How soon can you repeat keratin treatment

How Soon Can You Repeat Keratin Treatment?

How soon 3-4 weeks is an appropriate time period before you repeat a keratin treatment. During that period, make sure to avoid repeating it unless the first attempt didn’t cause any adverse effects.

If your keratin treatment wasn’t treated with formaldehyde and you want to repeat it after 45 days, then this will be fine.

If you had a keratin treatment that someone else did, there is no need to wait at least 6 months before trying the same service again. The hair will regrow and the conditions for the treatment will be more favorable.

Different hair will require different applications. Some people may prefer a series of five or six different products in order to achieve their desired look, while others may only use one product on occasion.

Other factors, like caring habits and length of time spent styling can also have an impact on the optimal routine that an individual will follow.

As a stylist, I make sure to accurately convey my ideas to my clients about a range of styling issues.

Asking questions is important — it helps you learn. But make sure to provide the right information, as that is crucial.

However, in this case, don’t expect a single answer to your question.

These questions will help you calculate how soon you can schedule your next keratin treatment.

1) The type of keratin used and where the treatment was performed.

2) Washing and hair care habits.

3) If your hair is fine or thick.

4) For what purpose you had the keratin treatment done.


Keratin treatments are one of the most popular treatments for hair. They are used to smooth, straighten, and thicken hair. However, these treatments can be damaging to the hair if they are done too often.

The answer is yes. Repeated keratin treatments can damage your hair in a number of ways if you do it too often or overuse it on your hair.


With keratin treatments it is important that you are careful about what your hair care products contain. If you use one containing formaldehyde it may take a lot longer for the damage on your hair to get rid of.

It’s not easy to tell if the keratin treatment was done by a professional or at home.

Have you had, or do you plan to have keratin treatment at home?

If that’s your case, then you should wait around 3 months before having another keratin treatment.

Never reapply it sooner than that.

It is true that formaldehyde has been widely used as a hair styling product, but let me remind you that it has also been banned in some countries. It is enough to put an end to the use of this damaging compound.

As anyone who has had a hair problem knows, you should only reach for this when all else fails.

Sometimes, keratin can be applied for touch ups as often as every 45 days. If it’s urgent, however, you can sometimes have it reapplied sooner.

Now that we know the stages of keratin, let’s look at how to get professional keratin treatments in a salon by setting deadlines with professionals.

People are usually encouraged to book keratin treatments as soon as their texture begins to show signs of wear & tear.

Applying them no sooner than every six months is the best way to keep your hair looking great for longer.

As they’re concentrated products, the time between treatments is quite long.


How often do you wash your hair in a week?

If you want a long-lasting homemade keratin treatment, you’ll need to wash your hair every day.

Remember I suggested 45 days to repeat it in urgent cases only?

You don’t need to wait for the 45th day to proceed with a keratin treatment. However, if it does contain formaldehyde, that’s not an option.

Then, you can get a keratin treatment around 30 days if your hair is unsoiled or washed every day.

Do me a favor and take this seriously: never do it before that.

It is important to take care of the keratin treatment after application in order to avoid re-applying it frequently.


Well, you can change some of your habits. I have put together a checklist for you. Take note:

  • Space out your hair washing frequency.
  • Always look for sulfate-free products. If you have hair, then consider using specific shampoos, conditioners, and other care products to make sure that your hair will be taken care of properly.
  • Blow-dry your hair twice a week. This will take even better care of your keratin treatment as many tend to be thermo-active (i.e. they are activated and extended by heat).


Several factors such as your hair type could impact the frequency. Pay attention to this to be sure that you’re getting the best possible results.

As you may have noticed, what really matters when getting keratin treatment is if your hair is thick or thin that.

  • After 45 days, your hair will not have time to fully replenish its keratin. Therefore, it is best not to repeat the process until then.

If your hair isn’t just fine but also damaged, you should add an extra 15 days between treatments. That way you won’t be able to do another one of the keratin treatments until after 60 days.

You can repeat the keratin treatment more often when it comes to thick hair – even if their is curly or straight, they are tougher and will regain their former glory.

Thick hair is more difficult to manage.. You can repeat the keratin treatment up to 30 days later.


Frizzy hair, thinning, or volume problems seem like they’re not going away and that’s why keratin treatments have been gaining popularity. They can reduce frizz, repair your hair, or control volume.

However, I’d like to know: Did you get the result you were looking for?

I don’t know the answer, but I’d be happy to help you decide when would be best for you to repeat a keratin treatment.

We’ll use all the information I gave you before to evaluate some options:

  • Do you want to do the keratin again because you were really happy with the result?

Excellent! Just respect the times I told you before to repeat your keratin treatment.

  • Is it common for you to feel like more product is needed? If so, do not worry. Thick hair often feels heavier and requires more maintenance because of the density.

That’s fine. Repeat the treatment respecting the suggested times for thick hair.

  • Did you want to repeat the keratin treatment because you didn’t get any results? Do you still have frizz after the keratin treatment?


For healthy hair, it’s important to properly nourish your hair before getting a keratin treatment. To do this, look for a keratin brand that will meet your needs and/or find a salon that specializes in keratin hair treatments.

If you’ve tried your best but aren’t satisfied with the result, try another salon or brand of keratin treatment.

As you can see, there isn’t a single answer to how soon you can repeat keratin treatments. This question’s answer comes down to your hair type & the costs associated with each treatment.

I have another hairdresser friend who gave me a ton of helpful information so i can help you decide when you’ll next get a keratin treatment.

So far, the keratin treatment has been a great investment & feels so amazing that I’m sure you will be able to handle it too.


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