my twists from unraveling?”. These tips are sure to make your twist-outs last longer than your commute, so scroll for more!

Twist-outs are a classic hairstyle for natural hair, but perfecting the look can be hard to achieve. A wash-and-go style means that the style stays all one way and won’t unravel.

Usually, it is a more casual style than pin-up styles which take longer to set up but are easier to curl your hair with.

Try a curl cream and a mousse

Your hair might be loosely curled, and respond to one type of product. Experimentation is often a big part of finding the perfect product for you.

Look for formulas that offer some type of hold if you plan to turn your twists into a twist-out. Using a combination of products might be enough to give you a twist-out that doesn’t swell into another style altogether.

Haley uses a hair spray to make her curls hold, but she also loves using curl creams like Oribe Curl Butter. She says they’re easier to apply & give more hold. For a final touch on her twist, Haley likes to use foam pins to add some “crispness” while they’re dry.

Use water as a base

“The key to a great twist set is water,” says Leigh Haley hairstylist at Maxine Salon. Haley says this is especially important for high-porosity hair, as it needs to be saturated with water for a successful twist set.

There are many benefits that come from applying you’re hair products on the go, but it’s not recommended to use spray bottles for this.

You’ll have much better results with methods like dampening your hands and massaging the product in to your curls.

Apply products In sections

Now that your hair is properly saturated, it’s time to apply your products. You may want to layer them all over your head, but it’s also best to apply products by section. Haley encourages this. This way, you make sure the product is evenly distributed from root to tip.

Try smaller twists

The size of twists matters when wearing them in a twisted style, but not for twist-outs. Smaller twists lend themselves better to longer lasting twist-outs and a more defined style.

It may take a little more time than usual to craft small twists, but the effort is worth it when you have a twist-out that lasts.

How to keep passion twists from unraveling

You have installed your new hairstyle, and now you need to know how to keep your twists from unraveling. You have come to the right place.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help make your passion twists last longer. They are fairly easy to apply and really give your DIY at-home hair style that extra WOW factor!

Keeping your hair in twists is a great way to avoid tangles. Due to the weight of some products, you want to make sure you tie up your hair at night and use a satin bonnet or scarf. Silk is another good material to keep your twists looking great.

Leave Twists in Longer

Your passion twists will last longer if you leave them in for more than a few hours, overnight, or days. Consider how your hair will look if you style your passion twists after leaving them in for several hours, overnight, or for a few days.

Leaving your passion twists in overnight will have a nice result for a short period of time, Wearing your passion twists for a week is recommended, but you’ll need to replace them soon depending on how much wear & tear your hair goes through.

Try a Pineapple

For maintenance, a ‘pineapple’ is worry-free, says Hardges. “Lean the head over, upside down, and tie a scarf around the sides and back.”

When you come up, your hair will bear resemblance to the plume of leaves atop a pineapple. When it’s time to fluff your hair, Hardges recommends styling at the scalp to prevent disrupting your curls.

Don’t Forget a Silk or Satin Scarf

You can either sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase or choose a larger hair bonnet that is roomy enough to not to crush your twist.

Embrace Frizz

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to make your passion twists last longer than one day, and you still haven’t been successful, realize that some hair types are going to frizz more easily than others.

For some people, a two-day twist-out is just not doable, either due to hair type or the weather. Natural hair swells and wants to curl in moist air; if you attempt a twist-out during humid summer months, you probably won’t get the long-lasting hold you’d get in a non-humid climate or season.

If you live in a non-humid area or attempt a twist-out in the fall and winter, you may have better luck with stretching that twist-out time further.

How to keep two strand twists from unraveling

The problem is, ladies with fine and/or looser textured curls have trouble with keeping their twists in place.

Imagine spending two, maybe three hours twisting your hair only for it to start unraveling. Oh no honey. We are not about to continue letting that happen.

I always had the problem of my twists coming apart in less than a day, so I started twisting my own hair. Why do my two strand twists unravel?

Ways to stop two strand twists from unraveling:

Before I share tips on how to stop twists from unraveling, let’s look at a few of the reasons your two strand twists may start coming loose:

These include:

Straight ends due to heat damage – Looser curl pattern – Ineffective products used – Incorrect twisting technique

I’ve experienced my twists untwisting due to all of the above. I found a few methods for preventing them from unraveling through trial and error, and it’s worked out pretty well for me here.

1- Using a little gel on the twists before twisting (ex: Loc and Twist gel)

2- Bobby pinning the roots until the twists have fully dried

3- Twisting with a heavy oil like JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil)

4- Rope twisting the two strand twists. This makes them tighter too. Why do twists unravel?

How to keep Marley twist from unraveling

You are so close to achieving the perfect twists on your wash day. You took the time to moisturize and detangle your hair thoroughly.

You applied the right amount of product evenly on your curls for moisture and hold. You didn’t rush, so you are able to head to bed quickly with a great style.

Yet, you forgot one of the most important techniques. When installing your twists, keeping your ends from unraveling not only achieves a polished look, it can also make your twists last longer. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your ends in check!


Coiling the ends of your twists is easy. I recommend this technique if you are fully natural. When twisting wet hair, leave about a centimeter (or whatever your personal preference is) and then wrap the remaining hair around your finger. This technique can work when sealing your ends. It should leave your hair in a coil.

Perm Rods

This is a great option for those who are transitioning. Since the ends of your hair still have relaxer, achieving perfect twists can be difficult with straight ends. Using perm rods can help you achieve a more uniform look.

When twisting your hair, you can either twist the section all the way or leave room at the bottom. You can use a perm rod to roll your hair and snap it into place.

I personally prefer the corkscrew technique, because I like the spiral effect. In this video, Yolanda Renee demonstrates her hair style and explains how she uses perm rods when curling her hair for the ends.

Burning / Sealing

Burning the ends of your twists is a good option when using synthetic hair. You can also seal the ends of your hair when you are using synthetic hair. If you decide to use a lighter to burn the ends, use them with caution and practice for fire safety.

Burning the ends of synthetic hair can help your twists from unraveling. Toni Daley shows how she burns the end of her braids. If you prefer to not use a lighter, braid sealers are also available for use.

If you prefer to not use the burning technique, you can seal your ends by dipping them in hot water. It is super easy, just leave the ends of your Havana, Marley, or Senegalese twist out and carefully dip them in hot water.

Dry your twists with a towel afterwards. Breanna Rutter shows how she seals her braids using a braid sealer and dipping them in hot water.

How to get twists to stay for guys

Twists for guys are fairly easy to maintain once you get a set routine down. To help make the process easier, focus on these tips:

  • Make sure your hair is twisted to the ends when you get it done. Any untwisted portion will tend to fray and cause split ends over time.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to help you maintain smooth twists and protect your hair so it will still be healthy and gorgeous when you are ready to take them out.
  • Focus attention to the ends of your hair. As the ends are the oldest part, they are also likely the most damaged. Don’t neglect them while you are sporting twisted hair.
  • Braid your twists together in several fat braids before washing them to help keep them from unraveling.
  • Tossing and turning can give you a tangled mess, so protect your head and wrap it in a light, turban style towel while you are sleeping.

How to keep rope twists from unraveling

It sounds like you’re not ROPE twisting, you need to twirl the hair while twisting. Use a lighter and run it across the strands, not close enough that the flame is directly on it but close enough for it to burn together. Or get a pot of boiling water and dip the hair in. How to maintain twists at night

How to keep passion twist from unraveling

Among the many highlights of having a passion twist is the fact that they are water-friendly. That said, you want to be sure not to get them wet too often, for the risk of unraveling.

You also need to take care when twisting them to not twist them too tightly, but rather hold at the ends as this will make them loose and cause them to unravel faster.

How to stop senegalese twist from unraveling

You can expect your Senegalese twists to last anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on how you care for them. You should wrap your hair nightly with a satin scarf or bonnet, not to prevent the hair from unraveling too quickly.

Remember to take care of your own hair while you’re styling it. Cleanse your scalp as you normally would using the pads of your fingertips.

Allow the hair to dry completely by using a blow-dryer on the cool setting or by sitting under a hooded dryer. This will prevent the hair from smelling like mildew.

If you notice that your hair is getting too heavy, more than 1/2 inch of growth, or that your twists are starting to hang from new growth, then your twists should be removed to prevent damage to your hair or breakage.


You can learn more about how to stop twists from unraveling from our blog, which includes a variety of tips. When it comes to hair, you can also try out any one of our tips on that we mentioned in this article.


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