How to Tell if Someone Has a Perm

How to Tell if Someone Has a Perm?

there are many ways how to tell if someone has a perm. Anyone who is getting a perm should know what they’re doing because perms can damage your hair and it’s important to make sure the result is natural looking. That’s why you should read this article for more information

Some common signs of a perm include:

  • A distinct line in the hair between the natural and the perm area
  • The hair is not as shiny as it should be
  • The hair is dry and brittle when it should be soft and shiny

What’s interesting is that some trends that stopped for a bit, but are now making a comeback. One such trend is the perm.

It went away for a moment, but it’s back and people can’t get enough of them! Some might think it’s only associated with women, but that’s beginning to change and now any person can get in on the action.

Do perms look natural?

Perms have been around for decades, but of course the style might have changed over time. A perm could mean that the person has had their hair straightened & usually reflects how natural or unnatural their natural hair texture is.

How to tell if someone has a perm and not their natural hair? it is best to know their natural hair pattern and how it looks.

If the person’s hair looks amazingly uniformed, as opposed to natural curls that are more random, and they may have had a permanent installation.

Frizzy permed hair happens when the perm is not taken care of. If you notice this, then it’s likely that someone has a perm and should be paying more attention to it.

If your perm is not done right, you might notice folds within the curls. This could happen if you didn’t know how to do the perm or if you worked with an inexperienced stylist.

It’s impossible for every curl to be perfectly straight like that. It’s a sign that it may have been damaged at some point.

While these signs are good indicators of a perm, chances are that one will always err on the side of caution when it comes to dealing with permed hair.

Be aware that most people will tell you they have perms, not something they are hiding these days.

In the past, only keeping your private life private was the norm. These days, though, transparency is quickly becoming a requirement with social media and the work we produce normally has to be more public on our profiles.

What is the difference between naturally curly hair and a perm?

With natural curls, there are no folds in the hair. This means you can’t see them on a natural curl either.

There may be ideas that often lead to this misconception about naturally curly hair, which is also why perms are becoming more mainstream.

Again, the person with natural curls probably just woke up with a curl or two on their head. Classic mistake- that’s what happens when you sleep on your hair.

There many reasons you might see a fold in a strand of hair. It’s usually just one curl that’s damaged, and not the whole head of hair.

It’s easier to maintain naturally curly hair. Which means you can use any kind of product you would like, whether it be moisturizer or curl enhancer. As a result, the curls will have a few imperfections.

Some curls are more defined and others less so, making it harder for you to grasp them. It may also cause the hair to look more attractive at the same time. Natural curlies will also have flat hair near their cuticles.

When a person has a perm, the wrinkles around their hairline might be more noticeable. They might not notice this too quickly, but if they take a closer look, the difference is usually there.

This is one of the main reasons that having a hairstylist at your disposal is so helpful. Not only will they be able to hide this issue, but they also prevent a lot of stress.

If you want to work with someone who has a lot of skill and is able to produce natural looking curls, this can be pretty costly.

How can you tell if your hair is naturally curly and not perm?

At the moment, there are many ways to tell if your hair is naturally curly and not perm such as noticing your natural curl pattern.

If you see a pattern that can be described as “wild and hard to tame in humid weather,” then it might be curly.

Not only will a curly perm be dry, but also it could impart an uncomfortable feeling as it grows on you. It’s very important that the curls are taken care of just like your skin and are hydrated when they need to be.

You can do something about this phenomenon by adding extra moisturizer to your hair on humid days. This product will make your hair feel volumized and bouncy.

You will see waves and ringlets after washing your hair with anyone and using any shampoo or conditioner.

If you’re looking for natural, curly locks that are untangled and bouncy, you should wet your hair with water before styling.

Although the curls might not show when your hair is still dry, it’s worth noting that frizzy hair and static spiking is a sign of being naturally curly.

Wearing your hair curly means more responsibilities when it comes to caring for it. In a recent study, it was found that people with tighter curls had a lot of dryness in the scalp – which is an indication of not taking care of their hair properly.

It’s more difficult to maintain curly hair without enough moisture. It can often turn into frizz and static when the humidity factor doesn’t quite match up.

If you’ve ever struggled with straightening your hair and only get it to last a few hours or at most a day during particularly humid weather, then you probably have naturally curly hair that doesn’t like to be told what to do.

How to let your perm look as natural as possible?

If you don’t have naturally curly hair and want your hair to look like that, consider getting a perm. Even if you’re aware of the steps to take and know there will be an inauthentic result, with the right care it can be achieved without looking unnatural or overly permed.

People don’t like when they know you cheat. Perms are a way to give your hair sophistication without looking fake.

If you want your perm to look as natural as possible, you’ll need to pay attention to the cuticle layer. It should not puff out too much and should be kept flatter so that curls look more natural.

You want to make sure you have styles that are different, have natural details and balance your features for the best looks.

Your perms are important because they help you maintain your natural hair textures.

Make sure that you are properly moisturizing and paying attention to the way your curls come out. If there are visible folds during the curl-out process, this isn’t going to look so impressive.

If you see folds, consider having this perm redone by someone more effective and experienced.

How long is a perm supposed to last?

You spent a lot of time, effort, and money investing in your perm. It took a long time to get the perfect look, and it was a big investment for you.

You don’t want to see your hard work go down the drain after just one use. You want to make sure that it will last as long as possible. Treat this like an investment

There’s not much you can do to soothe your perm, but there are some things that you can try. Avoid doing anything like combing your hair as soon as it comes in.

It might feel weird at first, but if it really bothers you that much, using a can of aerosol hairspray could help seal the curls together.

Ponytails used to be a popular hairstyle, but over time they’ve become unhealthy. The pressure of the style is harmful to your hair, and can even cause damage. Don’t get your curls caught in them!

It is a bit difficult to not wash your hair for up to twenty four hours, but if you can manage it, then it’s worth giving yourself some time.

It can help your curls achieve their best texture, and give you more time for other daily activities that might not fit in with washing your hair.

While you might not be washing your hair as often, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize it. It might be dryer than usual – that’s just a possibility people with perm hair face. But now when you know better, you can moisturize your hair most of the time and see great results!


Throughout this article i have explained How to Tell if Someone Has a Perm?

Hope this information helps you better understand perms and curly hair! If you want to learn more, talk to a hairstylist.


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