Does longer hair make you look thinner

Does longer hair make you look thinner?

This is a myth. While there might be some exceptions, it takes more time and effort to maintain long hair, which can make you look thinner.

If you are tall and have a few extra pounds, hairstyles such as long or waist-length locks will slim your face and make you look thinner.

Keep in mind that people who are short and also have a few extra pounds can get away with hair that is 6 or 7 inches long.

If you have a round face and want to make it look slimmer, here are a few quick changes you can make. I’ll share them next.

Scales don’t lie. If you’re overweight, your weight might not be immediately noticeable in your long or short hairstyle. Keep that in mind when picking between the two for an outfit that looks good on you.

In the right circumstances, you may need to start a diet. Having excess weight can be dangerous and makes it hard for someone to stay in tune with their health.

But if you’re trying to hide a few pounds that you’ve gained lately, long hair can be your saving grace.

Women often use hair as accessory to make you look thinner

If you’ve tried all the tricks that you already know to hide extra pounds such as wearing dark clothes, avoiding horizontal stripes, and choosing clothes with pleats. It’s time to use your hair as a way to bolster this change

Make sure to consider your height before picking a hairstyle. If you’re not tall, and if you’re a few pounds overweight, wearing your hair too long will only make you look shorter and wider because the length of your hair brings you closer to the ground.

That’s why, in that case, your hair should not be over six inches long below your shoulders.

If you’re tall & have more weight on your frame, you’ll be able to wear long locks like the styles that are on Amazon.

Have you ever wanted to hide a few extra pounds that won’t go away with diet or exercise?

You might feel like you’re overweight, but your weight is normal and the issue is mostly with your face

 Then stay with me, because I’ll tell you about:

  • Long haircuts that will make you look thinner
  • Tricks to disguise a round or chubby face

Today, you’ll have one more tool for looking slimmer, and I’m not talking about the scale or the measuring tape.


You can adapt these 3 haircuts that I will explain below to your needs depending on your height, weight, and hair type.


Besides being ideal for tall & short women, this style complements hair that is 40 cm or longer.

If you have shorter hair, I do not recommend it because it will make your cheekbones stand out and make your face seem rounder or plumper.

This is a haircut that can start from your neckline or below, and lengthen in length from the back of the head until it reaches a longer length at the crown.

If you look at the hair from behind, you will see a V-shape. This is what can create a visual effect of styling your figure, which will make your shoulders look more slender.


It is another cut that can work for both tall and shorter women who would like to conceal a few extra pounds.

This hairstyle is constructed through cutting, with each step starting on the upper sections of the head & gradually increasing in length towards the nape of the neck.

If you compare the length of the top with the bottom, you will notice a very big difference

Want to know a stylist’s secret?

When a hairdresser has to cut this type of hair, we will do it by lifting all the hair upwards.

This cut is perfect for those who want to keep their look more casual but also don’t prefer it to be too structured.

It does not follow a neat line, but instead, the hair is left loose and free, which makes it look lighter.


Do you have little hair and want to look thinner? If you want to try something new with your hair but don’t know what, this haircut might be a good idea.

While this is important, we should first do a little test.

Make a ponytail using a rubber band.

How many times can you keep the rubber band in your hair turning without letting go?

If you can twist this cut 3 times, then I recommend going ahead. Anything less will make your back wider and is best avoided.

Please don’t wear anything if you’re not comfortable with your body.

It is a haircut not to cut the hair too short, but leave it slightly longer letting it loose. You can’t trim it flat or make straight lines, the hair should have natural fall.

This alternative is very interesting because it will stylize you by transforming your hairline into a vertical line.


If you have long hair and want to look thinner, highlights are a great option.

If you highlight your hair, you’ll look thinner and more attractive, without getting that phony or phony-looking quality that accompanies dyed hair. It will also make your face brighter.

Even if you’re happy with your weight, you might feel like you’re fat because of what your face shape is. There are some great tips in this article for how to make a round face seem slimmer.


When you have a round face, try to find haircuts that will make it look longer instead.

Luckily for you, you can achieve this effect even with long hair.

Long hair, low volume.

If you have a very round face, think carefully about whether or not you can handle the additional volume in your hair to avoid looking overweight.

The main goal is to get your hair volume to match the length of your hair- cut out the extra at the bottom.

Use a lighter shade on the tips.

Dyeing your tips blonde might not be the worst idea. Not that dyeing them will actually lengthen your appearance, but doing so will make the upper parts of your face look lighter.

Part your hair to the side.

If your face is round, you can part your hair on the right or left side to balance things out. Letting hair hang down on the sides of your face may make it look longer.

It will also create volume at the roots where you would usually have a flat side-parting if you go with a middle/center part.


We all know that a full head of long, blown dry hair can bring an instant stream of volume and bounce to a person’s frame.

As it often depends on height and body type though, it can be difficult to predict how much length will slim someone down.

Hair that is shorter than six or seven inches below the shoulders can often have the opposite effect, looking rather thin.

If, alternatively, you’re tall and want to hide some extra pounds then you can wear your hair below your waist like Pocahontas.


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