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Singles Hairstyles has been very trendy in recent days. Singles braids are a conventional way of styling hair. But, Singles Box Braids are especially worn by black women.

This is a distinct hairstyle of their own, though nowadays it has become popular with all. If you have already planned to have singles braids hairstyle as your go-to hairstyle, you are at the right place where you’ll get all the resources to get Singles box braids Hairstyles.

What is Singles Hairstyles?

The name says it all. Singles hairstyles are braids that are individual and look like tiny boxes spread all over the hair. These braids may be of different sizes and length.

The most amazing thing about singles braids hairstyles is that they are not fixed to the scalp hence there is scope to modify the braids in many ways.

We love these jumbo Single braids for women, but it takes a long time to finish the style. And, to do the right kind of single braids, one must have great skill and expertise.

How to do Singles Hairstyles?

  • Brush out your hair and decide which side you want your braid, then split it into two even sections.
  • The Singles hairstyles is much easier than it looks; essentially you’re just bringing a piece of hair from one section over into the other.
  • Start by taking a small piece of hair from one side and bringing it over and adding it to the inside of the other side. Repeat on the other side, grabbing from the outside part of the section each time, and continue all the way down your braid.
  • i recommend keeping your hands right above where you’re braiding to keep it clean, and to not let go of your hair, using only your pointer fingers to move the hair across.
  • Continue all the way down your hair and secure with a hair tie. Once the braid is secured, “pancake” it by tugging at small pieces of your braid so they loosen up and create more volume.
  • Split the section into three pieces and three-strand braid them, making sure to incorporate more hair from each side of your head each time you cross the hair over.
  • Continue braiding and feeding in sections until you reach the ends, then tie off with an elastic.

Editor tip: “The only Singles braid I can confidently do is a standard three-strand, so even this simple braid felt like a challenge.

I had a rough start at first, but once I stopped thinking so hard and just repeated Sarah’s mantra, ‘little piece here, over to the side,’ in my head, it was easy to jet through the braid

8 Best Singles Hairstyles for you to try

Are you looking for the best singles hairstyles that will change your whole look completely? Do you want to give your hair a break? What about short, long or medium Singles Hairstyles that can last for a few months?

Some may argue that wearing one hairstyle for a long time is very boring, but the truth is there are plenty of cool styling options for the girls with single braids.

Moreover, singles braids hairstyle protect your hair, so why not use the opportunity to make it look even better?

There are hundreds of ways to follow when you are having a Singles braided hairstyle. We have gathered the best Singles braid hairstyles for women at a single place for your convenience.

Get inspired by our top picks. Hope you all will like these men’s popular box braided hairstyles and of course try them on your hair.

1. Cute Singles Braids Hairstyles

If you like classic hairstyles the way they are, you should definitely take a glance at these gorgeous individual braids styles!

African American girls adore them, and that is easy to explain. Long braids look awesome with any clothes, accessories, and makeups.

Pictures in our collection prove that you do not even need to add some color highlights or spend a lot of time in front of the mirror to make your black braids look perfect.

2. Beautiful Medium Singles Braids Hairstyles

There are no age restrictions when it comes to individual braids. Moreover, there are no limits to imagination and fantasy: there are a lot of cool ways to style them so you can be different every single day! What about a cool and eye-catching bun?

There is nothing easier than such a hairstyle for individual braids, and that is a big advantage for every girl who does not have a lot of time to style her hair in the morning. You can also pull your braids back or pull them over, or do a classic ponytail, it is always up to you.

3. Long Singles Braids Hairstyles

What’s the sexiest female hairstyle? Of course, there is no absolutely right answer to this question, but a lot of women and men consider long individual braids to be very, very hot.

Moreover, they do not even require any maintenance and styling. Wear your braids the way they are or do a stylish bun or a ponytail, and look like a movie star or at least the prettiest girl in the city.

4. Cool Single Braids Hairstyles

Single braids are not the new hairstyle. It has a long history that is mostly connected with the African American community. Although really classic hairstyles never go out of fashion, they are always transforming.

These transformations give us the best modern versions of good old styles. Braids, for instance, are not just braids anymore: today we have beads, techniques of swirling braids around the crown, ombre, and plenty of different accessories.

In other words, there is an infinite number of possible versions, and each woman is free to create her own, unique one. Here are some ideas that can inspire you!

5. Ideas of Short Individual Braids Hairstyles

Some girls believe that individual braids are supposed to be extra long. However, there are a lot of cool short box braids hairstyles, particularly short braided bobs that look gorgeous as well. Moreover, you can experiment with your short braids!

Do you like classy black braids? Just ask your hairstylist to braid your hair, and that is all, enjoy your look! If you want to add some colorful highlights or cuffs, your whole look will be even more eye-catching.

The shape can also be different. What about cool asymmetrical braided bob? Some African American girls love the contrast and choose blonde bobs, and some add some cool accessories like head scarfs.

6. Cool Small Individual Braids Hairstyles

Some girls love medium braids, while some choose the small ones that are also stunning. However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind before you ask your stylist to braid your hair.

Although individual braids are considered to be a protective hairstyle, everything changes when it comes to micros. Small braids can make thin hair even thinner, so it is not recommended to wear them for a really long time.

If you have thick hair and are not afraid a hair loss, the consequences are not that bad, but you still should be ready for them.

7. Stylish Medium Sized Singles Braids Hairstyles

Medium-sized individual braids may be a perfect hairstyle for literally every girl. Such a hairstyle really suits every woman regardless of what face shape she has.

Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, braiding can be completely different, in spite that the technique itself remains the same.

Of course, this process will take a lot of time, but the results are worth every hour spent in the chair. If you want to try something new, you do not even have to dye your natural hair.

Just choose the color or colors, ask your stylist to jazz up your braids, and enjoy your funky and creative look!

8. Trendy Singles Braids Hairstyles with Color

What color do you like most? Red, green, or maybe yellow? There are plenty of colorful styles with individual braids you will love! Just choose the color or even mix of different shades to stand out in the crowd.

There are even stunning rainbow hairstyles that will remind every girl of her childhood, fairy tales, and unicorns.


If you are a classy girl who wants to freshen up her look with the help of braids, you can choose other colors and shades to highlight your best features.

What about natural or ash blonde? Or maybe sophisticated burgundy will be a better option for you?


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