How long does it take to perm hair at a hair salon

How long does it take to perm hair at a hair salon?

How long does it take to perm hair at a hair salon? The other day Susana came in to get her hair permed.

Yes! Women today are still getting perms, whether it’s for a special occasion or to just rock a new look. People get perms because they are fun and don’t take too much effort yet have a good result.

Over 4 hours went by from the time Susana came into the salon until she left

If you’re considering a perm, you should plan on spending a few hours in the salon. Estimates vary on how long it takes to get a perm in a salon, but almost certainly more than 4-5 hours.

What does your hair stylist’s expertise have to do with the time it takes them? The length of your hair, perms rods, and so on really don’t change that much.

So although more time may be needed for shorter haired clients or if you’ve got a more complex style

It is hard to say, since different people have different levels of expertise and energy. However, an experienced stylist would take less time than someone new to the industry.

People who practice what they learned from books and teachers will have an easier time performing their tasks in the real world.

Professional hairstylists usually have more practice & experience to master the process. You can also consider enrolling in a course or joining an amazing team who’s been practicing for many years at a salon.

In addition, be careful not to make any quick decisions without first analyzing the results in detail.

At the end of the day, you’re looking to get great waves and curls.

There is nothing wrong with waiting an extra hour to get your perm done, but it can make your day seem longer than it needs to be.

I did a client’s hair yesterday, called Susana. From the time she walked in till the time she left, a little more than 4 hours passed.

Let me tell you what we’ve been doing with our time at my salon.


When you use a perm rod, there are many different sizes to choose from. You can pick the type of curl or roller that suits your hair texture best.

If you want to experiment with different options, but are not sure which size would work for your hair, ask for recommendations from your stylist.

Her style is defined by curls with medium size curlers. The ends of her hair are not so much curled towards the roots, but rather the back and sides.

In terms of hair curling, it is important to consider the size of your clients’ head because having a strand fit snugly into such a tight space can cause discomfort.

This process can take time depending on the idea or if the client needs more help in figuring out what she likes.

If she’s looking for styles on Instagram or magazines, this will take more time than if she can see them before arriving.

Once you decide on the size of your curls, you can keep them soft and tangle free by sticking to a specific hairstyle as well.

On to the next steps:


Depending on your hair’s health, your stylist will recommend a product to use.

There are products for different hair types, including natural hair, dark hair, highlights, grey or white.

They provide a healthy boost to your locks and can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

With Susana, I used one that is made specifically for hair with highlights.

Most hair stylists will take time to choose the right style for you because they know your personal style.

There’s no need to worry with this step, because they’ll provide a look that is appropriate & flattering.

Some care must be taken when perming hair, as the process could result in damages such as breakage and flaking.


This is important to make sure the hair will be able to handle the chemicals used in the perming process that could cause it damage.

When you do your strand test, use some of the chemicals you’re using during the perming process and see how they react on your hair.

Apply a small amount of perm solution to one strand of hair. If it doesn’t split, we’re ready to go!

To be fair, Susana’s case is not an exception. Strands of hair can become brittle when bleached and need to be tested more frequently.

This can be tricky and is more than just a decision between what kind of hair you have and the color.

It’s a choice that effects how your natural hair behaves, so it’s important to consider all your options.


The technique refers to the way your hair is combed or rolled into the hair style you desire. It can be done in either a vertical or horizontal orientation and at the length of your head

In Susana’s case, we only use horizontal layering on the length and ends of her hair in order to avoid breakage. For the rest of her hair, we maintained a tight curl.

You can talk with your stylist to figure out what you like best.

We already chose the perm solution, evaluated the condition of her hair, and determined the technique we’ll use for her perm before we start, which would typically take about half an hour.

Let’s find out how long the aforementioned application takes.



The first step of the perming process would be to wash your hair with a neutral shampoo to rid the product that is already on your hair, any chemicals it might contain. At this point your hair should not be rinsed with conditioner.

To avoid irritating your scalp, you should be careful with the amount of pressure applied to your head when used. Too much rubbing might cause it to become irritated as well.

You can usually continue to use your chosen perm solution after applying a hair protector. This will actually cause less damage than if you were to use this product and then remove it later.

You should check with your stylist before applying the perm if you have any doubts!

We dry excess water with a towel and then begin

So get comfortable!!!

Now that your hair is nice and curly, it’s time to wrap it around the curlers.


I applied the perm solution to Susan’s curly hair to create more angular curls and reduce frizz.

You can also apply the solution once the curlers are already placed.

Depending on the length and thickness of the hair, and whether or not you’re using curlers, this task can generally take 1-2 hours.

Once we’ve placed all the curlers, we let them sit for 20 minutes

I also offer my clients a manicure. They spend so much time waiting for the perm process to complete that it’s worth taking some of this unnecessary time to relax them (and to buy myself a little peace and quiet).

Its a long process but it is worth the wait.


We take a couple curlers out to see if the curls remain distinct and full after applying perm solution. If they do, we can continue on to neutralization.

We apply a neutralizing solution to close the hair cuticles so there will be less oil production.

The solution doesn’t need to be applied with curlers still on. This step is actually the one that makes your hair curls appear la’eya and the key to this product is ‘definitively leave them.

We let it sit for 10 minutes.

After using the perm solution, we take out the curlers. Our hair won’t go back to its original straight state, but will be curly instead. We give it 5 minutes to let it all set and put on our amazing curls.

We rinse with a-lot of water, so no more of the perm solution remains on your hair.

I’ll start by diffusing the hair and then drying it with a blowdryer. With Susana, I also used a curling iron. What’s your go-to tool for curls?


  • There are a few situations in which it is recommended that hair not be washed for 24 hours after a chemical process such as a perm. In this situation, the perm will remain put in longer and look fresher for a longer period of time
  • Untangle your hair with a wide tooth comb so you have less frizz and static. Make sure not to use a fine tooth comb because the curls may be flattened.
  • Have you tried using a defining comb to help control curly hair? You can use products like creams and masks to make wavy or curly hair look its best!

Do you want your perm to last 2-3 months, make sure the treatment is applied all over the hair, otherwise it may fade.

You should decide to dye your hair afterwards, wait at-least 15 days before coloring, as once perming is done there is a significant amount of damage that any new color put in will fix.

If your hair perm is only done throughout the length of the hair or towards the ends, like Susana, try applying dyes only to roots.


Throughout the article we have discuss how long does it take to perm hair at a hair salon?

Perms are a classic and will never be out of style. The process takes a long time but the results are always fabulous!

Spend time on your hair, whether it’s cleaning and styling or cutting it.


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