Jamaican Hairstyles For School

Jamaican hairstyles for school

Looking for a cute Jamaican hairstyles for back to school? You’re not alone. Every morning millions of young girls think about what to do with their hair.

In this post, I want to share with you 10 best Jamaican hairstyles for back to school. This is because it’s back to school season, which means that a lot of parents will be looking for natural hairstyles ideas for their little girl hair.

You might think that you can never make your own little girl’s hairstyle be like another little girl with an amazing one, but it’s not too late. Stop worrying.

That little girl didn’t spend three hours in the hair salon before coming to school. She just chose one of the easy ones for school girls. Nothing should stop you from doing the same.

Some kids might be more tender-headed and less patient than others. This means that you can choose the best hairstyle that best suits your daughter’s preferences.

Also be sure that you don’t pull too tightly on your daughter’s hair, as it might lead to breakage and traction alopecia. It will also result in an uncomfortable styling session for both you and your little girl.

10 Best Jamaican hairstyles for school girls

There are 10 best Jamaican hairstyles for back to school you can choose from to get a stylish new look in the morning. You can do whatever you please with your daughter’s hair and know it will always be glamorous!

Another thing to note is that majority of these hairstyles are extensions free, but I’ve also included a few hairstyles that includes the use of extensions, in case you want your daughter’s hairstyle to last longer.

1. Tension free kinky twists 

Tension Free Kinky Twists Jamaican Hairstyles For School

Short hair (as well as just giving it some shape) is a very versatile look that can be achieved in many ways and styles. Kinky twists are a great way to take up less time, not be heavy at all, and remain cute in motion!

2. Shuku with twists

Shuku (Nigerian name for the back hairstyle) with Twists

This hairstyle can be of great help to kids who have shorter hair, and they’re easy to put in & take out. It’s also perfect for parents who don’t specialize in elaborate hairstyles.

3. Double buns with twists

Double buns with twists

For today’s young girls, who often cannot sit still for a long hairstyling session, this quick and easy hairstyle is the perfect option. It can be done while they are watching TV or playing games on their iPad. 

4. Mickey mouse puffs

Mickey Mouse Puffs

Making your kids look as beautiful as possible has never been easier! Our shea moisture leave-in conditioner can transform their hair, giving it a healthy and shiny appearance in just a few minutes.

5. Bubble twists Jamaican hairstyles for school

Bubble Twists Jamaican Hairstyles For School

If your daughter is into comfy new styles, try this fun look that uses colorful rubber bands. You can stay back by color-coordinating the pieces or keep it a one-of-a-kind original. Though it will definitely help keep her hair stretched for days! 

6. Off shoulder cornrows Jamaican hairstyles for school

Off shoulder cornrows Jamaican Hairstyles For School

If you have more time on your hands, you may consider making a hairstyle for your child. Using a braid or twist is an easy way to create a unique look, and it’s fun for the both of you.

This hairstyle is also perfect for Valentine’s day and weddings. You might need the help of a professional hairstylist to get the perfect look. And you will need about 2-3 packages of Kanekalon hairs 

7. Minimalist cornrows with accessories

Minimalist Cornrows with accessories

This is another hairstyle I enjoyed wearing as a child and still really love it. Children in Nigeria usually don’t use extensions, so I never had one. Due to the use of extensions, this hairstyle can last up to a month if taken care of.

8. Side swoop cornrows Jamaican hairstyles for school

Side swoop cornrows Jamaican Hairstyles For School

This is the kids version of the popular lemonade braids hairstyle. They can be accessorized with hair strings and braid rings.

9. Double patewo with infinity braid

Double Patewo (Yoruba name for the hairstyle) with Infinity braid

Patẹ means “clap hands” in Yoruba. This is another popular hairstyle for Nigerian and African school girls that you can try to modernize with stylist-approved hair accessories.

10. Freestyle shuku with loose twists

Freestyle shuku with loose twists

When she showers, make sure she wears a shower cap. To keep her scalp moisturized, use an anti-itch scalp oil that will keep her scalp fresh and supple.

To keep her hair moisturized, lightly spray her hair with a leave-in conditioner spritz. You can either buy one or you can make yours in a spray bottle. A basic hair spritz includes water, leave-in conditioner and oil.

To take down the hairstyle, lightly spray her hair with the leave-in spritz so that her hair is moisturized and doesn’t break off when you take it down. Also be sure to detangle as you go, so you won’t have much work afterwards.

Back to school natural hair maintenance tips:

  1. Keep your daughter’s beautiful hair in a satin bonnet when she sleeps. You may set the bonnet up on your child’s head and secure it with a ribbon of some sort, so that it doesn’t come loose while they sleep.
  2. When she showers, it might feel like a long process, but make sure that you’re doing everything possible to protect her hair. Don’t forget that with thicker hair, the water can cause the hair to shrink up. So let her wear a shower cap to keep it safe.
  3. To keep her scalp moisturized, use an anti-itch scalp oil that will help prevent further irritation and dry skin. Plus, the scents this oil provides can make your little girl feel more at ease with her hair.
  4. To keep her hair moisturized, you should lightly sprays it with a leave-in conditioner spritz. you can either buy one or make your own spray bottle. A basic spray includes water, leave-in conditioner & oil.
  5. To take down a hairstyle, lightly spray the moisturizing leave-in spray on it so that it won’t break off and you’ll have less work to do afterwards. Be sure not to spit on it or over- saturate your hair with product that’s designed for styling.



Jamaica Hairstyles Welcome Video x
Jamaica Hairstyles Welcome Video

A cute, hairstyle for back to school should not feel limited and restrictive. Try styling your little girl’s hair a different way so that she don’t look the same as everyone else.

If there is a school uniform, remember to follow the guidelines for what’s allowed to avoid punishment or disciplinary action.

When the girls stay young, their sense of style increases. Their urge to try out various hairstyles is entraining & you’ll have a harder time coming up with new ideas.


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