Are bangs in style for 2020
Are bangs in style for 2022

Are bangs in style for 2022

Are bangs in style for 2022? Well, yes, bangs are still in style. And the beauty of it is that they can be used on all types of hair and facial shape.

If you’re toying with the idea of (finally) getting bangs, rest assured that a good fringe is one of the coolest haircut changes you can ever get at a salon — and it just might even be the hottest hair trend for the new year in 2022, too!

After all, bangs can do wonders when you’re looking to bring a fresh update to your signature hairstyle: they frame your face in a flattering way, and can even add a bit of edge and personality to your everyday look.

Plus, there’s truly a fringe style for everyone — whether you’re rocking long layers or a short bob, have an oval face shape or a rounder one.

Fringe vs Bangs for 2022: What is the Difference?

So, we’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room – what’s the difference between bangs and a fringe?

Funnily enough, it has nothing to do with hair in the first place. Bangs and fringe refer to exactly the same hairstyle component – strands of hair that fall over the forehead in some way, shape or form.

  • The reason why we have two terms is that Americans use the name “bangs” to describe the concept.
  • Basically, anywhere else in the world, the name “fringe” is used.

Therefore, there technically is no difference between the two, aside from the place you’re in when explaining the haircut.

Are Fringes in style For 2022?

From the coolest curly fringes to the sleekest blunt bangs, these Bang are in styles for 2022 and beyond this prove that getting a haircuts with bangs is like a mini makeover anyone can totally rock (yes, that means you!).

For your next trip to the salon, take inspo from these iconic Bangs haircuts and find a gorgeous hairstyle with bangs you’ll love for your next big ‘do.

Styling Your Bang/Fringes

Bangs are one of the fastest ways to update your look without losing length. But once you make the chop, daily styling is key to not constantly having to push them out of your eyes.

Take the lead from some of our favorite fringed celebs and use layer-shaping dry shampoos and texturizers to style your bangs based on their cut and texture.

Hairstyles with Short bangs

Styling short hair with bangs is an awesome way to shake up your current mid-length style, grow out a shorter cut, or just get a whole fresh new look.

Bangs draw attention to your beautiful eyes and can accentuate your cheekbones as well. Another amazing perk of having bangs is that they’re the fastest way to looking “styled.”

If you’re short on type but still want to look your best, you can focus on getting your bangs just right and pull the rest of your hair back in a quick up-do. Voila, you look picture perfect!

How to Style Curly or Wavy Bangs

Though curly girls always have the option of blow drying and straightening their fringe, we love the look of naturally wavy bangs (Taylor Swift knows how to pull this off).

To get the look, apply a frizz-fighting product like Davines OI / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion to wet bangs and let air dry for playful, face-framing layers.

How to Style Side-Swept Bangs

To shape side bangs into a glamorous swoop like Emma Stone, follow PARLOR founder and stylist Jeff Chastain’s advice: Part your hair to the side, then use a round brush to curl your bangs toward the back of your head and blast them with hot air with your hair dryer.

Spritz with a flexible hold hairspray like PARLOR’s vitamin-packed formula, then let your bangs naturally fall to the side of your face.

How to style long bangs

Whether you’re growing them out or prefer more forehead coverage, long bangs are incredibly versatile. We like this ‘60s style perfected by our bang idols, Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung.

After creating your part, apply a mist like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray to the roots of your fringe to create volume (backcomb a bit if you have very fine hair), then push bangs to the sides of your forehead. The look pairs perfectly with a retro half updo or a messy top-knot.

How to Style Baby Bangs

Worn by Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso, Lizzy Caplan, and Beyoncé (that one time), baby bangs can be tricky to maintain. In addition to frequent trims, the bold style requires silky, stick-straight fringe.

Get it by pairing a shine boosting protectant like TONI&GUY’s Prep Heat Protection Mist before straightening bangs with a mini flat iron, like amika’s Mighty Mini Ceramic Styler.

How to Style Blunt, Straight-Across Bangs

The key to pulling off the blunt bangs seen on Kerry Washington (and, years ago, Jane Birkin) is avoiding stringiness. First, comb wet bangs forward, then blast them with a hair dryer pointing downwards.

Next, blow dry you’re bangs all to one side, then to the other to get them to rest in the middle of your forehead. Finish with dry shampoo (we like R+Co’s Death Valley) to keep them from looking piece-y.

10 Types of Bangs For 2022

Curtain Bangs are in style for 2022

Nothing expresses the essence of retro hairstyles quite like curtain bangs. Back in the 1970s, the greatest fashion icons of the time were spotted with them.

From Farrah Fawcett to Debbie Harry, Donna Summer, or Shelley Duvall, numerous queens of the time boldly rocked curtain bangs.

Nowadays, you can take the retro trend and adapt it to any haircut you may have. All you have to do is part your hair down the middle and your bangs accordingly. Even more, a curtain bangs foundation also lets you approach additional fringe styles, such as side bangs.

Long Side-Swept Bangs are in style for 2022

Another way you can glamorously sport long bangs is swept to the side. The style has been popping since the early 2000s, and we’re sure it will continue to be relevant for years to come. If the likes of Becky G and Kim K still slay with long types of side bangs, you will too.

The bangs style pictured above works equally well for women with fine or thick hair. For the former, it will add volume and definition to their hairstyle, whereas for the latter, it will accentuate the existing density. Overall, long side-swept bangs are sweet and sexy at the same time.

Textured Bangs are in style for 2022

For a head-turning appearance, you’ve got to check out textured bangs. Regardless if you have a layered or blunt haircut, texture bangs can really pull your whole look together. In addition, they draw attention to your face, so you can use them to accentuate your eyes or brows.

With textured bangs, it’s all about working layers into your fringe. The more textured you want them to appear, the more diverse you should layer your bangs in terms of length. As with most other types of bangs, you can feel free to make them shorter or longer all-around.

Spiky Bangs are in style for 2022

If you’re really a rebel at heart and haven’t shown it yet, it’s high time you start. And spiky bangs are an exceptional solution for doing so. From celebs like Katy Perry to Miley Cyrus and more, all kinds of girls have embraced their wild side with spiky hairstyles.

To master spiky bangs, make sure that the tips are trimmed in a jagged manner. They’re one of the styles that are harder to cut on your own, so consider making an appointment for getting them done by a specialist.

While spiky bangs are popular among women with shorter hair, they look just as spectacular on long-haired ladies.

V-Shaped Bangs are in style for 2022

To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way to sport bangs. It all depends on how you are as a person and what you want to convey through your hairstyle.

In this regard, if you’re a goth girl, for example, you might be interested in the concept of V-shaped bangs.

Essentially, the style consists of straight, blunt bangs that are cut in a V angle. As such, they start off shorter at the side and reach the longest point at the center of the forehead. To rock V-shaped bangs without questioning your life choices, it’s best to pick them if you have straight hair.

Pixie Bangs

With shorter hairstyles on the rise, it’s no wonder why so many women are in love with the idea of a pixie cut with long bangs.

The choice of bangs complements the rest of the haircut brilliantly, adding more length to the front and leaving the back shorter.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that any pixie cut has to come complete with longer bangs. Quite the contrary, some girls look outstanding with a short pixie all around. If you have a small face, you might be better off with shorter pixie bangs.

Faux Bangs

Luckily enough, you don’t always have to grab a pair of scissors to wear bangs. You can make it seem as if you already have them just by styling your hair the right way. It’s also an amazing trick for seeing how you would look with bangs prior to getting them.

For faux bangs, all you need is a hair tie and some patience. Tilt your head down, pull all of your hair into a single bunch, and start wrapping it in a bun. Leave the tips out and style them over your forehead as bangs.

Growing Out Bangs

Speaking of growing out bangs, that’s a topic that needs to be discussed on its own. If you’ve ever had bangs in the past, you already know how much of a pain it can be when you want to get them back to your normal hair length. However, there’s a chic and effective way to do so.

Begin by parting your hair down the middle and ever so slightly trimming the tips at an angle. The results will be somewhere between curtain long bangs. From there, tidy up the ends as they continue to grow in a natural and flattering angle.

Two Tone Bangs

If you’re really feeling bold, step into the exciting world of two tone hairstyles with bangs. Artists like Melanie Martinez have been sporting them for years in all sorts of coupled colors. Now, it’s your time to shine and push your creative limits!

Blonde and black is a fine combo to start with, but you can venture into pretty much any palettes you desire. As a rule of thumb, you should pick contrasting hues to accentuate the difference. Your bangs will be separated in two tones exactly down the middle.

Colored Types of Bangs

Are you head over heels in love with your bangs? Make them stand out like never before by giving them a dedicated color. To put it otherwise, pick a tone that represents your personality and use it to dye only the section of your hair with bangs.

It’s not a bangs style that every woman will be comfortable with, but it’s a cool option for adventurous girls. Simultaneously, it won’t be hard to get your natural color back. All you have to do is trim your bangs as they grow out until you’re back to your initial hair tone.


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