Caribbean Carnival Hairstyles

Best hairstyles for carnival

Hairstyles for carnival season isn’t just about music and FOMO-inducing Bacchanal Jamaica parties. Seeing everyone’s creative hairstyles is such a fun part of going to Carnival in the Caribbean, Bacchanal Jamaica, or any of the other epic festivals you’re bound to see pop up on Instagram this year.

With that in mind, I’ve gathered a list of my favorite hairstyles for Carnival trends for 2022 and beyond (and you can check out more hairstyles for Carnival ideas below).

Some trends are harder to achieve than others, but there’s definitely a style here for everyone to hit the carnival circuit in style.

A brief history of carnival hairstyles in the Caribbean

Carnival has its roots in the Catholic tradition of celebrating before the period of fasting leading up to Easter known as Lent begins.

It’s believed to have begun in Italy but soon spread to other Catholic nations like France and Spain, and then around the world.

The timing and duration of celebrations vary from place to place, but most festivities peak by Mardi Gras, which is the last day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday.

Today, places such as Rio de Janeiro, Venice, and New Orleans are known around the world for their Carnivals.

Trinidad and Tobago is the undisputed Caribbean capital of Carnival. The festival arrived in the region via 18th-century French colonists who held masquerades and balls before Lent began.

Slaves began celebrating their own holidays, which became an expression of identity incorporating musical traditions and dress from their homelands.

Today, Trinidad’s Carnival has become a huge-scale extravaganza of rival bands and sounds dominated by soca, an ever-evolving mixture of calypso and East Indian music.

Trinidad-style Carnivals dominate many cities around the world and inspire aspects of Carnivals across the Caribbean region.

There are major festivals in Barbados, St. Lucia, and the French-speaking islands, among others, with some holding their Carnivals at different times of year to avoid clashes and capitalize on peak tourist season.

A brief history of carnival hairstyles in Jamaica

Carnival came to Jamaica late, but it’s been making up for lost time since it began in the 1990s. Organizers say it might one day rival Trinidad and Tobago’s in popularity.

And while Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival has both historical and modern roots, in Jamaica, Carnival is all about the party.

Here it takes place the week after Easter, with the main event – the spectacular road march through Kingston – this year set for Sunday, April 19.

Carnival season kicks off well before that, however, and this year’s calendar is more crowded than ever. Fêtes including beach jouvert, breakfast parties and soca extravaganzas featuring prominent artists begin in February, ramp up in late March, and peak on the Saturday just before the parade.

Revelry gets going in Ocho Rios over the Easter weekend, with popular fetes like Frenchmen’s Rise Up and Caesar’s Army’s Bacchanal Road Jamaica, followed by the Ocho Rios road march on Easter Monday.

Then the action moves to Kingston, where a host of well-known party imports from Trinidad like Soca Brainwash and Tribe Ignite will be making a return, as well as popular local favorites like Xodus Tailgate.

There are also some new events debuting, so it will be hard to plan your time to maximize your festivities!

On parade day, Mas bands taking part include Xaymaca International, Xodus Carnival, and Bacchanal Jamaica.

Each band offers a range of fabulous costumes for revellers to select (you need to register in advance) and provides facilities such as lunch, drinks and glam-zone make-up touch-ups for  masqueraders.

And for spectators, prepare to be dazzled by amazing outfits, gorgeous marchers and vibrant sounds as Kingston sheds its inhibitions.

10 Best Caribbean carnival hairstyles for bacchanal

The carnival hairstyles are the best way to show off your creativity and style for this season. It is not just about the clothes, shoes, and accessories. The hairstyles will also determine how you feel during the festivity.

Carnival season is in full swing and with that comes some major hair inspiration! If you’re heading to a Caribbean carnival this season, we got you covered with quick and easy hairstyles for carnival that are sure to get you noticed! 

From carnival favorites like space buns, loose waves, pastel hair color and other Caribbean hairstyles check out some of our favorite looks below:

Hairstyles For Carnival Hair Inspiration

1: Long and sleek black ponytail

This is a chic and stylish variety of ponytail hairstyles for black hair. Lovely, lengthy and totally sleek, this ponytail is ideal for day or night. The hair is flawlessly straightened and then pulled back into a ponytail with a hair wrap around the base.

2: Low ponytail with waves

Low Ponytail with Waves

This particular style works well with relaxed hair or it can be re-created by utilizing hair extensions. It’s very pretty, with sexy, loose, shiny waves.

3: Curly afro puff carnival hairstyles

Curly Blonde Afro Puff Hairstyles For Carnival

If you hate putting heat on your curls, but love color, then this is the hairdo for you. You can proudly spotlight your natural coils with this fluffy afro puff. Plus, updo styles for natural hair don’t get any easier than this one. Opt for a low-tension hair tie, like ribbon elastics or spiral, telephone cord-inspired ones.

4: Ponytail with accent braids

Pony with Accent Braids

Braids are a stunning way to enliven updo hairstyles. Not only can they enhance the sleek allure, but they are also used for a diversity of textures and extra volume. Add in a couple of cornrows for some edge and wrap several more braids around the base of your ponytail.

5: Waist-length ponytail with bangs

Waist-Length Ponytail with Bangs

Black ponytails are not just for the gym and off-duty days, as proven by this elegant pony. The side 4-strand braid and swooping bangs are the sophisticated finishing touches that transform this classic pony. Try out this hairstyle for your next carnival Bacchanal affair and you’re sure to make a statement.

6: Cornrows and senegalese twists

Cornrows and Senegalese Twists

Ponytail hairstyles for black hair can be great choices to protect your natural locks. With braids and twists, you don’t have to worry about straightening or brushing your hair. They are simple, cute, and ready to go.

7: Curly ponytail with braided pompadour

Curly Pony with a Braided Pompadour

Balance the sleek style of an updo with a variety of curls. With the slicked-back sides and voluminous top, it’s a modern, clipper-free alternative to a mohawk. It’s always a good idea to incorporate color into hairstyles, so why not opt for something different, like metallic thread in the accent cornrows instead of highlights?. There are endless ways to keep your ponytail exciting.

8: Ponytail carnival hairstyle

Black and Luscious Pony Hairstyles For Carnival

Want longer and fuller hair, but don’t like the high price tag of a weave? Opt for a drawstring ponytail as a more economical choice. It will let you change-up your look in an instant, whether you want something casual or fancier.

9: French braids carnival hairstyle

French Braids Hairstyles For Carnival

If you want to wear weave ponytail hairstyles, you can get creative with braids trying a chunky braided pony wrap. Add a side braid that starts from the hairline and feeds into the braided wrap.

10: Pompadour braid carnival hairstyle

Sky-High Pompadour Braid Hairstyles For Carnival

French braids don’t always have to be close to the scalp. Fan yours out for a voluminous, pompadour effect. It will give you extra height and make your hairstyle stand out from the crowd


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