How to use arctic fox hair dye on dark hair

How to use arctic fox hair dye on dark hair?

There are two ways to use arctic fox hair dye on dark hair. One is to mix the dye with a lighter shade of hair dye and the other way is to use it as a root touch-up.

Mixing Arctic Fox hair dye with a lighter shade of hair dye will result in the desired color without needing to bleach the roots of your hair.

The downside is that you have to keep reapplying the mixture every few weeks, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Root touch-ups are a cheaper alternative, but they require bleaching your roots first and then applying arctic fox hair dye on top.

Does Arctic Fox Wrath work on dark hair?

There is a wide variety of colors and types of hair available in the market. There are many shades of red, brown, blonde, black, and other colors. It is not possible for one product to work on all types of hair.

The Arctic Fox Wrath will only work on light hair. It will not have any effect on dark hair as it does not contain enough pigment to cover up all the natural color in the hair.

If you have dark hair of any shade, Arctic Fox Wrath intense red is not for you. Be sure to bleach first so that the dye will show up the necessary color.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options—bleaching may be the best way to lighten your hair to the level you want.

If you don’t use bleach in your hair and then use Arctic Fox Wrath directly on dark hair, the end result will not be as subtle.

If you want the bright red color just like on the packaging, we have two options:

  1. Bleach your hair first.
  2. Applying it to your natural hair color will give you a subtle hue that looks more like what you see on Instagram.

If you’re wondering how I know, it’s from experience. 

I wanted to try Arctic Fox Wrath because of all the hype around it. And out of stubbornness, I tried the other option of not bleaching my hair first.

Do you want to know what happened? Many people love burgundy tones, just like me and that’s why I want to tell you more:

  • What happens when you apply Arctic Fox Wrath to dark hair
  • Do you have to bleach your hair first to dye Arctic Fox?
  • Will purple Arctic Fox work on dark hair?
  • How long does Arctic Fox last on brown hair?

What happens when you apply Arctic Fox Wrath on dark hair?

If I had to pick a favourite color, it would be deep red. It reminds me of my favorite wine, Bordeaux and my boyfriend who is always there for me on our anniversary every year.

The orchid he gave me for our first anniversary that is still blooms every spring and reminds me of that moment,

I saw a girl with burgundy hair when I was scrolling through Instagram and it gave me the desire to dye my hair that color.

Reading a comment from someone who said she used Arctic Fox Wrath convinced me that my new hair dye style would be easy to achieve. So i got everything I needed in just a few hours.

I couldn’t decide what color to dye my hair and so I listened to some Shakira while imagining how it would turn out.

When I first saw the color on the bottle, I thought it would look great in my hair. I couldn’t wait for my hair to process so I could surprise my boyfriend with a new hair color.

When I was dying my hair, I thought it looked great and couldn’t wait to show it off. But after rinsing out the dye, and then looking in the mirror, I realized the truth: my hair was not actually red

To my surprise, even when my hair was dry, it was still the same dark brown. With some very subtle red highlights here and there.

What went wrong?

Do you have to bleach your hair first to dye Arctic Fox?

Google was my go-to research tool, but after an hour I finally found the answer. The dye couldn’t properly fill in my hair because I hadn’t used a bleach beforehand.

While the pigments in the dye had been deposited into my hair like normal, my dark base color seemed to make it impossible for me to see any difference in the new color.

Bleach is the key to getting your hair to its desired color. The bleach that you use helps open up the cuticle and remove some of the natural pigment.

By doing this, it means when you dye your hair, it will be up to three levels lighter than before. Usually, bleached hair changes to a yellow blond shade.

The lighter the color of your hair, the more dye will show up. It’s a pretty straightforward idea, but I was in such a hurry I didn’t even stop to think about it.

Will purple Arctic Fox work on dark hair?

Purple Arctic Fox is a hair dye that is specially formulated to work on dark hair. It contains natural and vegan ingredients and has been tested extensively on different types of hair.

How long does Arctic Fox last on brown hair?

This is a question that many people are asking themselves. The answer to this question is not something that can be answered with certainty. It all depends on the person and how often they wash their hair.

Arctic Fox lasts for about 4-6 weeks on brown hair, if it’s washed everyday or every other day. However, if it’s not washed for a week, then Arctic Fox will likely last for about 2-4 weeks on brown hair.


The Arctic Fox hair dye is a perfect choice for dark hair, because it can provide a subtle change to your look. The color is not too intense and it’s easy to maintain.

The arctic fox hair dye is made of plant-based ingredients, so it doesn’t damage your hair as much as other dyes. It also has a very pleasant smell that will make you feel like you are in the forest.

In conclusion, if you want to try out the arctic fox hair dye on dark hair, we recommend that you buy the best quality product and follow all instructions carefully.


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