Can you use toner without developer

Can you use toner without developer? What effect does it have on your hair?

Can you use toner without developer? What effect does it have on your hair? Don’t use toner without developer. You won’t get the color pigments to stick to the hair and it’s useless.

A toner is a tool used by hair professionals. It can be adjusted to correct the shade of your hair and make it look more natural.

After bleaching your hair, you may feel a bit sensitive to the beauty products that are applied afterwards.

Some consumers choose to pour a bottle of the color lighter than what they originally had and some just need to have new color.

For example:

If you dye your hair, it might not work out the way you want it to. Try blending a few products of this nature together before applying to see what happens. If you want to achieve the platinum blonde color, apply violet toner with 20 volume developer first and then bleach your hair afterward.

You can apply your toner according to how easy you find it to use and what the results you want. There are developers that are less sensitive, so they will require more effort to apply.

This is because the toner doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to without chemical developer. Without this, it won’t do what it needs to when hardened on your hair fibers.

It’s important to remember that toner must be applied like a dye; however, one important difference is that you need to make sure it gets everywhere.

Let it sit on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes. Do you know why?

Although toner and dye have similar applications, they are made of different substances.

The toner has more pigments, which are stronger and more persistent than the original ones

That’s why only to apply toner with a 20 volume developer and do no more than 5 or 10 minutes.

Let’s suppose you want to turn off your yellow reflects. Like in the example is give earlier in this post.

If you apply toner with a 20-volume developer for more than 10 minutes in your hair, what would happen?

Your hair might turn violet, but it will fade and may stay that way for about a month or so. Would you want to go outdoors looking like that?

The most common reason why you would want to use toner is to restore faded colors before re-dyeing.

In this case, the volume of developer is most important than the time that is given to leave the toner in your hair.

Why is that?

Over-processing hair with developer products can result in lighter hair and can make your hair feel dry/damaged/look dull.

It’s important to use only developer formulas that have been formulated based on the type of hair you have, and carefully follow product instructions.

This is a simple process, and you will be able to avoid the health risks that come with coloring your hair yourself.

In short, 20 volume developer won’t lighten your hair. It’s actually used to open the cuticles for better penetration of pigments by toning agents included in the formula.

If you apply a developer with a volume of 30, it will lighten your hair, you can adjust the color of your hair to two different shades.

If you dye your hair again, your look will be completely different


There’s one more thing you should do before applying toner: use a developer.

The lack of a hair developer will not work without toner.

But what is the purpose of using a toner?

Toner is a hair coloring tool that professionals use after bleaching. It can also correct colors in your hair by removing unwanted tones or color strands that were not done correctly.

After bleaching your hair, you might have noticed it has a yellow tone. A toner mixed with a developer can correct the color of a bleached strand of hair without damaging it.

The color of your hair can either neutralize the tone or turn it off depending on its predominant color.

Of course, these are important to know which is which.

Here’s the list:

  • To neutralize yellow, you need to use violet toner.
  • To neutralize red, you need to use green toner.
  • To neutralize orange, you need to use blue toner.

In all these cases, mix the toner with 20 Vol developer

Do you remember why?

The developer opens the hair fiber’s cuticles so the toner’s pigmentation can penetrate the hair.

Using toner without a developer would be like applying acrylic paints to your hair. This could cause damage to the hair strands and ruin its natural shine.

The toner would come right off as soon as you wash your hair. I can’t say it enough, that’s why you need to always use 20 volume developer.

But you might be asking yourself, what are the benefits of buying 20 volumes developer?

I told you about 30 volume developer earlier; it makes your hair lighter, but if you’re trying to get revitalized or used to a new color, this is a disaster.

What would happen if you used a toner with a 10-volume developer?

The 10 volume developer won’t create a chemical reaction that would open your hair cuticles, so you will still need to use other methods on top of it to get the complete opening.

Your hair would be slightly lightened from the roots so that it matches the rest of your hair

Your hair color will change a little bit, but it won’t stay the same color that you had before you dyed it. It will stay somewhere in the middle, looking pretty untidy.

See? This is why I keep emphasizing only using 20 volume developer.

No more, no less.


Now that you know the steps to take for getting your hair the color and style you want, it’s easy. Think of the process as an easy way to get whatever style or color you want.

  • Unlike dye, toner has properties that allow it to be used on wet hair. This is great news for anyone who likes their color at home!
  • Don’t forget to leave the toner on for a few minutes. The pigments in the toner are much more concentrated than in your regular colors, so you’ll see a noticeable difference in color after about 5-10 minutes.
  • If you want your hair to take on the color of a permanent dye, make sure it’s been in the dye for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Otherwise, you’ll change the color of your hair and prohibit its viability as a dyed-in-the-wool red.
  • Whether you’re going platinum or otherwise, you can usually find a toner with the same color that’ll match the new hue. For example, if your color is ash-colored, try violet or blue toners first.
  • Only two times a year should be spent on considering dyes. If you dye your hair more than this, it will likely look strange and possibly even cause breakage. Using toners can help keep the color choice looking good while they’re in between updates.


Keep my advice in mind when you apply toner to your hair

Toner doesn’t replace color in your hair, nor does it dye hair. It only neutralizes or revitalizes tones.

It’s a very effective solution for your hair.


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