Best matte hair product mens

Best matte hair product mens

Best matte hair product for mens, you should use in your hair will depend on your cut, hair type, and the style you’re going for.

Pomades, waxes, and putties are excellent as they come in a range of types with different finishes, holds, and uses.

Gel and hairspray can also work; however, they have a much stiffer hold and can be dehydrating with excessive use.

Meanwhile, As with all content that begins with ‘best or top’, ‘best matte hair product mens’ articles are a dime a dozen online, and ironically, are written by people who usually have no actual experience with the styling products in their own hair.

Over the course of 2029 and 2021, we accrued a handful of hair products for men from a host of brands, so I thought I’d collect seven, including some popular additions from other lists around the web and actually test them all, one product a day over the course of 7 days and share my experience on each.

Of course, I didn’t end up doing 7 consecutive days but the format allows for the inclusion of more hair products as 2021 rolls on.

How does hair becomes matte?

Hair becomes matted when it is not getting combed as needed to permit natural shedding. Loose hair can knot several times around strands, creating tangles that cause the hair to matte.

What does matte finish hair mean?

Often expressed as low to high shine with low shine sometimes being called matte finish.

What is the difference between hair wax and putty?

Putty: A matte product, very similar to wax, that is designed to achieve tousled, textured hairstyles with a strong hold. Most men’s hair putty products are water soluble.

Wax: Gives you that old school wet look. Generally speaking, pomade has a lighter hold with plenty of shine, which differentiates it from hair wax.

7 Best matte hair product mens

My commentary on each of the tested matte hair product for mens can be found below – listed in chronological order from the first tested.

Of course, you’ll need to do a bit of experimenting yourself based on your hair type. Curly hair, fine hair, fine or thinning hair, damp hair, dry hair, wet hair, greasy hair, wavy hair, damaged hair – you’ll need to consider

the texture of your hair at the time you’re using these products. Wet or dry hair has more of an effect on a lot of these products than most people realise.

For those of you who just want to jump straight to the rankings, here you go…

1. American Crew Defining Paste

Styling hair paste for added texture or increased definition. Wax-like consistency gives a matte finish while still remaining easy to use and distribute through hair. Works best with medium hair lengths.

Benefits of American Crew Defining Paste

Provides medium hold and low shine. Contains beeswax to provide a natural, pliable hold for various hair lengths.

2. Vo5 Extreme Style Matt Paste

Keep your look as desired with VO5 extreme style matt paste. Give your hair the shape and texture you desire while leaving it looking and feeling beautiful and healthy. It contains VO5’s Adaptive Haircare technology, which adjusts to different hair types to provide nourishment just where you need it.

3. Redken Maneuver Work Wax

This Cream Pomade styling product gives medium hold with a smooth finish for all hair types; Great for pompadours and smooth, flexible styles; Formulated with a water-based formula to create defined texture with a low shine

Benefits of Redken Maneuver Work Wax

Volumizing pomade allows for flexible movement with defined texture and leaves a smooth finish to hair

4. TIGI Bed Head Wax

Firm Hold, Matte Finish. A workable matte wax that’s perfect for defined looks that need hold and texture with a matte finish. A hairdresser favorite and the best selling Bed Head for Men product globally.

Great for precision hold. Work between the palms of the hands and apply to towel-dried or dry hair for hold and texture. Create extra detail with fingers.

Benefits of TIGI Bed Head Wax

  • This product is made of high quality material
  • For guys who want hold, style and a natural finish
  • Beeswax, cera caranauba and a blend of polymers provide separation
  • For guys who want hold, style and a natural finish
  • Pliable wax with matte definition
  • Provides humidity resistance
  • Beeswax, cera caranauba and a blend of polymers provide separation

5. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spikey Edge Hair Wax

Spiky Edge is the hardest wax of the MOVING RUBBER series. Its excellent holding power keeps hair spiked and in place so you can move through your day with effortless style. Spiky Edge is designed to enhance movement even in short hair.

Style Tip: Nothing says power like a high Mohawk. Create this look by applying Spiky Edge onto ends of hair and pulling hair in an upwards movement forming a straight line from forehead to the nape of the neck.

Pull hair upwards in a sweeping motion by interlacing the fingers of both hands. Remember, over application of this product will result in an undesirable effect.

Styling made easy: Soft texture blends easily and evenly throughout hair- Move-ability -After applying the product once, reshape your look as many times as needed throughout the day- NO MORE STICKY MESS -Formulated with a “smoothing polymer” allowing for a non-sticky, light and natural finish-

6. Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay

As it’s name implies, it works by binding individual hairs together to thicken and shape the hair in place all day. Yet unlike its name implies, it washes out easily with water.

Benefits of Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay

A unique combination of 4 mineral, plant and animal waxes chosen for their ability to deliver flexible hold.

7. Fishfingers Shape Defining Wax

The remouldable shaper. The Fish Fingers Shape Defining Wax helps to sculpt and shape your hair creating a smooth and defined style with no need to reapply throughout the day.

  • The Hold: Medium
  • The Finish: Gloss
  • The Style: Smooth & Defined

With over 30 years of salon expertise, Fish Soho have developed high performance, professional ranges that provide you with the right tools to create your own unique style.

How to use:

Step 1 – Work a pea sized amount between palms. Step 2 – Distribute evenly throughout dry or towel dried hair. Step 3 – Style as desired. Apply to long hair to remove frizz. Easy wash out formula.


Most products with a matte finish works best alone. However a little pre-styler can be applied if desired.

Some of them can also be used as the slick back hairstyle that looked quite neat on the guys.

Most of the products reviewed above are water soluble meaning they can be rinsed out easily at the end of the day.


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