Swae Lee Hairstyle Tutorial

Swae Lee Hairstyle Tutorial

Looking for a Swae Lee Hairstyle Tutorial?, Swae Lee is known for his music and hairstyles. One of his most prominent styles copied by many of his fans is his dreadlocks hairstyle, which are low maintenance and clean.

dreads like his also let the hair breathe especially in the hot summer months. They also work for all occasions and functions.

Some DIY people have done really well and others not so good trying this type of styling at home for themselves.

Trust your own skills set and make a decision when your going to re-create this hairstyle. With that being said here is the Swae Lee Hairstyle Tutorial of getting the thot boy dreadlocks style.

Swae Lee Hairstyle Name

The name of Swae Lee hairstyle is the Thot Boy Haircut.

How to make dreads like Swae Lee From Rae Sremmurd?

To recreate this look, your hair needs to be twisted into locks or dreads. There are various different methods to get dreadlocks, to achieve the best look you would need to go to a hairstylist.

If you don’t have the time or money for that you could always use a hair sponge or the towel method to get your hair to the desired look. This look also features a shaved or tapered side and back.

Swae Lee New Hairstyle

Swae Lee

Swae Lee was last spotted with a new hairstyle, The rapper incorporates some trendy color twists to his locs by either tying all of his hair in a ponytail or leaving a few strands out for an asymmetric look. Similarly, Swae Lee’s dreads were a new variation of the Thot Boy hairstyle.

How do I get Swae Lee Dreads from Mixed Wavy Curly Hair

How do I get Swae Lee Dreads from Mixed Wavy Curly Hair

Swae Lee Thot Boy Fade hairstyle: The fade is a timeless and stylish haircut. Black men have the option to pick a high, mid, or low taper fade haircut on the sides and back to complement their longer hair on top. To make the cut edgy and bold, ask your barber for a bald fade that blends the hair into the skin.

Swae Lee Thot Boy Dreads

Swae Lee Thot Boy Dreads: Dread styles have always been fashionable for black guys. Much like a high top fade, most dreadlock hairstyles look best with short faded sides that emphasize the styling on top. To get cool dreads, your hair will need to be tightly twisted into locks.

Swae Lee Thot Boy with ponytail on Top

Swae Lee Thot Boy with ponytail on Top: While hair can sometimes be a pain to style and maintain, there are certainly ways to manage and tame dreads.

With a ponytail and fade, the faded sides are cut very short to minimize styling, and the longer top is trimmed to create a ponytails. A cool beard or hair design can add extra flair.

How do I Start my Dreads to Make it Look Like Swae lee’s

  • Step one: Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly before beginning the process.
  • Step two: Divide the hair into sections. You can do this either to the entire head first and hold the sections with bands or clips, or finish each section one at a time.
  • Step three: Pay attention to the size of your sections. When you pull them tight, the roots of the hair you’re holding should be outlined by a perfect square of exposed scalp. The larger your squares, the thicker the final locks will be.
  • Step four: Add a small amount of product to each individual strand before you work with it. (Experts differ widely and passionately about what to use. Some use creams, waxes or aloe to prevent the hair from drying out. Wax is especially helpful for straight hair. Purists just use water.)
  • Step five: Twist each lock of hair tightly in a clockwise direction and clip it at the end. If you have straight hair, or curly hair that is very long, you will have to backcomb the hair first. To backcomb, pull each section of hair straight. While holding the tip, use a fine-toothed metal comb and run it through the hair from the tip to the root. Repeat to the same section of hair until the individual strands are drawn toward the root and tangled together. You want to continue this process until the entire length of hair has formed those tangles, and then repeat with each strand.
  • Step six: Completely dry the locks with an electric hair dryer. If you used wax, this step will also melt the wax into each lock.

But the process isn’t over. Maintaining these thot boy-dreadlocks, and caring for them over the years, also requires four important steps.

How To Maintain Swae Lee Hairstyle

  • Palm Rolling ~ Palm Rolling is when you roll the dread back and forth between your palms, applying a little downward pressure and working your way from the top to the bottom of the dread. Palm roll after each wash and for that matter, any time you think of it. It is a great way to shape and separate dreadlocks and it is also the technique used to apply Wax or Tightening Gel.
  • Dread Balling ~ If you find that you have a lot of loose hairs, sprinkle a little Dread Dust on your finger tips, grab a few hairs and rub your finger tips together in order to form a little dread ball. Now use the Dreading Crochet Hook to pull the dread ball inside the dread.
  • Clockwise Rubbing ~ This technique is performed at the roots and it encourages new growth to lock up. With a little Dread Dust on your finger tips, hold the base of your dread between two fingers and rub them against the scalp in a clockwise direction.
  • Crocheting ~ If your dreads have become particularly messy, you may also want to consider crocheting. It’s a good idea to not over crochet as the dreads will naturally lock and knot up in time and you don’t want to interfere with that process to much. That said though, once every few weeks early on will fast track the maturing process. The technique used to perform crochet maintenance is similar to the technique used to create dreads. Push the hook in, grab a few loose hairs and then release them inside the dread. The hook can also be pushed into the centre of the dread and rigorously pushed back and forth (without coming outside of the dreadlock) to encouraging locking in the middle of the dread.

How To Do Swae Lee’s Haircut


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