Can you bleach synthetic hair with or without bleach

Can you bleach synthetic hair with or without bleach?

Can you bleach synthetic hair? The answer is no, synthetic hair cannot be bleached just like natural human hair. The bleaching process will damage the synthetic wig and it won’t look exactly the same.

Synthetic hair is a type of fiber that is made from the same materials as human hair. This includes silicone, polymers, and keratin.

Dying natural hair is not a difficult task to complete. There are many products that make the process easy and synthetic hair wigs are easier to maintain when compared to natural hair wigs.

Coloring your hair is different than coloring wigs or extensions because of the texture and look of each.

You might want to try a vibrant new hair color on your synthetic hair instead of your natural hair. You can do this without using chemicals or damaging the texture or health of your natural hair.

You might wonder whether bleaching and dyeing fake hair work, but you’ll find the answer in this article.

Can you bleach fake/synthetic hair?

For your information, in case you were wondering, hair extensions that are made of synthetic material can’t be bleached. It’s always recommended to not attempt to bleach your synthetic hair wigs.

Hair bleach wouldn’t work on synthetic hair because they’re not treated with pigments, making them colorless.

Synthetic hair is made up of fine plastic fibers, which means heat during the bleaching process will often ruin the hair.

Bleaching your synthetic wigs is never recommended, and in fact can cause damage to the quality of your wig.

Can you dye synthetic hair?

However, it is not possible to bleach synthetic hair. You can only dye it when you want to go for a lighter option.

You want a darker synthetic hair color, you will have to go around dyeing the whole time. You should get a white, silver, or pastel synthetic wig so that you can easily darken it to a new color.

The key difference between fake hair and real human hair is that real human hair can be dyed with regular hair dyes.

Fake hair may not be able to take a lot of regular dyes because they are created to look like human hair, which is chemically different from natural materials.

What should we do to change the synthetic hair color?

There are two ways you can change the color of your synthetic hair: You can dye it, or you can purchase another one.

Go darker

You can only go darker when you are doing a darker shade on your light-color synthetic hair wig that you recently purchased.

When you want to color your synthetic wigs, Fabric dye, markers, and diluted tonics can be used to achieve a particular color.

No matter which method the artificial hair is being dyed, it will become weaker and more vulnerable over time.

Buy another one

This straightforward method is actually the best way to swap a color when you don’t want to mess around with complicated tools.

Synthetic hair wigs are now available in different colors and designs with a reasonable price. You can instead use your money on one of these without having to go through the trouble of dying it, or buying new ones altogether, right? 

Will peroxide bleach human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, and as a result can be bleached.

Synthetic hair is much cheaper but human hair tends to be pricier. Despite this, consumers still purchase human-hair wigs for a number of reasons. This means you can’t just replace one with another when you want to bleach and change the color.

Natural oil is a key component of healthy hair and scalp which typically stays on the hair in its original state.

When bleaching a human hair wig, it becomes dry as there is no natural oil to retain its natural moisture.

You’ll probably want to pay more attention to your human hair wig, as it will require more care.

What is the best synthetic hair brand?

We are introducing some of our favorite synthetic hair wig brands. They can be found online or at any hair boutique.

Raquel Welch

This brand is owned by an actress in America. It is perfect for any hair color and so feel free to dye it when you want to change your look.

Forever Young

Forever Young offers a variety of colors for its wigs.

This synthetic hair brand offers high quality which means that it’s a little more expensive than other brands.


Gabor wigs are versatile in color, usually short styles with a pixie hairdo. If you aren’t ready to go with a long cut, these wigs have you covered.


The synthetic lace wigs from Envivie are one of the most popular with their quality, style and color. Their price point is also very reasonably priced.


In conclusion, the use of hair bleach for synthetic wigs will not have any result. However, it will work on human hair wigs.

If you want to change the wig’s color, we recommend trying synthetic hair brands like the ones we suggested in this article.


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