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A&D Ointment for Hair Growth Ultimate Guide

Today i will be guiding you on does a&d ointment grow your hair?, Taking care of your hair is one of the most challenging things to manage. It requires lots of attention and a great deal of care. This engagement level is for styling the hair, keeping up with moisturizing, and helping it grow.

To accomplish all of these things, we have found a secret hair growth ointment for your hair it is no other than the A&D Ointment, finding the right product is no easy feat because so many companies claim their product can do the job, but that’s not always the case.

Many women have tried many different hair care products over the years to manage their haircare needs. These products include natural herbs and oils to nourish the hair. To keep the hair and scalp as moisturized and healthy as possible, women used several less than desirable products such as pig fat in the past. Over time, new ointments has improved and has developed into a big business with hair care brands.

There has been much debate about does A&D Ointment Grow Your Hair?. With all these new hair growth oils on the market, it appears that there must be some element of truth to this once myth. Several companies swear their product is the miracle that women are looking for to grow their hair. Some are effective, and others have not withstood the test of time.

A+D ointment is a medicinal preparation containing lanolin and petroleum jelly as its active ingredients. Although it may work well on sensitive skin, it has a greasy, thick consistency and also, contains the Vitamins A and D which is very good for hair growth.

Does A&D Ointment Grow Your Hair?

Does A&D Ointment Grow Your Hair? my sister often uses the regular one not the cream, and her hair has definitely grown longer than mines in less time. She doesn’t even take care of her hair the way I do. she’s known for overlapping relaxers, not covering her hair before sleeping, no moisture whatsoever, and she even uses that nasty brown gel all the time.

I feel like every time I come home for break her hair is longer and longer and I always wondered how she retained so much length when she doesn’t even take care of her hair. one day as she was telling me not to wash my hair so frequently

I noticed her rubbing it on her scalp. When I asked her what she was doing she just stared at me blankly and said that the A&D ointment was what made her hair grow. Earlier today i asked her what was in it that she thinks is giving her the growth and she said it has Cod Liver Oil which contains Vitamins A and D.

Is A&D ointment the same as Vaseline?

Even though they contain the same greasy substance, abrasions need to breathe and the vaseline almost always inhibits any kind of air flow mainly due to the fact that most will usually overuse it. The thinner compounds in A&D ointments are much less prone to occlusion.

Can you put A&D ointment in your hair?

Yes you can put the A&D Ointment in your hair, I started using this about three weeks ago, and I am seeing a lot of new growth. 

I have about an inch of new growth, which for me is good because I only get half an inch per month.
I’m four weeks post and I am going to be in braids until the end of November or the beginning of December. I will do a big reveal with comparison pics and all that good stuff by may which is when I’m taking out my braids!

What, exactly, does A and D Ointment Do for Hair

I use it to base my scalp b-4 a perm and also use it after to help soothe my scalp after a perm. it can also be used on your hairline and on your hair ends.

How to Get A+D Ointment Out of Hair?

Use paper towels to dab and wipe as much A+D ointment out of your hair as possible. Run each paper towel down the length of your hair, gently squeezing as you go. This removes clumps of ointment that are sitting on your hair.

Pat cornstarch onto your hair, being sure to cover the length of the hair strands. Cornstarch works as an absorbent and pulls some of the ointment out of your hair before shampooing. Leave the cornstarch on your hair for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Apply peanut butter to your hair; this acts as a degreaser. Rub the peanut butter into your hair, then rinse it out with warm water. Towel dry your hair after the peanut butter is completely rinsed out.

Run a fine-tooth comb through your hair to pull out any remaining A+D ointment. Repeat the peanut butter shampoo if necessary.


The path to healthy, long, and stylish hair can be daunting for many women. Among these obstacles are dry, frizzy, and difficult to manage hair. We all want beautiful hair, but finding the right products is not always easy. Unlike in the past, there are many new and wonder hair grease to choose from these days.


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