Scarlxrd Hairstyle Haircut Tutorial

Scarlxrd Hairstyle Haircut Tutorial

Scarlxrd Hairstyle, Haircut Tutorial. Scarlxrd short dreadlocks hairstyle continue to be popular in many barbershops.

Also known as locs, Scarlxrd short dreads epitomize a free, independent, and bohemian lifestyle; although guys shouldn’t let the stereotype prevent them from rocking dread hairstyles if that’s what they want.

And while dreadlock styles are usually worn by black men, guys of all races have embraced the look. From short to long, black to blonde, and straight to braided, Scarlxrd’s dread styles come in many unique shapes, sizes, and designs.

Below, we’ll explore the many different ways you can rock Scarlxrd dreadlocks hairstyles for men. From the taper fade with dreads to mohawk fade to the high top with dreadlocks, you’ll find all the coolest types of Scarlxrd short dreads for guys to inspire your next haircut style.

Scarlxrd New Hairstyle

Scarlxrd New Hairstyle

I find it looks like a mix of old scar haircut with new scar haircut aha, the style of the old with the color of the new. He has so much volume because it hasn’t been re-twisted in awhile.

He’s got like 2 inches of ‘new growth’ that allows the shorter dreads to stand up. If yours have less new growth and you cut them they may fall flat.

If you’re overdue for a twist, go right ahead! You can always cut 1 and see how it falls, and if you hate it just let the others cover it.

Scarlxrd Hairstyle Name

The name of Scarlxrd Hairstyle is most likely a high top taper fade. He has free form dreadlocks which one can get from either using a curl sponge or towel rubbing ones hair.

How Can i Make My Hair Like Scarlxrd?

The next step to deciding how to style your dreads like Scarlxrd is to choose the length and look on top. Some options include combining it with a high top, mohawk, ponytail, or braids. Here’s an in-depth look at all the different hairstyles for dreads.

  • Dreads With A Fade: Pairing a fade with dreads is the most common version of this look. But a dread fade will force you to pick the kind of cut you want on the sides. A high bald fade will offer a strong contrast for an edgy style. On the other hand, a low taper fade might be a better option if you don’t want the skin of your scalp to show. Either way, if you want a trendy but clean cut hairstyle, short dreads with a fade is your best bet.
  • High Top Dreads: As one of the best dreadlock styles to get, high top dreads, or even undercut dreads, are generally easier to manage and control. The taper fade on the back and sides keeps the hair short, while leaving a longer top. The dreads on top can then be left messy, pulled back, tied up, or styled any way you want. Ultimately, high top dreads can be cut and worn in a variety of ways, but almost all the variations are stylish and classy.
  • Short Dreads: Short dread styles for guys may not be a distinct look, but it’s worth noting the benefits of shorter versus longer hair. While long dreadlock hairstyles tend to stand out more, short dreads are easier to maintain, manage and style every day. And although some men may think only long strands are versatile, there are so many styles for short locs, such as keeping them up, letting them fall to one side, parting in the middle, messy and all over, or worn into a top knot.
  • Dyed Dreads: If you feel the need to mix things up and want to change the color of your hair, then dyed dreads have become the latest fashion trend. By bleaching or dying your dreadlocks to incorporate different colors, particularly red streaks or ashy and blonde highlights, black men can make their dreads unique. How you decide to use color in your hair can really make all the difference here. Blonde highlights at the end of long dreads can be really dope.

How to Get Scarlxrd Short Dreads Hairstyle?

How to Get Scarlxrd Short Dreads Hairstyle

The Scarlxrd Short Dreads is a hairstyle that demands a certain length of hair. Like the man bun, the Scarlxrd Short Dreads is best suited for longer hair. You’ll need at least a few inches of hair to obtain a noticeable Short dreadlocks hairstyle.

With about three or four inches of hair, you can get some shorter dreads, and if you want to go for super long dreads, you can go as long as you want.

Five to eight inches of hair will produce longer, more dramatic dreadlocks, and hair longer than eight inches will make for the most extreme dreadlocks look.

  • You can start with no preparation if you have manageable hair, but if your hair is tougher to work with, use the spray bottle to mist your hair with water. You don’t want your hair to be drenched––moisten it enough so that it’s flexible to work with. Brush or comb your hair to get all the knots and kinks out.
  • Locate the area where you want your loc. Grab that section of hair and divide it into three sections. You can do this using your fingers or a comb.
  • Start by taking the leftmost section of your hair and crossing it over the middle section. Then take the rightmost section and cross it over the middle section. Continue in this alternating fashion until you’ve finished the dread, which should be fairly tight. (You can also loc starting with the right side.)
  • Once you’ve finished the dread, fix it at the end with a hair band in the same way that you would tie a ponytail. You’ve finished your first braid, and you can now repeat the process with other sections of your head. If you have smaller, tighter braids, or if you wear your braids for several days, moisturize the braids with hair oil and wash your hair by patting the shampoo onto your head and massaging your scalp to keep the braids intact. You can also wear a hair net if you’d like; this minimizes the chances of accidentally undoing a braid.

Scarlxrd Haircut Tutorial

Whether you prefer long or short dread styles for guys, it’s important to decide how you want your hair to look before asking your barber for a haircut.

For example, do you want to pair your dreadlocks with a fade or undercut? If you choose a dreadlock fade, you’ll have to pick from the different types of fades.

Watch this video below on how to get Scarlxrd short dreadlocks hairstyle so that you can get the best of both worlds.

Maintaining Scarlxrd Short Dreadlocks Hairstyle

First Rules

Ideally don’t wet or wash your new dreads for 1 month – just let your hair get used to being locked into dreads before you mess with them.

Now you might be thinking….”Ahhh but I used to wash my hair every 2 days, how can I go 1 month without shampoo!?

“WELL, if you have followed the correct hair preparation instructions, your hair will have already been cleansed of chemical residue, which means that it will no longer be addicted to chemicals found in shampoos.

hair is in it’s most natural state, it actually stays clean quite well by itself! We realise that most people struggle with this advice, and many people get an itchy scalp in this “no wash” period.

To relieve this problem, you can spray your head daily with “Love Ya Scalp” which will give you a quick dry wash and help to cleanse and revitalize your scalp and dreads, without messing with them. 

Avoid Water For a Bit

If you just can’t go the 4 weeks without washing, then try to wait at last 2 weeks. The reason we recommend this is because water is one of the main things that mess up new dreads!

It fills them up and causes them to go slightly fluffy. If you wait the month then your dreads are holding their new state of “lockedness” more on their own and they’re less likely to fluff up!

(CAUTION: if you have had dreads made with another method, for example: backcomb, roll and wax, then wetting them in this 4 week period can cause them to open up a lot and get really fluffy, loosing their tightness and shape entirely!)


After you have gotten through the initial “no washing” period, you can then wash your babies between 1 and 4 times a month with a 100% natural shampoo or our awesome Lemon Mrytle and Macadamia oil Loc

Scalp Itch Prevention

Use “Love Ya Scalp” to keep your scalp free of dandruff, itchiness, bacteria & to help ward off lice (coz those critters hate the stuff!

Ideally spray on your scalp twice a week & massage in. Also, using “Love Ya scalp” spray a few times a week replaces the need to shampoo so regularly because one of the essential oils acts like a shampoo.

t actually cleans your dreads too so you can spray it all over them! Then rather than washing once a week you can save the actual big shampoo process to a minimum like once fortnight or once a month! Perfect for winter when soaked dreads take so long to dry! 

Prevent That Damp Smell

Wet your dreads only when swimming or on your fortnightly wash. At all other times it’s best to wear a shower cap just to keep water off them entirely.

Tight dreads take longer than normal hair to dry & can become smelly if left damp for extended periods – the same as clothes do when they’re left in the washing machine wet – so there’s no point wetting them when you don’t need to.


As a rule of thumb, wash your dreads in the morning preferably on a sunny dry day. Ring, pat & turban dry using a micro fibre towel which literally soaks up all the moisture , so & use sun & wind to dry them naturally.


It’s best to pull your dreadies up behind your head towards the wall to avoid them getting squashed when sleeping.

Tossing and turning a lot on them, adds to fuzziness forming. Some people like to wear a stocking over them, I personally think this is overkill, but if it’s comfy and helps then go for it!

Daily Protection

If you’re a tradie or work in construction, painting, kitchens, the outdoors, bush or any environment where you can get dirt, dust, grease, grime in your dreads protect them!!

Wear a beenie, or a big dread band to protect them from all this muck getting into them. You’ll be so glad you did.

A good cheap trick is go to any department store and buy a pair of women’s black leggings in about a size 14 and cut the legs up into rings of different sizes. These work as great headbands and actually look pretty good! 

Stop Dread Merging

Touch your darlings about once a week, particularly at the back  and check they’re not joining at the base. If they are pull them apart. If you do this from the start, regularly, then you will never ever get dreads joining together! 


Have your regrowth done or learn how to do DIY Maintenance, about every 3 months if you’d like your dreads to always be neat, or every 6 months if you don’t mind a bit of top fuzz.

If you love to “do it yourself” then you should grab my DIY Dread Maintenance Course! It will teach you exactly how to lock in your regrowth, get in the loops and bumps and remove your dread fuzz using the Divine Hand and Hook method of dreadlocking.

This means you can do all your own dread maintenance, never have to split and tuck or loop your dreads through, never need sticky wax or lock peppa and save up to $1000 a year! 


Enjoy the simplicity, coz your Divine Hand & Hook Dreadlocks are locked so well that your dreads really don’t need as much thought or work as normal hair.

This is a very different experience from if you have dreads made just with backcomb and roll, chemicals or wax.

If they have been made this way, find a good hook loctician or grab the DIY maintenance course and pass the hook through your dreads till they’re tighter so you don’t have to worry too!

This gives you more time to spend on your conscious evolution & less time spent on your hair!


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