Young Thug hair

Young Thug hair tutorial

Have you ever asked yourself how these rappers get their dreadlocks and which method they used to lock their hair? In this Young Thug hair tutorial, I will examine Young Thug’s dreads to find out which technique he may have used and whether it is freeform or maintained hair.

Thugga is one of the most talented people in hip-hop. He started out as a singer, songwriter and musician, but has since branched off into other areas of the industry.

The American rapper is mainly known for his talent, and he is also well-known for his sense of fashion. He is definitely a ladies man.

Young Thug is a very popular celebrity. Most of the time, he is featured in magazines and tabloids because he has been a musician for quite some time now. Rumors about his hair have been floating around ever since he released his first album.

Young Thug dreads

Young Thug apparently cut his dreadlocks and put them back in with some of the methods I mentioned, which is alright since sometimes you might not like how your dreads are growing. He has about 4C hair.

At first, it looked like he’s using the coiled method. But there are some instances in which his dreadlocks seem longer and thicker.

He is using dreadlocks extensions to give his natural hair a new look and help him grow his hair back in. The most popular way to install them is with a crochet needle.

Young Thug pink hair

Young Thug debuted his newly dyed hair while performing at the Rolling Loud Miami festival on Saturday. Thugger, who previously had blonde hair, donned the bubblegum pink locks while dressed head to toe in pink.

3 Ways to style your hair like Young Thug

1.Fishtail braid your dreadlocks

Separate your dreadlocks into two equal sections, holding one in each hand. Gather in front of your face with your right index finger to gather a dreadlock on the left side of the section.

Please have the individual cross over their left bundle of locks and then pull it underneath the right section, adding it to that right section. Once you’ve completed this step, have them perform their process using either the left index finger or their right bundle of dreadlocks.

Repeat this method you’ve reached the end of your hair. Secure the style with a hair tie.

2.Form a traditional braid with your dreadlocks

If your dreadlocks are at least chin-length, put them in a bun or in two pigtails. Separate each bun into three equal sections of dreadlocks.

Cross the center of the three over the right side. Repeat this motion with the left side. Continue alternating crossing over the center of your braid until you reach its end by crossing over to it’s left.

Secure your dreads with hair ties so they don’t come undone.

3.Cornrow your dreadlocks

Divide your dreadlocks into even rows from the base of your forehead all the way to the nape of your neck.

Secure each section loosely with a rubber band to prevent it from becoming uncoiled or falling out of place. French braid each individual section starting at the forehead, creating rows of braided dreadlocks

Secure each braid with a small hairband.

How to get hair like Young Thug?

With interlocking, you pull the hair roots through the rest of your hair, which can often be time-consuming & tedious.

This method is best suitable for African-textured hair. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Let it dry.

This is a step-by-step tutorial for styling dreads like Young Thug. These instructions will show you how to section your hair, starting with the nape by creating a rectangle then securing the rest of your hair with elastic hair bands.

Place your thumb at the end of the length and run it inwards through the dread to create a ‘Y’ shape. There are usually two hooks formed each time. Continue with this process until you achieve a secure & tight attachment to your loc.

The hair care technique of interlocking is also used to keep dreadlocks tight. It involves the end of the dreadlock going through the base of the new hair growth, so it will tighten up.


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