Small Cornrows Going Back

Small Cornrows Going Back

Small Cornrows Going Back are one of the most protective and low-maintenance hairstyles you can try for natural or relaxed tresses. They sit close to the scalp and can take on a variety of shapes depending on the look you’re going for.

Why Choose small cornrows going back? Not only do small cornrows look stunning – but they are also a perfect way to style hair that’s a bit naughty.

This type of hair normally requires more taming, which means having to invest tons of time every single day.

Well – with cornrows, you can forget having to dedicate long hours to getting unruly hair into shape each morning.

Your hair is done (and looks fantastic!) the moment you wake up – every day! Well, at least for up to 8 weeks, which is approximately how long you should leave them in.

Plus, it’s one of the most popular protective hairstyles women opt for to help natural hair rest from styling and the daily wear and tear. Small Cornrows Going Back are a perfect way to give your hair a bit of a break it deserves.

What are Small Cornrows Going to The Back?

There is just something about the small cornrows that can completely transform the way you look. Your look instantly becomes edgier when those few braids start running down the back of your head.

If you’re not into a full head of cornrows, they can also be put into styles with curls or waves, as accent pieces.

It can take a basic curly hairstyle and upgrade it into an elegant masterpiece. It’s a great look especially if you have an event to go to such as a gala or a wedding.

It’s a low maintenance look that will last for months so that you don’t have to worry about styling your hair every morning.

It’s a protective style that can help keep your hair healthy for longer. The best part is, once you take your braids out you will be left with beautiful waves.

How To Styles Small Cornrows Going Back

There are so many different design choices for the small cornrows going back hairstyle. There are classic center-parted cornrows and also elaborate updos that you can choose for your next wedding.

Many people like to get small cornrows before their next vacation because it’s a fuss-free look. Below are many great small cornrows going back looks that are not only beautiful but pretty cool as well.

These looks will have you running to the salon to get your braids completed immediately.

Simple Small Cornrows Going To The Back

Simple Small Braids

There’s no need for your hair to be complicated for them to look absolutely beautiful. We think that simple, small cornrows deserve just as much praise as complex African cornrows designs and patterns.

Plus, the look is more versatile, therefore you can style it however you like – pop it into a big ponytail, or twist it into a couple of buns – it’s your call!

Small Cornrows Braid into a Ponytail

Small Braids Up-do Ponytail

How cute do these Small Cornrows Braid look?! We absolutely love them – and if you’re someone who would like to use braids as a base for different hairstyles (a ponytail, a bun, two buns – you name it!), then you’ll love this hairstyle. Very versatile and chic – especially if you add one or two pieces of hair jewelry.

Small Lemonade Cornrow Braids

Small Lemonade Braids

The lemonade style strikes again – small cornrow braids, recently worn by Queen Bey, are a long-lasting and glamorous spin on plaited hair.

They work great for both thin and thick hair, and are worth the time spent in the chair, especially with their long-lasting durability.


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