How to straighten permed hair permanently

How to straighten permed hair permanently?

Are you thinking of how to straighten permed hair permanently?

I’ve got some bad news for you.

There is no known way to completely remove perm without damaging your hair. The best strategy is preventing it from getting in the first place.

Yes, just as you read it.

Which of the many hair-styling techniques do you prefer?

Regardless of your choice, your hair will not be happy.

I’m not here to be the “devil’s advocate”, but let’s be clear

The process of achieving gorgeous curls usually requires time, dedication and effort, so chances are you’d have to put a lot of work into this hairstyle,Now you want to go back to the straight hairstyle that you had before. You might as well be crazy.

If this is true, it would have been better to use a curling iron and you’re done.

I know it sounds tough, but for me, the most important thing is to advise you what’s best for your hair. It is easy to extend that knowledge to other aspects of your daily life as well.

We’re all human and we make errors sometimes, or don’t take account of the consequences of our actions.

I can guarantee that I understand

Well, I know there’s some good and bad in life, but I’m not as bad as I look.

I gave you the bad news so that you learn to take care of your natural hair as it grows and continues to improve.

And the good, I’ll tell you that below.

There are two easy ways to straighten your perm without risking the possible long effects (i.e. sudden hair loss) that some treatments for curly hair wreak havoc on.

Both are less aggressive and therefore more reliable in regards to not causing damage to your hair follicles or scalp.

You choose.

So, today, I will tell you:

  • Here is some tips on how to achieve your hair straightening goal with a perm.
  • Before a perm, it’s important to use a rich conditioner and leave-in treatment like mousse. After the perm, it is recommended that you shampoo once every week or so with a clarifying shampoo like this one

If you’ve made a decision, remember that it’s important to keep focused on what matters most.


Curls can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter if you feel pressure to put them up or down. They will eventually start to grow out.

Wait at least a month to grow out your hair if you have waves or curls in order to get it straight.

Let’s get started, I hope my advise stuck in your brain.


You may want to use a styling product for your curly hair before you start looking for a straightener.

This can help provide definition, smooth it out, and create a protective barrier between the hair and your stylist’s iron or other heat tool.

If not, nothing will be the same again. If you use hair straighteners or curlers and get opaque hair, with a lot of frizz, your styling routine may be too harsh for your hair type & texture.

You may need to experiment based on what’s best for your unique hair type/texture and length.

Do you want to know what the least aggressive method is?

Well, guess.

It moves fast, has a long body, and leaves behind a trail of heat in its path. What is it?

Very Good, you guessed it. The flat iron!


Yes, it can be disappointing because of that. That being said, it’s not a permanent solution so you should take some time to look for other options.

Using a flat iron on your permed hair is better for the quality of your hair than using chemicals. It won’t lead to conditions such as baldness as quickly and will allow you to use less heat.

Remember to use a heat protectant on your hair because of the high temperatures. This will reduce any damage done to the hair during exposure to extreme heat.

If your hair is healthy, heat styling tools are fine to use and you can dry your hair first with a hair dryer & diffuser while also combing.

After, arm yourself with patience.

  • It’s not about simply using the flat iron to straighten your hair. Remember you’ve just done completed a permanent curl treatment.
  • Please to divide your hair into small sections, and pass the flat iron over each one, applying soft pressure.
  • It’s recommended to start with the pieces closest to the top of the stool and straighten them out first before trying to finish with your hand.

This is the best method to get your perm straight if you have curly hair.

As soon as you washed your hair and it dries out, it’ll come back healthy, shinier and twisted into voluminous curls.

Straightening your hair too much can lead to more breakage and shorter-lasting curls as your strands become more fragile. It’s best to avoid this.

Please understand that the curls will always be there in your hair until the effect of the perm wears off.

So now, let’s go to the next method.

A perm kit may be used very differently for different purposes.


You might know that after using this kit, your hair is probably going to be dry.

I recommend going to a salon for a deep moisturizing treatment.

The instructions from the package kit that accompanies the perm solution and neutralizer can help you get started.

This time, you won’t use rods since you are trying to eliminate the curls.

  • Wash your hair gently with your regular shampoo, avoid rubbing it hard while doing so, and divide it into 4 to 6 sections.
  • Make sure you’re wearing gloves and washing your hands thoroughly with soap, then begin the hair treatment. Apply the treatment where it’s needed and comb each section of the hair in between to prevent any tangles before you apply more solution.
  • Always start by combing through your locks with a wide-toothed comb
  • Once you’ve applied the solution to your whole head, get a comb and start working it through the hair. comb it straight for 10 minutes.
  • Make sure you rinse your hair with hot water for at least 10 minutes after the water has cooled down. Follow that up by rinsing it with again with hot water to wash away any excess oils left on the scalp & your hair will feel refreshed.
  • Apply neutralizing solution to your hair in the same way you applied the previous solutions
  • Wait a few minutes & repeat rinsing with hot water

At the end of the process, your curls will be much more stretched out and no longer have the pattern that they originally had.

Whichever method that you choose, you might want to prepare your hair before and after engaging in a vigorous process like this.

Now that you are wearing your curly perm, you’ll want to stretch out the curls at home. It’s important to do this so that the hairstyle lasts for a longer time.


Before and after pictures are not always shown as this would be a little deceptive. The moisture loss is minimal and the hair will look great even though it may feel a little drier.

This process will make your hair stronger so it can deal with the straightening that I told you about earlier.

I recommend that you do an overnight treatment with coconut oil the day before you apply your flat iron.

This product helps bring needed moisture to hair, providing extra nourishment while treating it. It is best used as part of a daily routine or just before bed on dry hair.

Now comes the most serious part after straightening your hair because it will be dry

A lot of hydration is needed for to keep your hair healthy.

You’ve decided to do a number of processes that include chemicals, so the effects of those chemicals will affect your hair.

If you want to prevent that, make sure your hair is made of steel like Superman’s muscle. You should use a conditioning treatment after the process.

Do you want me to be honest?

If you have time, go to a salon and try Olaplex. It will improve the condition of your hair drastically in just a few hours.

You shouldn’t judge me or think poorly of me because I’m trying to make a living – it’s just that I recommend this for your hair. And I am writing for women from all around the world

The health of your hair is a topic I’m curious about.

Can’t pay for a treatment like Olaplex?

While this treatment may seem too pricey across the board, it’s important to note that there are cheaper options out there that don’t also walk away with your hair being in the hands of professionals. Make sure you read descriptions carefully before making a purchase.

Because it’s better to prevent than to treat.

So, do you want to hear my conclusions?


  • If you feel like straighten your permed hair permanently is a matter of life and death, try it out with the flat iron.
  • You feel that straighten your permed hair permanently is the most important thing to you, try a perm kit, this option is better.
  • If you cant bear it for a few months without straighten your permed hair permanently, that’s totally your call.

Ultimately, what did you decide?


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