How long to keep cornrows in for hair to grow

How long to keep cornrows in for hair to grow?

We often get questions about how long to keep cornrows in for hair to grow? or how long do cornrows last? or how long should you keep cornrows in? Is one month ok or two months or more?

I know there are people who have kept cornrows in for 6 months. And while it might seem okay at the time, after extended use it can lead to significant hair breakage.

I wouldn’t recommend leaving them in for that long. Two months is a little too long with regular care, but you’ll be fine.

When your hair is in protective styles, you’re more prone to build-up. This can happen from oils, lint, dust, or skin that may shed.

This build up mainly collects towards the roots of the hair and makes it difficult to take the cornrows apart when you’re near them.

The longer you keep your cornrows in, the harder it might become to manoeuvre around the build up on your scalp.

Some people end up having to go through the difficult process of cutting their own hair after leaving cornrows on for too long

It’s recommended to only leave cornrows in your hair for 6-8 weeks, and if you’re planning to keep them in for longer than that you should take good care of it. The more time cornrows are left in, the more likely they are to snap or break.

How do cornrows help natural hair grow?

Knowing how your hair grows is imperative. All hair types grow but the reason you might not see much growth over time could be because your hair lacks the necessary nutrients due to heat, damage, chemicals etc. If this is the case, there are natural remedies available for your needs.

The best way to promote hair growth is by retaining the length your hair gains naturally. Cornrows can help you retain length for about two weeks.

Protective styles serve the purpose of protecting your natural hair from manipulation. Without them, there would be more breakage and shorter hair. More breakage means less length retention and growth over time.

How long do cornrows last on natural hair

Cornrows are a great option if you want long & healthy hair. How long they last depends on your hair type, how fast your natural hair grows and the size of the braid itself. To make them last, be sure to invest in a proper hair care routine. If you know what to do and take good care of them, cornrows can safely provide you with lots or growth to your hair.

How to maintain cornrows and make them last longer

Since you would like them to last while still looking their best, here are the top tips you should use when taking care of cornrows on natural hair:

1. Choose a good hairstylist

Hiring a hairstylist with experience in braiding cornrows is the first important step. The hair care professional should have extensive expertise working with natural hair. This helps ensure that the process of getting your cornrows results in comfortable, attractive, tightly woven braids.

2. Protect the edges

Cornrows consist of closely braided hair, so fragile hair edges may be impacted. If your scalp becomes sensitive or you feel the tightness in the first week, apply a natural oil twice daily to provide relief and keep your cornrows in good shape.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your cornrows regularly to prevent dry scalp. Dry scalp can lead to itching and that has a chance of damaging your cornrows.

Some quick tips for moisturizing cornrows are spraying natural oils that are oil-based. Sprays will lead to buildup of product, so organic oils such as shea butter, olive oil & jojoba work well.

A spritz from a water bottle is a good way to add moisture to your cornrows and scalp when washing it.

4. Night cover

Cornrow maintenance also extends to the night. You’ll need to cover your hair with a satin or silk hat every night. If your cornrows don’t allow for wrapping, you can sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to maintain moisture in your hair.

5. Wash

The washing of cornrows can be tricky, but needs to happen for cleanliness and preventing an itchy scalp. When done properly, you can keep your hair’s natural style as well as have healthy hair.

How long do feed in braids last?

Feed-in cornrow braids are not a long-lasting protective hairstyle, but can last up to 4 weeks. They usually use synthetic hair to create cornrows, so you can keep the style for a while and use it on natural hair.

How long do cornrows last on mixed hair?

Different races have different hair characteristics. For instance, mixed hair is a result of a biracial mix of hair genes that give them unique and resilient hair. People with biracial hair can also braid cornrows, which can last for about 6-8 weeks if cared for properly

How long do cornrows last on a white girl?

A lot of people are curious about cornrows on white girls. Soft, straight, curly – the variety is endless! cornrows can last between 5-6 weeks with proper care. Cornrows on white girls hair also need adequate preparation.

Find a professional who understands the nuances of Caucasian hair. They will braid your cornrows while taking care of your edges and give you a look that will last. Trying out different cornrow sizes for your hair will help you find the right one for you.

How long do cornrows last for men?

If you’re wondering, “How long do cornrows last for men?” then you’re not the only one. It differs on how big your individual cornrows are. If you maintain a good hair routine, they can last for quite some time around 2-4 weeks.

Are cornrows bad for your hair?

Cornrows are beneficial to the hair. They only damage the hair with repeated, tight braiding near the scalp. These types of cornrows can lead to hair breakage and a receding hairline.


Cornrows have their own set of challenges, so it’s best to avoid them entirely or you might experience tangling, hair damage, and even hair loss. Seek the help of natural-hair experts for cornrows.

If you’re still wondering how long to keep your hair in cornrows for hair to grow; the consensus is that they’re best to wear between 6-8 weeks. Six weeks tends to be the best time frame for cornrows, especially if your hair type is different.

Cornrows can provide you with weeks of hair care and require minimal maintenance.

This hairstyle is great for everyone. So if you need to find something that will last for longer, cornrows are the way to go. This style is appropriate for all genders & races.


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