How to Curl Dreadlocks

How to curl dreadlocks at home with 3 easy steps?.

It can be a challenge to curl dreadlocks at home, but it is not impossible to learn how to do so with our three easy steps.

Here are the three steps you can take to achieve this look at home:

1) Apply a leave-in conditioner on your scalp and hair

2) Apply a styling mousse to your hair

3) Wrap your hair and protect them with a satin cap and leave them overnight and secure it with rubber bands or clips.

Want to spice up your dreads with some new curl patterns? Check out how to give your hair a modern day hairdo.

There are many ways to give your dreadlocks a new look: change the styling with accessories like beads, caps, scarves, bleach, dying it a variety of unique colors or curling it!

This article is going to provide the information you need so you can choose the best method for curling your dreadlocks at home.

Can I Curl My Dreads at Home?

You can use these 3 easy methods for curler your locs at home, including sponge rollers, braiding, or using pipe cleaners.

Each method will have their own pros and cons depending on your locs, how clear your goals are and how much time you want to invest.

How to Curl Dreads with Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods is a fun product that many people use to curl your dreads, flexi rods are a soft spongy roller with a smooth surface.

If you are looking to or have opted to use flexi rods in order to curl your locs, these supportive products might be helpful.

  • Flexi rods (of course!): length and thickness aren’t the only factors when determining how many flexi rods you’ll need- it also depends on how you want your hair to look.
  • Spray water bottle
  • Use hair clips to create sections in your hair.
  • Curl enhancing mousse
  • Wide-tooth comb (optional)

Now, start!

Step 1: Dampening and Sectioning

First, make sure to dampen your hair by spritzing some water on it before you curl. This will help your hair stay flexible, preventing breakage.

Avoid soaking your hair wet as it harms your hairstyle.

Start by separating your locs locs into five equal sections: two parts at the back, one at the top of your head and two on each the sides.

This step will also help you work on each section easily without inadvertently messing up the other sections.

Step 2: Mousse Applying and Curling

You should focus on one section of your hair first. Use a brush or hands(with gloves) to apply mousse onto the entire section you’re working on.

Then, just gather two to three locs together you’re going to be rolling and loosely wrap them around a flexi rod with the roots facing down (they will naturally separate as you roll)

Place the locs about 2 inches from the ends and roll them up in a clockwise direction, overlapping both of the ends to secure the new curl.

Depending on the style of your locs, you can stop at the middle of them or curl them all the way up to reach the scalp

To keep the locs in place and form a curl, bend the 2 ends of the rods until both are curled into one. Repeat for each loc.

Step 3: Protecting them with a satin cap and leave them overnight

Leaving your dreads overnight can help them dry more evenly, reducing the chances of frizz and knots.

Satin caps are good for sleepers with dreads to push down on top of the head to hold the curls in place.

Checking in on your dreadlocks the next morning to see if they’re completely dry can help reduce the amount of time you need to invest in curling or styling.

Many people prefer to air dry their dreads, but it can take up to 2-3 hours. If your locs are still damp and they were previously washed, you should wait until they are completely dry before re-styling them.

How Do You Curl Dreads with Hot Water?

If you have the time, invest in removable faux locs to curl dreads with hot water. They’re ideal for hair that curls easily but for those who don’t want to style their dreads daily, this is an option.

To make your faux locs curly, you can opt to curl them with flexi rods or plastic rollers. Depending on how big you want your curls, they might require longer or shorter heating times. The average time is around 5-10 minutes in boiling water before you take them out to dry.

After that, you should remove your locs from the plastic rollers. Your curls will come out beautiful and perfect, just like they did on the packaging.

You have the option to air dry or use a blow dryer and install them back into your hair.

How to Curl Locs without Rollers?

You don’t need to use any tools to roll your hair. Just braid your locs and place a satin cap on top.

For the next day, take out your braids and shape them into curls with a bit of hairspray.


There are many different methods to how one can achieve curly dreadlocks. Some people use heat application and spray-in conditioners while others use roll their hair before bed and let it stay overnight.


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