Does Arctic Fox hair dye expire

Does Arctic Fox hair dye expire? ( What is the Expiry date)

Does Arctic Fox hair dye expire? We’ve all been there: you buy hair dye, promptly forget about it, and then find the box in your closet months later while looking for band-aids.

After you realize that it took so long for the product to finally be used, you start using it because it seems like a good idea.

You never stop to ask, “Will Arctic Fox hair dye expire?” But will you put it on your head?

You’re more likely to believe, “What’s the worst that can happen?” I would advise you not to even think about the very worst thing – but you need to, especially if you like changing your hair color frequently.

The recommended lifetime of a dye is three years, meaning hair dye lasts that long on the shelf. This also means you should use dyes within this time frame as they tend to lose their efficacy after three years.

Supposedly there are some companies out there that swear their product never expires, but I find that hard to believe.

It seems to me like they’re trying to get rid of as much as they can since they’re not making anything new. I don’t want to take the chance of finding out if it’s true or not, though.

Keeping an open Arctic Fox hair color isn’t a problem. It remains good opening after 12 months, so it should be plenty of time before you need to use them all up.

If you’ve never opened your bottle and stored it in a cool dry place, it can last for up to 2 years untouched.

Now, we’ve been talking about unopened Arctic Fox hair dye so far. Let’s talk about open containers of dye

Does Arctic Fox hair dye go bad once opened?

We’ve all had this happen to us at least once. Rather than throwing away our leftover hair dye, we came up with a novel idea – repurposing it as the best styling product for your hair you’ve ever put on.

So, does Arctic Fox hair dye go bad once opened? Yup. The general thought is that hair dye expires 1-2 years after opening it, although this is for professional dyes.

Cult products such as Arctic Fox and drugstore brands are going bad much more quickly than they should.

It’s not hard to tell if you’re dealing with old hair dye. The color of the product will change dramatically when it gets to this point.

How do i know if my Arctic Fox hair dye is expired?

The best way to know if your hair dye is expired is to check the expiration date on the box. If you cannot find the expiration date, look for an expiration year.

If you have opened a new box of dye and it has been sitting in your cupboard for a few months, that does not mean it is expired. The color will stay as effective for up to 2 years after opening if stored properly.

Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your dye:

1. There is a strong or unpleasant smell when you open the jar,

2. The dye separates and becomes murky,

3. The color appears too intense

How do you read the expiration date on hair products?

The expiration date is usually on the back of the product. The date will be either a day, month, or year. It will also say “Expires” and then the date (ex. Expires 12/2022).

What happens if you use expired hair dye?

Old hair dye can turn your hair a funny green colour, give you the wrong shade of blonde or just make your hair go funny colours. It’s probably best to not use it!

Why shouldn’t you use expired Arctic Fox hair dye?

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t use expired Arctic Fox hair dye:

1) There is no guarantee that the formula is safe for your hair because it is expired.

2) The quality of the dye might have deteriorated which will lead to poor results.

3) The color may not be as vibrant as it was when it was first made due to the lack of pigments or dyes in the mixture.

How to make the shelf life of hair dye longer?

If you want to save your Arctic Fox hair dye for as long as possible, don’t open it. Instead, keep it sealed until the day you need to use it and once you’ve opened the box and take out the product, cover up any left over dye in containers with lids.

I don’t recommend that you open the containers inside of the packaging. Doing so will expose it to light, air, and bacteria.

For how long can you keep mixed hair dye?

If your hair dye has already been mixed, it should be used immediately. If not all of the mixture was used, any excess mixture is no longer usable.

If you didn’t mix the dye yet, you can store it for the next time. However, if it’s expired it won’t last for months and years.

Honestly, what good does a few dollars do if you use expired hair dye and wind up with long-lasting consequences?

How to dispose of Arctic Fox hair dye?

If the dye is just a small amount, you can take it to the sink and wash it down with water. Otherwise, go through sufficient instructions to see what you can do next.


Thanks to long-lasting dyes, many companies don’t put expiration dates on hair dyes. The only thing you have to worry about is storing them properly.

But hair dye do expire and if you still use them, you may suffer from a list of adverse side effects that might cause irreversible damage to your hair and skin, too.

The proper way to store your Arctic fox hair dye is key to making it last longer and not spoil. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap, you’ll want to keep it away from your bathroom sink, in the packaging that came with the dye.


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