Simple & Easy Fulani Braids no Edges

looking for a new hairstyle to rock, and you know the next one that’s on my list? Simple & Easy Fulani Braids no Edges. This is a style where you have a unique pattern of braids on your scalp that transition into braids, or hair extensions, that loosely fall down your back.

Not only are they super versatile (there are, like, a million ways to wear them), but they’re easy to take care of too. They’re the perfect option if you want to test out a protective style that won’t take forever to braid.

Fulani Braids no Edges Tutorial

Fulani braids have a pattern where cornrows are braided from the back to the front with traditional front-to-back cornrows. The tribal braids pattern of Fulani Braids is identified by a cornrow braided down the center of your head from front to back.

Additional cornrows on each side of the head hanging on each side of your head. It is very common to include attachments and decorations such as Afrocentric wooden, metal or plastic beads.

Fulani hairstyles also known as Tribal braids originate from the Fulani people, a nomadic ethnic group in West Africa. The creative traditional Fulani braid patterns were made mainstream by Alica Keys, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Fulani braids consist of cornrows, beads and creative imagination. They have become increasingly popular in the black hair community, not only as a protective hairstyle but as a style statement.

Check out these Fulani hairstyle tutorials below and try for yourself. Let your imagination go wild.

How to do Fulani Hair Braids

Fulani hair braids are a combination of cornrows with beads, shells or clips attached. Unlike conventional cornrows, Fulani braids are braided into a pattern which looks quite regal.

What makes Fulani braids different from conventional cornrows is that they usually have one cornrow braided down the middle of the head from the front to the back. And one or two cornrows braided on the side of the head from the back (just behind your ear) to the front, with accessories such as beads, clips or shells added.

Fulani Braids No Edges Hairstyle

Fulani braids are a great protective hairstyle and if you can cornrow you will find it’s a quick and easy hairstyle you can do yourself. If you are going to do it yourself, you need to consider if you want to add extensions for length or use your natural hair.

When adding extensions to Fulani braids the feed in method is used. This means you add the hair extensions a little at a time as you braid. This helps to keep the braids nice and thin on the top becoming thicker at the end. Unlike box braids for example where you add the extensions at the beginning of the braid, you don’t do this with Fulani braids.

This is what you will need

Before you Begin

  • Wash and condition hair (deep condition if you can)

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