New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener Does it work

New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener Does it work?

New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener Does it work? I have been natural since 2008, with my hair ranging from 4A-4C, depending on where you are on your head.

My hairdresser recommended new options and I was hesitant, but I tried it. My hair has straightened much easier and nicer.

This is a natural relaxer. they combined advanced relaxing technology with alkaline salt minerals. 99.9% less chemicals and half the time of a press and curl. The hair will not revert!

The Alkaline Mineral Softener is a part of a pH balancing treatment family. Unlike traditional hair relaxers, which remove the cuticle layer of the hair in order to straighten, it does not subtract or rob the hair of its natural cuticle layer.

Alkaline Mineral Natural Relaxer is a better alternative to the Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Hair Treatment, and chemical straightening or relaxer systems. My hair is softer and more frizz-resistant. I haven’t lost any curl at all.

Prior to using it, it was pointless in fighting the rain, Now, it doesn’t even phase my hair. I can keep it straight in the winter and curly in the summer!.

It depends on what u want to achieve. If u want a straight look then you want the relaxer but if you want to wear your hair natural then the mineral softener is the way to go.

I recently reapplied the softener because I hadn’t had it in my hair for a while. My hair felt like a big knot. It’s a great product.

New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener is it safe to use at home?

Wow. I was a little hesitant at first, but this product is really wonderful and was easy to use. I am black; my hair is light, often curly, and frizzy.

After using this product, my hair did relax, but also remains healthy. I love that is natural. I love that I can use the product in the same places again if needed and it will work!

I love that it doesn’t make my hair stick straight, but lays relaxed in a more natural, “relaxed” way. My hair now responds to heat very well, and if I do want my hair straight I use the straightener for about five minutes as opposed to a previous forty-five to sixty minutes.

I am very pleased. I found the instructions on the brand website, which was helpful.

I am not a morning person and it makes my morning routine easy and actually enjoyable. I don’t stand there frustrated with my hair that tells me it will not be controlled. I could rave and rave, but I’ll stop there:) Wonderful product.

Is New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener a lye relaxer?

This is not a straightener. It is a hair-softener and may not straighten your hair completely depending on the texture of your hair. It is designed to work along with a flat iron.

What are the ingredients in New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener?

New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener is a product that is made up of a number of ingredients which are known to help maintain the PH level in your hair.

New Options Alkaline Mineral Softener has five main ingredients:

This item contains sodium, sea salt, alkaline minerals, t-water and soybean oil

Alkaline Mineral Softener instructions

Note: Please follow the instructions carefully when using the product you.

For Chemically Treated Hair:

  • Protect chemically treated hair before applying Reconstructor Penetrator. Make sure you don’t cover new growth with it.
  • Sit under the dryer for 15 minutes (no plastic caps). Use a handheld blow dryer if the hooded dryer is not available. Do not rinse before continuing on to the next step.
  • Apply New Options Alkaline Mineral to NEW GROWTH ONLY.
  • Process approximately 20 to 30 min.
  • Rinse all product from hair with warm water. Proceed to shampoo. You must use New Options Neutral Shampoo. Rinse and shampoo. Repeat. Your last rinse should be with cool water.
  • Apply Moisture Retainer. Apply two quarter sized amounts to the entire head. Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes. Gently massage into scalp and hair.
  • First, use cold water to rinse with. Then towel blot and style your hair as usual.
  • Apply Alkaline Mineral to the entire hair. Follow steps 2-5 as directed above.
  • (For purely textured looks; apply for 5 to 10 Minutes)

Where to buy the product?

In this article, we will cover how to buy new options alkaline mineral softener.

Are you looking to buy new options alkaline mineral softener? Let us help you out by providing some tips on where to find the best deals and how to get the best price.

You can buy the product on Amazon or any other online beauty shops, or you can check your local beauty supply store for this wonderful product.


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