Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin

Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin

Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin are a protective hairstyle dyed in a darker shade of maroon red and divided into square or “boxy” sections.

This head-turner hairstyle made a number of celebrities switch up their looks in an instant – including fashion queens Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin is a rich, high-fashion hue that complements the African-originated hairstyle perfectly because of how it adds edge and intricacy to each piece. Because of this, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be stealing the show everywhere you go!

Good news – the luscious maroon red color fits well with any skin tone and is also easy to blend in with black natural hair.

There are also no boundaries to the styles you can create – wear it straight back, side-swept, in a bun, or with embellished pleats, it will equally look fab in any way.

Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin are a phenomenal show stop. No single shade of red fits all so we’ve rounded up for you the best color choices in Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin styling.

Take out your favorite brand color palette and start dreaming of your next Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin style.

In the realm of protective styling there’s barely any other favorite that compares to Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin. Hair extensions are used to thread with natural hair into so many options.

Most run-off-the-mill box braid options vary in length, hair part and braid thickness, however we are devoted to color today.

All you need to do now is decide how you’ll wear these exquisite maroon pieces! To help you do that, head down below for the most popular looks on the Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin!

What Are Maroon Box Braids?

Box braids are a hairstyle associated with African and African-American hair. To make box braids, the entire head of hair is parted into boxes and each section is braided from the box all the way down.

Often, box braids will be mistaken for corn rows and vice versa. Don’t make this rookie mistake. The difference between box braids and cornrows is that cornrows are braided directly from the scalp, and the braids in box braids start from the boxes of hair on the scalp.

How to Style Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin

Specific Styles for Maroon Box Braids on Dark Skin In addition to the general looks that are possible, here are some more specific box braid hairstyles. Again, you can use any of these looks or combine looks to create a style all your own.

  • Ponytails: It’s pretty easy to put maroon box braids into ponytails. Again, there are a ton of ponytails you can use on box braids. You can do a side ponytail, pigtails, a high ponytail, half ponytail, or just a simple traditional ponytail.
  • Buns: Depending on the length and thickness of your braids, you can wear a variety of buns. You can sport your bun in the back of your head or near the front. Furthermore, you can put all your hair in a bun, or you can put some of your hair in a bun and wear the rest of your braids down.
  • Shaved Sides: You can rock long box braids and shave the sides and back of your hair. This undercut look provides some glam and edge.
  • Super High Bun: This is a bun or twisted bun that is closer to the front of your head. It gives a sophisticated look, and it can be a worn at work or for a night out
  • Side Part: The side part is extremely simple to create. All you have to do is flip your’e braids to one side to sport this fierce look.
  • Crown of Braids: You can make a bun-like crown of braids by bringing your hair from the back and working along your hairline. This is a lovely, regal do.

How To Maintain Maroon Box Braids On Dark Skin

Like all hairstyles, box braids have to be maintained, but a huge benefit of getting box braids is that they don’t require much daily maintenance.

  • Don’t wash your hair too much, but keep your hair and scalp clean. While you should only wash your hair about once every week or two with box braids, you can clean your scalp more often. Dampen a washcloth and dip it into warm water and witch hazel astringent. Then part your hair and rub the washcloth on your scalp.
  • Don’t leave your braids in for too long. Again, the braids only last a maximum of about two months. If you leave them in longer than that, they’re going to start to look unkempt.
  • Also, leaving braids or weaves in for too long can lead to alopecia, or the thinning of the hairline. Your hairline is especially susceptible if your braids are too tight around the hairline. If you’re especially worried about damaging your hairline, you can undo and rebraid the front few rows after about a month.
  • Additionally, make sure that your hairstyle isn’t too tight. Don’t wear an extremely tight bun or ponytail. If your hair is pulled back too tight, that can damage your hairline as well.
  • If possible, wear a satin headscarf at night. This will help keep your edges looking good and protect your scalp from drying out.
  • Keep your scalp moist. You can prevent your scalp from drying out by spraying your scalp with water when you’re not washing your scalp or hair.
  • Only use natural oils to keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Stylists recommend avoiding mineral oils, even though they’re popular in many braid moisturizers. Instead, use natural oils like almond oil and coconut oil. Also, you can use shea butter to soothe and moisturize your scalp.
Ultra Long Maroon Box Braids

Long Maroon Box Braids

These Long Maroon Box Braids are an ideal size and length if you want styling versatility. You can style them in a ponytail, bun or a simple half up half down ponytail like the one pictured.

Gold Beads with Maroon Box Braids

Gold Beads With Maroon Braids

Gold beads compliment the gorgeous bright red color of these box braids, creating a really nice contrast. These braids look great styled with a simple middle part, but they’re long enough for plenty of other styles as well.

Jumbo Maroon Box Braids

Maroon Jumbo Box Braids

These Maroon Jumbo Box Braids are a great choice if you want a more understated shade of red. The size of the braids puts less tension on your roots, which is essential for a successful protective style.

Half Up High Bun Maroon Braids

Half Up High Bun Maroon Braids

These bright maroon box braids are a great choice if you want a bold, head-turning color. They look great styled into a half up high bun style, like the one pictured here.

Medium-Sized Maroon Braids

Medium-Sized Maroon Braids

What’s not to love about these gorgeous Maroon Box Braids? This style is perfect if you like chunkier braids and darker shades of red.

Black and maroon box braids

Black and Maroon Box braids

Two-toned Black and maroon box braids are always a nice way to find that happy medium between trying a new color and matching your braids to your natural hair color. These red and black box braids give you the best of both worlds.

Maroon Ombre Box Braids

Maroon Ombre Box Braids

These pretty Maroon Ombre Box Braids look great pulled up slightly off-center high ponytail. You can easily live day and night with this look.

Maroon and Blonde Box Braids

Maroon and Blonde Box Braids are a great choice if you want a lightweight, low-maintenance protective style. These bright Maroon blonde box braids are incredibly chic and stylish.

Maroon Color Box Braids

These Maroon Color Box Braids have a strikingly seamless look because the natural hair has also been dyed red. A single chunky braid in the center of the head with beads that gives this style a really unique look.

Which styles have you pinned? Let us know in the comments!


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