Dej Loaf Hairstyles

Dej Loaf Hairstyles

Dej Loaf Hairstyles In 2020, Dej Loaf began her career as a hip hop artist. Her stage name is a portmanteau of a shortened version of her first name, “Deja”, and “loafer”, as she took a keen interest in some trendy hairstyles when growing up. Hair, says Dej, has always been an integral part of her life.

Dej Loaf Grew up in Detroit, the “hair capital of the world,” her mother, Latrice Hudson, was a stylist who opted to take clients in their kitchen in lieu of a salon.

“It was a homegrown situation,” she explains, adding that the soulful croons of Anita Baker and Mary J. Blige would often soundtrack braiding sessions.

“There was always hair and music going on in my house.” And while Dej was all about the latter, her older sister Des gravitated the former; these days, Des is the brainchild behind Dej’s more experimental hair looks, from a razor-sharp neon yellow bob to slicked rope braids cast in white thread or ornamental gold clasps.

Besides her music, fashion, and beauty, Dej Loaf is known for her bold hair styles. There’s not a wig she’s not afraid to wear, no matter how over the top it may be.

She is every hairstylists’ dream client. From fishbowl cuts to structured braids, Dej Loaf has done it all.

Today I’m showing you all how to get the Dej Loaf inspired hairstyle okay this hairstyle is perfect for any occasion if you just want to switch things up with your hair, or if you just want to try something new.

Dej Loaf Short Hairstyles

Dej-Loaf short haorstyle

Dej Loaf had short hair for so long, DeJ explains. “I wanted to grow it back out and see what we could do and as long as I’m comfortable, I’m good.” Short hair is her most striking look to date?

And having learned the importance of keeping hair healthy at a young age, she relies on her mom’s “old-school” treatments, such as Murray’s Pomade for edge control and hot oil masks for nourishment, in between styles.

“If I’m not working and I’m just chilling out, I like to wear my natural hair and just let it breathe,” she adds.

Dej Loaf New Hairstyle

Dej Loaf Shows off her new Leopard Print Hairstyle on Instagram last weekend this hairstyle is one to be emulated for sure by her fans the video rack up a 1000 likes within moments of posting the video online.

How To Do Dej Loaf Braids Hairstyle

  1. I started off by parting my hair into boxes and rubber-banding it and feeding it into the next rubber band So I am just starting by braiding forward and this is one of the hardest things to do in the world because you’re literally like fighting against gravity you’re fighting against yourself it’s just hard so take your time with this part.
  2. I’m using my strand of hair as the third piece and I’m using the braiding hair as the other two pieces too for my braids.
  3. So the braid is just about finished and I’m just going to braid all the way down next I am using some embellishments that I bought from my local beauty supply store they were about $1.99 maybe even $0.99 and I’m just adding in to my braids just to spruce it up a little bit, it just brings it to life a lot more and you don’t have to do this this step.
  4. its optional now I’m just making sure my braids are even and I’m going to trim that little piece right there just kind of sticking out a little bit yeah next i get my ultra glue gel and I’m going to gel my hair down because you can’t be out here looking crazy now and you guys this is the finished look I tried to make this Tutorial super duper short so that we could get through it hopefully y’all enjoyed it hopefully this kind of inspires you todo something different.

10 Best Dej Loaf Hairstyles

1. Dej Loaf Bun Hairstyle

DeJ Loaf's Evolving Style - Essence

Dej Loaf on the set of the Music Choice Awards show with her hair styled in a very stylish bun around the back

2. Dej Loaf Twist Braids Hairstyle

Celebrities Visit Sirius XM - June 16, 2017

Dej Loaf went to visit the SiriusXM Studios with her hair styled in a Twist Braid Hairstyle.

3. Dej Loaf Ombre Braids Hairstyle

27 Dej loaf ✨ ideas | dej loaf, dej, loaf

Dej Loaf went to the 2018 Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch with her hair styled in ombre braids.

4. Dej Loaf Ponytails With Rubber Band Hairstyle

Happy Birthday, Dej Loaf! Here Are 10 Of Her Boldest Hairstyles |  HelloBeautiful

Dej Loaf attended the Gypsy Sport fashion show her hair was styled in ponytails and accessorized with multicolored rubber bands.

5. Dej Loaf Modern-Day Mullet Hairstyle

Pin on Curly Qs

Dej Loaf went to the Kia STYLE360’s Row A Seat 4 Collection show with her hair styled in a modern-day mullet hairstyle.

6. Dej Loaf Half up Half down Hairstyle

Dej Loaf Wavy Dark Brown Half-Up Half-Down, Mohawk Hairstyle | Steal Her  Style

Dej Loaf went to the Chromat fashion show with her hair styled in a super-kinky half up, half down hairstyle

7. Dej Platinum Blonde Fishbowl Hairstyle

Happy Birthday, Dej Loaf! Here Are 10 Of Her Boldest Hairstyles |  HelloBeautiful

Dej Loaf went to the 2018 BET Awards show in a platinum blonde fishbowl hairstyle with pink tips.

8. Dej Platinum Blonde Ninja Bun

2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Dej Loaf went to the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards Show in a platinum blonde, exaggerated ninja bun hairstyle.

9. Dej Fiery Short Hairstyle

The Blonds - Front Row & Backstage - September 2017 - New York Fashion Week Presented By MADE

Dej Loaf went to the Blonds fashion show during New York Fashion Week with her hair styled in a fiery short hairstyle.

10. Dej Long Braids Hairstyle

Into The Gloss - Beauty Tips, Trends, And Product Reviews | Hair styles,  Girls braids, Afro hairstyles

Dej Loaf performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with her hair styled in long braids and a Chanel visor.


Dej Loaf Braid Style Video Tutorial

Check out this Tutorial on how to do the Dej Loaf inspired hairstyle i have posted the step-by-step instructions above on how to do this hairstyle


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