10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles

10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles

10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles are beautiful. They are chic, hot, and regal, and no matter how you wear them, they draw attention to you. Many are noticing how versatile they are. The various Short Loc Updo Styles are just as creative as the women who rock them. Short locs have a vast styling variety just like loose natural hair. Take a look at these stunning and easy 10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles that we find perfect for casual wear and special occasions.

Short Loc Updo Styles for Women

The 10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles are more of a non-formal nature but today even exquisite Short Loc Updo Styles with dreadlocks are not a rare thing. Everything depends on how you want to look and what impression you want to make. Here is your inspirational gallery on the topic.

6 Easy Tips for Maintaining Short Loc Updo Styles

  • Keep Your loc Clean: One of the most important steps in maintaining Short Loc Updo Styles is to keep them clean. When washing your dreads, you’ll want to use a shampoo that has a low residue and can take care of your scalp at the same time. We recommend Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Moisturize Your Short loc: The key to having healthy-looking locs is to keep them moisturized. You can do this so many ways! One good option is to use hair oil that can penetrate your strands to hydrate and seal in moisture. You can also boost moisture with an oil, like Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil. This product can help condition your locs and add shine
  • Dry Them Properly: Drying your Short Loc Updo Styles is super-important for keeping them in good shape. When you’re done washing and rinsing, squeeze out as much water as possible. Your goal is to have as little water left as you can. Then, while your locs are still damp, pat them dry and allow them to air-dry.
  • To Trim or Not to Trim: Here’s the rub with short loc: To keep them as short as you want, they’ll eventually need to be trimmed. The important thing to remember here is to wait a little bit before trimming your Short Loc Updo Styles. When you first loc your hair, over the next few months or even year, your dreads will shorten as they get tighter. It’s also not the best idea to trim locs that aren’t mature, i.e. tight and grown out a bit. Because this process can take a while, we don’t recommend trimming your hair for the first six months to a year, depending on your hair type and how quickly your locs mature. If you trim too early, you can risk your style fraying at the ends.
  • Scalp Care With loc: Not all scalps love locs. But, lucky for you, short loc tend to make for a happier scalp due to the fact that they aren’t as heavy as long ones. The heavier your hair, the more stress you’ll put on your scalp. Keeping your scalp happy and healthy is key! So, pamper your scalp with weekly scalp massages, and make sure when you’re washing your locs to wash your scalp, too.
  • Styling Short locs: We love how versatile short locs can be! You can wear them down in a cool pixie cut, or, if your locs are a little longer, you can create buns, ponytails, and even style in some waves. Wavy dreadlocks are fun, and they’re great for an overnight style. Starting with very lightly damp dreadlocks, create several three-strand braids. Secure the braids and let your locs dry as you sleep. When you wake up, take out the hair ties and rock those wavy locs.

10 Best Short Loc Updo Styles

2 Strand Twists Short Loc Updo Styles

The lovely video blogging diva, Chescalocs shares a two-strand twisted updo that is classic, gorgeous, and easy to recreate with her (as always) super simple explanations as she creates the style. The look is great as two-strand twists, but it takes the look to another level when turned into an updo.

Elegant Fall Short Loc Updo

Jungle Barbie shares a lovely style that looks like a side pompadour and will jazz up any outfit or event. It can be created on medium to slightly short locs. She starts off with twisted locs that alone are a wonderful style, but if you are in the mood to kick up the glam a tad, this updo does the trick! She gives easy step-by-step directions so you can enjoy your style for days!

Braid Under Short Loc Updo

Keisha Charmaine gives us a truly unique look that looks like a braided, waterfall bun. She gives super easy and clear descriptions as she creates the style in the video. What is so great about this look is how easily you can alter it to your liking although her finished style is fab. This is great for the loc wearer who is looking for a dramatic style to rock.

Short Loc Scarf Updo

Locked Ambition is so cute and funny as she shows just how easy a shorter loc wearer can rock an updo. A multi-colored silk or satin scarf is a natural’s best friend should always be handy for quick styles and apparently for an amazing updo. Can you wrap, tie a knot, and tuck? If so, you can create a lovely style that is perfect for any event.

Messy/Neat Short Loc Updo & Glam Options

Haitian_Hunny brings it hard and classy with this beautiful ponytail updo that becomes classier with each adjustment she makes. With curled locs she shows how a simple ponytail can convert into a gala or wedding masterpiece with a scarf and some beautiful accessories that tie the whole look together. Is your hair not looking that great in the crown area with no time for primping? Well, this style is for you!

Glammed Up Short Loc Updo

Jungle Barbie reminds us just how lovely plaits can be and you do not have to be a 9 year old to rock them. She walks you through the entire process with some hair ties and hairpins. You watch the look come together with each tuck and see just how simple this glammed up plait style can be. This is great for box braids and twists too. 

Short Swirly Loc Updo

Prettipoison27 shares another short to medium styled updo with that beautiful basket weave technique I see so often but never knew how to create. In her tutorial we see how simple it can be created. The pin curls in the front and on the sides make this look perfect for any outing or casual day. Add a few sparkling pins and you have a wonderful style for a wedding, a night out, or just a protective style to rock all week long.

Short Loc Bang and Bun Tutorial

Barbaydian261 shows us her ultra-unique bang and bun tutorial that she jazzes up with a red bun and gotta-get-me-some feather earrings. This is a style she just happens to come up with (which is always the best styles way to create styles) and we are so glad she decides to share because we love it!

Barrel Bun Short Loc Updo

Here’s Chescalocs again with those famous barrel rolls that look so good. They just make any outfit or event even more special with this ultra-stylish, ultra-refined look that is super easy to recreate when you get the right vlogger to show you how it’s done. You get a rather up close and personal tutorial from Franchesca that will have you wondering why it took so long for you to try this amazing style.

Stacks on Deck Short Loc Updo

GrizzleRocsLocs brings the super stacks and how can you not love it?! This style looks like three tiers in the front and four tiers in the back. You need super long locs for this look but can be created on shorter hair but just have less stacks. She starts with a high ponytail and three sections of her super long locs. What is so great about this style is the variations of colors in her locs that give the stacks such flavor.


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