Jeremih Haircut

Jeremih Haircut

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jeremih began playing drums at the age of three and is able to play the saxophone, several percussion instruments and piano/keyboards. Jeremih previously wore his hair in a signature braided hairstyle.

This unique hairstyle became known as “The Jeremih Haircut” however back in January 2019, the rapper debuted a new low fade style that he has allowed to grow into a box braids over time.

The earlier pictures of a Jeremih hairstyle were pretty standard for an African American male r&b artist. Then came the fame and fortune to the tune of 11 million dollars in 2010.

Jeremih let his hair grow out his hair with a signature Box braid look. 2011 Jeremih continues to make millions as he flaunts his love for smoking weed while dating the beautiful Kat Stacks who also sports blonde hair. The big question is will he ever get a haircut or continue to grow his natural kinky hair out.

Jeremih Braid Hairstyle

Jeremih Braid Hairstyle

Getting a fresh Jeremih haircut would simply mean taking everything back to the basics of just getting a clean box braid hairstyle with a sharp lineup. The hairline has to define the edges nicely with no fade.

Facial hair is cool as long as it is also trimmed. This r&b singer is very talented and he has chosen to keep everyone’s focus on his lyrics and not his haircut. From the looks of this photo he would look great wearing a low fade.

What is The Name of Jeremih Haircut

What is Jeremih hairstyle called. Jeremih rocked a Box Braid hairstyle with low fade and. Jeremih takes inspiration from other r&b Singers before him for his new look.

How to Get Jeremih Hairstyle Tutorial

How to get Jeremih Box braids Hairstylethat are most popular now. Growing up, I knew them as ‘single plaits’ but they are box braids now, maybe because the partings are in box shapes. braids are the same thing but from you feed in curly hair at the ends, plait it into the main braid, then leave the end out.

How to Maintain Jeremih Box Braids

“Wear a headscarf at night. wash your hair, dry it properly and oil the scalp after two or three weeks. Shampoo as normal but gently rub your scalp and be sure to wash out every ounce of shampoo and a light conditioner out.

If you have to trim the braids, do it. To grease your scalp, get a mini spray bottle and put oil in it or use an oil sheen spray. Massage it in and then spray some on your palm and go over your braids to make them shiny.”


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