Best shampoo for soft water areas
Best shampoo for soft water areas

Best shampoo for soft water areas

We have gathered some of the Best shampoo for soft water areas these products are highly recommended for persons who are struggling with soft water areas on your hair.

I have curly, dry, frizzy hair and love what soft water does for my hair. But we all have such different hair types and also ideas about what we consider to be “great hair”.

What you need to workout through trial and error is what level of water hardness is best for you. Some people love the soft bounciness that soft water produces, but others find it a nuisance to style.

Those with dry hair usually find soft water a god send, but those with greasy hair find it makes their hair even oilier. this is the point where you begin your search for the Best shampoo for soft water areas

When washing your hair with soft water the shampoo will bubble and lather more easily than in hard water. Because of this, you won’t need to use as much.

Soft water is considered to be much gentler on colored hair. It can leave hair feeling silky, but can also make it feel almost slimy, as if the product has not been properly been rinsed out.

For some, soft water can make hair feel soft and bouncy. But those with fine hair and/or prone to greasiness may find that it makes their hair limp and oily.

The Following are signs of soft water on your hair:

  • very soft and shiny hair when washing
  • greasy scalp and flakes forming
  • lifeless hair that is hard to manage
  • unexpected decrease in hair volume

The following are the Best shampoo for soft water areas, based upon reviews and user experience

Best shampoo for soft water areas – My Top Picks

In this post we review some of the Best shampoo for soft water areas in the market. they are all very efficient at dealing with greasy hair that also looks thin and lifeless caused by soft water areas.

Biolage Normalizing Clean Reset Shampoo

Cleanses hair without stripping hair of natural oils.

Inspired by the Lemongrass plant that always seems to stay clean, Biolage normalizing clean reset clarifying shampoo is a deeply cleansing shampoo for all hair types. 

– Cleanses hair without stripping hair of natural oils
– Hair clarifying: removes buildup and impurities from all hair types
– Paraben-free formula is also suitable for color-treated hair
– Removes chlorine and is a great shampoo for swimmers

How to use

Apply to wet hair and lather with a massaging motion. Rinse thoroughly. Follow up with any Biolage Conditioner.


  • deeply cleans your hair and scalp
  • perfect for natural hair
  • great for oily scalp/hair
  • its color-safe
  • leaves hair feeling smooth and soft
  • it helps with dandruff and dry scalps
  • can be used on all hair types
  • doesn’t weigh down your hair


  • contains some sulfate, and may not be the best option for people with sensitive skin
  • can dry out some people hair

Voluminous Sea Salt Shampoo

The Voluminous sea salt shampoo is one of the best shampoos on the market for soft water, giving massive volume to hair in need of a boost. Its also sulfate Free

The Volimunous Sea Salt Shampoo has detoxifying blend of rich minerals from the sea, stripped of dead skin cells, and to helps remove build up for natural bounce, body and texture.

Formulated with Rhodiola Rosea Extract to strengthens and invigorates the hair making it look healthy, shiny and stronger.

With the added ProVitamin B5 to enhance moisturizing effects and add thickness or body to the hair.

Combined with Bamboo Water reinforce your hair’s smoothness, shininess and strength to hair structure.

For best results, rinse hair thoroughly, and then apply a small amount of the shampoo to your palms and rub together.

If you desire longer and thicker hair, feel free to add more shampoo.

Massage the shampoo the shampoo into your hair and scalp for 1-3 mins. finally rinse out your hair thoroughly with water.


  • it makes the hair fuller and boost volume
  • leaves hair looking healthy and stronger
  • it helps to tame frizz
  • leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny
  • it moisturizes the hair
  • it gives your hair a radiant look
  • a little goes a long way
  • it doesn’t dry out your hair


it’s not color-safe

Tru Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo

Tru Moroccan Clarifying shampoo are made with natural oils, and herbs its designed to combat oily, greasy hair, itchy scalp and dandruff.

Its obvious that the Tru Moroccan Oil Clarifying Shampoo is a great hair care product and it is made for persons who are living with soft water areas.

The shampoo is made from the highest quality organic, vegan, plant based ingredients. This product is gentle enough to use every day, but powerful enough to combat oily hair and dandruff caused from over active sebaceous glands.

Tru Moroccan hair care products are botanically rich and free of harmful chemicals and ingredients. Our products are great for color treated or chemically processed hair.

They strengthen and restructure the shaft and cuticles of the hair, without stripping your hair of color. Controls oily hair while maintaining moisture. 


  • its color safe
  • gentle enough to use everyday
  • formulated from pure natural ingredients
  • takes care of both the scalp and hair
  • great for hair damage by color, chemical processing or heat styling
  • doesn’t weigh down hair
  • leaves your hair feeling soft and shiny


  • although significantly potent, the shampoo may not be strong enough to deal with serious scalp conditions like eczema

Fekkai Apple Cider Shampoo

I love Fekkai hair products because of the many benefits it gives to people struggling with soft water areas.

The Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo is one of the newest products from Fekkai and of course A clarifying shampoo like this one should be used once weekly to remove all of the build up that

accumulates in the hair throughout the week from styling products, the environment, and even conditioners that tend to leave something behind in the hair.

Fekkai’s Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo is good for all hair types but it is especially good for those with oily hair.

This is due to the fact that since it is a clarifying shampoo, it will remove all of the oil from the hair.This product contains real apple cider vinegar which is the active ingredient that works to clarify the hair.

Not to mention the fact that it smells wonderful. It also contains apple, rosemary, verbena and kukui which works wonders in your hair

I have only two complaints about this shampoo. My first complaint about this shampoo is that the wonderful apple scent tends to fade away as the hair dries.

I wish there was a way to make the beautiful scent last all day. The second complaint is the fact that it contains proplyparaben, an ingredient that is suspected of causing tumors.

Many companies are removing this ingredient from their products and hopefully Fekkai will catch on soon.


  • leaves hair smooth and soft
  • gives your hair a shiny glow
  • deeply cleans the hair
  • doesn’t dry out your hair
  • recommended for all hair types
  • its effective with persons who have itchy scalp
  • helps with detangling hair
  • its smells great


its not color-safe

Hair Superfood Balancing Shampoo For Oily Hair & Scalp

Packed with antioxidants, this shampoo helps to strengthen hair and protect against color fade while re-balancing the scalp’s sebum protection over time. Formulated with a fresh blend of botanicals, hair is clean and fresh after use.

Promising review: This shampoo leaves my hair soft and clean for several days and has notably improved my scalp health.

this shampoo helps to gently but effectively remove product build up, dirt and impurities that could be causing your scalp to produce excess sebum that is caused by soft water areas.

I color my hair frequently so it’s great there’s a product that helps the color last longer and doesn’t dehydrate my oily scalp!


  • its color safe
  • great for all hair types
  • cleanses the hair and scalp
  • leaves hair shiny, smooth and soft
  • it increases hair volume
  • ideal for both men and women
  • its stimulate hair growth
  • help to balance the scalp
  • does not contain chemical


  • can dry out some people hair

Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair by Tree To Tub

There are many shampoo brands out there that use natural ingredients to treat hair for soft water areas. But they often come at the cost of not smelling too good or using sulfates.

If you want something that’s closer to using natural ingredients but still smells good and is convenient, then try Tree to Tub’s Soapberry for Hair Clarifying Shampoo.

It’s made with a variety of ingredients from nature like peppermint, aloe vera, argan oil, and coconut oil. Instead of being chock-full of chemicals, it uses a bit of coconut-derived sulfate and soapberry.

Soapberries or soap nuts are fruits that contain saponin, a soap-like compound. It lathers up like soap and can be used as natural detergents for laundry or dishes.

Tree to Tub made soapberry their main ingredient in this clarifying shampoo so it lathers up nicely without being too harsh. This shampoo also contains peppermint which has a cooling and astringent effect.

This will help reduce oil and leave your hair feeling refreshed throughout the day. It’s mild enough for sensitive skin or scalps but does a decent job of getting rid of excess oil.

If you have extremely oily hair, this might not work for you. It’s not as strong as other shampoos that aren’t made of natural ingredients. The amounts of argan oil and coconut oil can also leave you feeling oilier than before.

It’s better to use this in-between washes with your normal shampoo to get rid of any product buildup. It also doesn’t do much for dandruff which can accompany oily hair.


  • leaves hair soft, smooth, silky and shiny
  • its the perfect shampoo for people with sensitive skin
  • throughly cleanses your hair
  • its color-safe
  • invigorates dry and damages hair
  • this product is 100% natural
  • suitable for men woman and kids
  • a little goes a long way


can dry out some people’s hair

Lemon sage oily hair shampoo

This best shampoo for soft water areas actually reduces the output of sebum, which is what makes your hair weighed down and greasy looking.

At the same time, it clarifies, without stripping your hair of the natural moisture it needs to prevent it from looking dry and fly-away.

Natural tea tree and rosemary infusions help to soothe itchy and irritable scalps, while moisturizing argan oil adds bounce and shine.

This organic formula uses essential oils and herbs to help give you a healthier scalp, increasing hair health, and enhancing your hair’s ability to grow longer and stronger.


  • Top rated
  • Fresh and invigorating scent
  • Essential oils and herbs soothe itchy and irritable scalps
  • Reduces oil production, and increases hair health


  • Not as oil fighting as some
  • Small bottle for the price
  • Can be somewhat drying
  • Scent is off-putting to some

How to Resolve the Effects of Soft Water on Hair

If you find that soft water makes your hair too soft or lank and greasy, try the following solutions:

  • Give soft hair some texture by using sea salt spray. On a budget? Then try making your own by mixing two teaspoons of salt and two cups of warm water in an empty spray bottle. Shake well and let the salt dissolve. Easy!
  • Get more volume in your hair by blow drying with a round brush.
  • Use specialized volumizing shampoo, conditioner and styling products.
  • Don’t apply styling creams to the roots of your hair. It will make it too greasy and won’t allow you to achieve volume from the root. Instead, try using a dry shampoo for greasy hair emergencies. Dry shampoo is also an excellent volumizing product and adds more texture or ‘grip’ for easier styling. To give hair lift, spray the underside of the hair roots. This also hides any remaining traces of the product.
  • Swap your heavy conditioner for a light one. If greasy scalp is still a problem, then only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, or not at all.
  • Lemon juice is an astringent which helps to shrink your pores and reduce oiliness. Rinse hair with ¼ cup of lemon juice mixed with 1 cup of warm water. Be aware that it can lighten your hair, which is great for those of wanting to create natural highlights.
  • Consider your shampooing technique – are you making sure that you are cleaning your entire scalp? Don’t forget the back of your head which is often neglected and can become very greasy.
  • Many people with greasy hair swear by replacing their usual shampoo and conditioner with baking soda and diluted vinegar. Baking soda is applied to the scalp and then rinsed away with either ACV or white vinegar diluted in water.

Things to consider when buying shampoo

Consider the Type of Your Hair

Hair shampoos are of different types. They are manufactured to meet the stipulations of varying hair types. According to hair experts, it is always endorsed to understand your hair type before purchasing a hair shampoo for your hair. 

There are two types of hair, dry hair, and oily hair. For dry hair, it is advocated to use a clarifier shampoo. This shampoo will aid in the addition of moisture and oil to the hair. 

For oily hair, there is a significant contract from the dry hair. This is because, for oily hair, only a washing shampoo is obligated which will remove the daily oils from the hair, therefore deterring dandruff from thriving.

Consider the Level of Damage of Your Hair

Shampoos are not only used for the appreciation of beauty. They too can be used as curatives. If you are experiencing hair loss, there is a remedy for that.

Consider buying a shampoo with the elements that will help stimulate the hair follicles and strengthen the skull. This will reduce this complication. With such a shampoo, you are promised a sustainable healthy hair.

Consider Your Hair Quality

The quality and texture of hair vary with individuals. Therefore, different shampoos will be required to treat and nourish the different hair textures.

A curly hair will need a different shampoo from a normal straight hair. It is, therefore, advisable to understand your hair texture to make an informed decision when purchasing a shampoo.


Thanks for reading my review about the Best shampoo for soft water areas, The best ways to counter the effects of soft water on the hair is by using shampoos that are specifically design to combat greasy hair.

Apart from naturally occurring soft water, water softeners can also leave your hair flat and limp. Some of the shampoos reviewed above are clarifying shampoos that help get rid of build-up in the hair.

They work by exfoliating the cuticle and break down residual products. please checkout my other post about the Best Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair


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