10 Ways How To Wrap Braids With Scarf

10 Ways how to wrap braids with scarf

It’s been almost 5 years since i have have being natural and i can’t believe I JUST started doing head wrap styles. So today i am going to show you 10 Ways how to wrap braids with scarf.

I’ve really been missing out because braids wrap with a scarf are a quick go-to for those lazy hair days, waiting for your hair to quickly dry, and as a way to protect your hair on vacation.

wrapping your braids with a scarf isn’t a new trend, but it has become pretty popular. I am going to show you 10 Ways how to wrap braids with scarf of your choice.

10 Head wrap styles for braids

But of course, before starting any major style, make sure to lay your edges. Some people use edge control.

I like to use an old toothbrush and some Eco styling gel. Once you wrap your scarf around your head, you’ll leave it on for a few minutes. Then, voilà! your’e ready to go.

To get a step-by-step guide on how to complete the 10 looks, follow my super cool tutorial and follow along in the directions, below.

High ponytail braids wrap with scarf

High Ponytail Braids Wrap With Scarf
  1. Throw your hair into a super high ponytail and secure it with a long elastic band.
  2. Pull some braids up so that that the ponytail is resting as high as possible.
  3. Using the scarf of your choice, roll it into a band. Starting from the back, tie it forward once and then twist it around your ponytail, tying it again.
  4. Tuck any loose ends into the ponytail itself.
  5. Arrange and adjust until you achieve your desired look.

Braided twist wrap with scarf

Braided Twist Wrap With Scarf

1. Divide your hair in half and secure the back half of your hair with an elastic band and into a low ponytail.

2. For the front part of your hair, start from the back. Braid your hair forward until you have one large braid.

3. Roll your scarf into a band and tie it so that the front makes a bow.

4. Tuck the loose ends into your scarf.

5. Take the large braid in the front and twist it back so that you can tuck it into your ponytail.

Side ponytail braids wrap with scarf

Side Ponytail Braids Wrap With Scarf

1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure your braids with an elastic band.

2. Twist your scarf and simply wrap it around the band.

Top knot braids wrap with scarf

Top Knot Braids Wrap With Scarf

1. Apply some hair mousse to your braids to remove any frizz.

2. Roll your scarf into a band and wrap it around the back of your head. Make sure it’s resting a little lower on your head.

3. Tie the scarf in the front once.

4. Twist the scarf all the way down until you reach the end.

5. Take the twist and roll it around itself until it forms a knot on the top of your head.

6. Tuck the loose ends.

Braids wrap with headband

Braids Headband

1. Sweep your hair back.

2. Take your scarf and roll it into a thin band.

3. Pull the scarf around the back of your head.

4. Tie it around your hair once, and then again to form a bow.

5. Take the two loose ends and tuck them in.

Messy bun wrap with scarf

Messy Bun scarf

I love the vibes I get with this scarf (because I love prints so much). All you have to do it to tie your braids up into a bun the wrap the scarf around with the back being wider than the front. Cute, right?

Chic headband braids wrap with scarf

Chic Headband BraidsnScarf

With this, all you have to do is let out a few braids hang at the front and use the head wrap to tuck the rest behind. Tie the head wrap into a cute headband.

Crown head braids wrap with scarf

Crown Head Braids Wrap With Scarf

It’s so easy because all you have to do is roll up your head wrap and place it on your head like a crown, coz you are a damn queen

Turban head wrap with scarf

Turban Head Wrap With Scarf

This is the most common way that most ladies tie head wraps even with their open hair. It still looks fab with braids as well.

How do you wrap braids with a scarf?

This question is asked by one of my readers on my blog who is trying to learn how to wrap braids with a scarf. She has never done it before and is unsure of how to start.

Braids are beautiful and very versatile, but they can be tricky to wrap. This article will teach you how to wrap braids with a scarf in order to make sure that they stay put.

Braiding hair can be difficult, especially when you’re just learning how to do it. Wrapping braids with a scarf can seem like an impossible task at first, but once you’ve mastered the art of wrapping braids, you’ll be able to style your hair in many different ways.

This is how you wrap braids with a scarf:

  • Take the scarf and fold it in half so that it looks like an infinity symbol
  • Cross the ends of the scarf over each other so that they form what looks like a cross
  • Wrap one end of the scarf around your head
  • Wrap the other end of the scarf over top of what you just did
  • Pull both ends tight so that your hair stays in

Also check out this video on how to wrap braids with a scarf enjoy!

How to wrap braids with scarf at night?

Wrapping your braids with a scarf at night can be tricky. You may end up with knots. This is why you should always use a hair tie or elastic to keep them in place.

It is important to remember that the scarf should go around the head and not over it, so that the hair doesn’t get caught in it when you wrap it around your head.

Braids can be wrapped with a scarf at night a cool look.

Step-by-step to wrapping braids at night:

1. Place the scarf over your head, making sure that it is covering your hair and the back of your neck.

2. Take one braid and pull it over your head, making sure that you have enough material to tie around your head in a bow on the other side of your head.

3. Take one end of the braid and wrap it around the other side of your head, securing it with a knot at the base of your neck/head.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach one end of the braid again, leaving enough material to tie around each time you reach an opposite end again in a bow at the base of each ear

How to wrap goddess braids at night?

Braids are a popular style for hair. It is important to know how to wrap your braids at night so that they don’t get tangled up in the process.

Braiding hair can be a tedious process, especially when you’re trying to do it at night. Here are some steps to help you with this process:

A few steps to help you wrap your braids at night.

1. Apply moisturizer all over your hair and scalp. This will help the braids stay in place during the night, and prevent tangles and knots.

2. Make sure that you have enough pins or clips to hold your hair in place while you sleep. You can also use bobby pins, but be careful not to poke yourself in the eye!

3. Wrap each braid around a pin or clip, then secure it with a rubber band or hair tie that won’t leave marks on your skin.

4. And finally, put on a silk scarf before going to bed so that your head is covered and warm all night long!

How to wrap braids at night

Wrapping braids at night is a skill that takes time and practice to master. For those who have trouble wrapping their braids, here are some tips on how to wrap your braids at night.

1) Don’t start with a tight braid. Start with a loose braid or one that is already done

2) Secure the part of the braid you are wrapping around your finger

3) Wrap the end of the braid around your finger and then pull it up to make sure it is secure

4) Twist both ends of the braid together as tightly as you can

5) Wrap both ends around your fingers again and pull them towards each other

6) Take one end and twist it back into itself until you reach

How to tie up box braids at night

Box braids are a popular hairstyle that can be tied up at night. But, there have been some cases of people who tie their box braids too tightly and end up with a headache.

To avoid this, it is important to keep the hair away from your face while tying the braid at night. This will prevent you from getting any headaches in the morning.

This is a list of steps on how to tie up box braids at night:

1. Start with a section of hair that is about three inches long.

2. Separate this section into two sections, one on either side of the head, and then divide each section into four sections.

3. Take the first two sections from the left side, and tie them together by making a knot in the front between them.

4. Take the second two sections from the left side, and tie them together by making a knot in the front between them

5. Repeat step 4 with all four sections from the right side, tying it to your left braid as shown below:

6. Now take all four sections from your right braid, and tie it to your

How to wrap french braids at night

French braids are a hairstyle that has been popular in recent years. They are typically worn by women with long hair and can be done in different ways. To wrap french braids, you will need a headband, hair ties, and hair spray.

Step 1: Apply hairspray to the ends of the braid. This will make it easier for you to wrap the braid around your headband without it slipping out of your hands.

Step 2: Wrap the braid around your headband until it is completely covered by the band. Make sure that you use enough hairspray so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands while wrapping

Step 3: Secure the end of the b

French braids are a timeless and chic hairstyle. They have been around for a long time, and they will always be in style. However, it is important to know how to properly wrap your hair at night so that it does not become undone or damaged.

How to sleep with braids at night for guys

Braids have become a popular hairstyle among men. However, braids are also very difficult to sleep with. This is because braids require a lot of maintenance and styling in order to look good at night.

To avoid this problem, many men choose to wear their hair in a bun or ponytail during the day and sleep with their hair in a satin silk durag during the night. This way, they can sleep without worrying about the mess and hassle of braiding.

There are many ways for guys that you can go about sleeping with your braids at night without having to deal with a huge mess:

  • Wet it down so it doesn’t get too tangled
  • Put it into an old t-shirt
  • Use bobby pins or clips to secure your hair
  • Wear a durag

Where to buy silk scarf for braids

Not sure where to buy silk scarfs for braid? Well, there are many African designers that sell African scarfs for braid wraps in their online store, Etsy, or Amazon.

My favorites include Cee Cee’s Closet NYC and The Wrap Life. You can also go to your local fabric store to purchase the material and stitch the ends yourself.

I love supporting black-owned businesses and Caribbean Natural Hair Brands so I recently purchased all of the handcrafted braid wraps with scarf from Amazon online.


The most important thing is to make sure that you are putting your hair in a secure way before you start braiding. This will help to prevent any potential damage to your hair from the braid itself.

Once you have finished with your braid, it’s time to wrap it up! Wrap the end of the braid around your hand and pull it tight. (This will ensure that the ends of your braids don’t unravel while they’re drying). Take a second piece of hair and wrap it around the first piece of hair, then take another and do so again until all parts are covered with a layer of wrapping.

What are some other ways how To wrap braids with scarf?


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