How To Do Knotless Braids On Yourself
How to do knotless braids on yourself

Knotless braids are one of the must-have protective styles. Not only are these braids beautiful, but they are also kinder to your hair.

These braids do not use the tight knot that is used in more traditional box braids. Instead, these braids start with your own hair and the other hair is gradually fed in. Also, you will not have sore scalp and your hair won’t break.

With that said, we know you will love these braids if you don’t already, so to give you some hair inspiration, in this article we discuss How To Do Knotless Braids On Yourself. Take a look to find your gorgeous new hairstyle!

But first things first: What exactly are knotless box braids? With normal box braids, there’s a small knot at the base of the braid that helps anchor it in place.

Knotless box braids, though, are created using a feed-in technique, where braided hair is fed into your natural hair to get a flatter installation that isn’t as heavy on your scalp or your edges.

What is knotless braids?

A knotless braid can be one with a twist or two that bend over each other. It’s important that you have enough hair to hold a braid without hurting your scalp so stretching your hair up is a great way to ensure secure ties and beautiful braids.

Divide hair into either two or four parts to braid neatly. This makes it easier to handle sections of the hair at one time while you’re braiding.

Braids are typically formed from a few pieces of hair that have been plaited together. This is what you do when you braid your hair!

It’s also known as feed-in braids because you only need to use the hair on each side of the parting for the main stretch, and leave it loose for the end.

That is the main reason it is considered light on the scalp. This automatically reduces hair breakage.

Growing hair is hard work. But if you choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain (like this one), you’ll definitely want to invest in it and grow your hair healthy.

Why should you do knotless braids?

You’ll want Knotless braids because they are so versatile, affordable, and put you at ease. Not to mention that there are many reasons as to why you should choose this hairstyle – it’s easier than other types, requires less time & effort, helps reduce hair breakage, etc.

  • Durability– Knotless braids will keep looking good between 4-8 weeks of direct care, if you use caring techniques. This might be beneficial for busy women who want to keep up with the latest styles. Learning how to knot your braids, however, is a better idea if you want to keep your look fresh and new.
  • Any event– This braid is great for a variety of events. You can adapt and style it to match the theme you’re planning on attending in minutes!
  • No breakage– Choosing a braided style can help you keep your hair looking healthy, longer & in better condition. Knotless braids are one of the most popular and trendy styles on the market with tons of stylish options.
  • Multiple ladies choose this hairstyle because it doesn’t break your hair. The secret behind this is that the braids begin from your natural hair. As a result, there will be no friction between your hair and scalp.
  • Any hair type– This hairstyle is one that can easily fit with any hair type. It also works well if you want to change your look every so often, or simply get some attention in the office
  • Painless– If you’re wanting to start out with less painful and strong knotless braids, it is best to start with something that is comfortable. One way that you can achieve this is by sleeping with your hair half up before you get used to how the knots are formed. You can comfortably sleep without experiencing pain because of how they are fixed on your head.
  • Light– We have been seeing knotless braids trending in the recent time. This is because they are so light on the head that they feel like you’re not even wearing it. Braids aren’t normally attached to your scalp but are instead added from your natural hair.

How to do knotless braids on yourself for beginners

1. Grab a rat-tail comb

With knotless braids, you need to part your hair into boxes (hence the name), and the long tail on the rat-tail comb will make sure your parts are sharp and sleek.

2. Style your extensions.

Take a folded section of the extensions you are going to use and pull gently on the ends. This will separate them and make them slightly uneven, giving you a tapered effect that’s more natural.

3. Start braiding.

Braiding hair for knotless braids couldn’t be simpler. Place the folded extension over your hair tie and pull the strand apart so it lies either side of your natural hair section. 

This will help keep the braid as close as possible to your scalp. Then, start a regular three strand braid by weaving the outer extensions under the middle strand.

4. Plait from root to tip.

Braid the hair all the way down until you reach the point where your natural hair runs out. Then, separate the remaining two sections of hair (the extensions) into three and continue weaving the hair until you reach the bottom.

5. Repeat the process.

Moving section by section, divide the hair equally and continue this braiding process. It’s essential to use the same size and length extension for each braid so that the style looks seamless.

6. Dip the ends in hot water.

Once you’ve finished, dip the ends of your braids into hot water to seal the tips. Use a towel to remove any excess water.

You can also press a hot towel all over your entire head to flatten any flyaway hairs so each braid looks perfectly polished. 

7. Style your edges.

Now your braids are sealed, use scissors to trim the ends if necessary. The final step of this knotless braids tutorial? Styling your hairline.

Place a small amount of the VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel onto a spare dry toothbrush and use it to seal any stray hairs around your hairline into place. 

8. Add in some gold threads and beads.

 Not only will it level up your look, but it’s also a cute way to switch things up without having to take out your braids.

9. To get your braids to last

you’re going to need a good leave-in conditioner, like Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment. It’s formulated with coconut milk and oil to make sure your braids stay moisturized and ultra smooth.

Another good option? Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner, which hydrates your braids with almond milk, aloe butter, and shea oil.

10. You’re done!

See, we told you it wasn’t that hard!

Now you’ve mastered your knotless braids, experiment with how you’re going to style them with rubber bands, short hair, medium braids, big braids or with curly ends.

How to do knotless braids on yourself video tutorial

Before you book your hair appointment, make sure to watch the video to see how the look comes together

How to maintain knotless braids

For maintenance, clean and moisturize your scalp from time to time. Use edge control to lay your edges and anti frizz leave in conditioner spray to lock in moisture.

Keep your braids wrapped in a silk bonnet or a silk scarf at night to keep them looking great

Braiding hairstyles are always in style, but maintaining them for a long period of time is an extremely important task.

Care must be taken to prevent the braid from slipping, tangling and getting knots. When it comes to hair care, quality is just as important as quantity so why not make sure your finished product lasts?

Here are some ways of maintaining knotless braids hairstyle:

  • Applying oil on the scalp– There are many benefits to using a good scalp oil. Not only will it keep your hair moisturized, but the shine it provides is amazing and gives you that nice healthy glow. Applying this product to your scalp once a week is ideal. This keeps both your hair and scalp in moisturized. This method can keep your hairstyle in good condition for weeks.
  • Cover your hair when sleeping– It’s easy to ruin your braids when you’re sleeping, so make sure to keep them on with a headwrap or accessory. The effect it has is permanent and absolutely gorgeous.
  • Redo the edges– The knotless braid hairstyle allows you to wear it in various styles. However, if you find the strands of your hair have loosened, just redo them and avoid looking sloppy!
  • Avoid delicate styles– It is best to avoid delicate styles that can make braids lose their hold. Be careful with these hairstyles and you will be less likely to have major problems in the future


One of the best things about Knotless Braids is that they are so easy to set up & maintain. The plaits are so versatile and can be styled in many different styles.


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