Jamaican Hairstyles For School

Jamaican hairstyles for school

Many young girls are searching for the perfect Jamaican hairstyle to wear back to school. Backpacks, new pencil cases, and lunch boxes need an occasional accessory too!

The list below is for anyone that are taking over the realm of trendy natural hairstyles for little girls. Most of these styles can be done at home without having to pay $30+ or visit your local salon.

You can create a hairstyle that looks good on them and reminds you of their friends or family members. As long as you take your time to talk about hair and other fashion options, you’ll easily be able to modify your child’s hairstyle.

That little girl didn’t spend 3 hours in the hair salon before coming to school. She chose a simple hairstyle that would take minutes and was very easy, nothing should stop you from doing the same, too.

Children can have preferences for their hairstyles and it is helpful to know what suits them the most. When choosing your daughter’s new hairstyle, look for styles that will last longer or those which are most flattering to her face

Please be sure to not excessively pull on your daughter’s hair. It won’t only bother her, but you may risk causing permanent damage and traction baldness for her. It will also lead to a difficult styling session for both you and your little girl.

10 Best Jamaican hairstyles for school girls

When choosing a new hairstyle for your daughter, here are 10 cute school girls styles to choose from. You can change her look every day and know it’ll always look glamorous!

Another important thing to think about is the fact that most of the hairstyles included in this guide are made up of extensions. So if that’s what you want, there are a few other hairstyles listed which don’t have extensions.

1. Tension free kinky twists 

Tension Free Kinky Twists Jamaican Hairstyles For School

Many people love experimenting with short hair and different styles. They give you a chance to not take up much time, be easy and light on your strands, and more original than just straightening your locks and throwing some curls in there. Kinky twists are great for achieving all that!

2. Shuku with twists

Shuku (Nigerian name for the back hairstyle) with Twists

The many benefits that this particular hairstyle provides to children and families is easy to understand. It’s also easy to put in & take out, meaning they can be a feasible option for busy parents who don’t have time.

3. Double buns with twists

Double buns with twists

Wavy textures look great for many different applications and can be done quickly at home. To make your hair bouncy, you’ll need to use a styling gel that provides hold as it’s set in place by a blow dryer.

4. Mickey mouse puffs

Mickey Mouse Puffs

Mickey Mouse puffs has been a popular hairstyle for school girls. They have also recently been a trend to try out, with your daughter and maybe yourself!

5. Bubble twists

Bubble Twists Jamaican Hairstyles For School

If your daughter is interested in the hairstyle your choosing, try this fun look that uses colorful rubber band accessories.

You can keep it simple or create a one-of-a-kind original look by changing the color combinations and also with accessories securely on her hair. Otherwise, her style stays fresh even after a heavy day of wearing!

6. Off shoulder cornrows

Off shoulder cornrows Jamaican Hairstyles For School

If you have more time, consider braiding your child’s hair in a single braid that is off the shoulders. Doing this style will give them a lighter look that is easy to take care of, and they’ll enjoy the process!

This hairstyle is also perfect for Valentine’s Day and weddings! You might need the help of a professional hairstylist to get the exact look you’re going for.

A set of Kanekalon hairs will probably require about 2-3 packages to achieve your dream hairstyle.

7. Minimalist cornrows with accessories

Minimalist Cornrows with accessories

I love wearing my hair messy when I’m a kid, but now that I’ve been forced to grow it out, that’s not an option. Extensions are a great way to experiment with long hair without having to worry about the length lasting for the whole month.

8. Side swoop cornrows

Side swoop cornrows Jamaican Hairstyles For School

‘Lemonade Braids’ is not a common hairstyle, but it’s still popular among kids. Aspiring braid enthusiasts can use this design to style hair that’s in need of some care. It can also be paired with other pieces as a fun new way to wear strands.

9. Double patewo with infinity braid

Double Patewo (Yoruba name for the hairstyle) with Infinity braid

This style is most common in Africa and Nigeria. African & Nigerian school girls typically favor hair with fashion-approved accessories.

10. Freestyle shuku with loose twists

Freestyle shuku with loose twists

The freestyle shuku with loose twist hairstyle is a look that is perfect for those who want to try something new.

The hairstyle features a loose side bun and braids, which are half-twisted.

Natural hair maintenance tips:

Natural hair can be hard to keep healthy, but there are some important steps you can take to ensure that. These are some tried and true tips for back to school:

  1. One of the ways you can protect your daughter’s hair from getting loose during sleep is by putting it in a satin bonnet. You can also secure the satin band with a ribbon, so it won’t come loose while she sleeps.
  2. And when it comes to showering, make sure you don’t forget to cover her hair. put on a shower cap if she has lots of hair & the water is going to be cold.
  3. In order to keep her scalp moisturized, it is important that you find a product that not only reduces dry skin and itchiness but also smells good. Anti-itch scalp oil can be a great solution for this. Plus, the scents these oils provide can make your little girl feel more at ease with her hair.
  4. To keep your hair healthy, you should lightly squirt a leave-in conditioner onto it. You can either buy one or make your own spray bottle with water, oils & other ingredients that leave-in conditioners typically come in.
  5. As she start to see your best self, spray a moisturizing styling product on her hair so that it won’t break down & you’ll have less work to do afterwards. (This will also help prevent over-doing the styling of your little girl’s hair!


If your daughter has a new hairstyle that would work well with her school, try styling it in ways she might not be familiar with. This will help make it less ‘limited and restrictive’.

Keep in mind that school uniforms vary by country, state, and school so please check with your principal before dressing a student.

Students need to follow the school’s guidelines, so they don’t get punished or disciplined.

The girls are eager to try out new hairstyles and the experience will definitely work. They are motivated by their sense of style that’s influenced by the youngness of their bodies.


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