Jamaican Hairstyle Names
10 Best Jamaican Hairstyle Names

10 Best Jamaican Hairstyle Names

Jamaican Hairstyle Names are innumerable, and it is quite difficult to provide the exact description of all the 10 Best Jamaican Hairstyle Names that are trendy in Jamaica.

However, the most common names of Jamaica hairstyles are discussed here, and the latest trends as well, to guide you to wear.

The best and most fashionable hairstyles thats are trendy right through the year. The numbers are plenty, and only a handful of the best known ones are discussed here.

Types of Jamaican Hairstyle Names For Women

There are so many newly observed hairstyles watched lately. There is a glimpse of some most attractive and majorly used names of hairstyles for women along with images.

You can select any one of them Long Angles, All-Over Layers, Front Layers, Bold Bangs, V-Cut Layers, Straight Cut, Feathered Layers

10 Best Jamaican Hairstyle Names For Women

Have you been thinking about wearing your hair differently or need an idea for a fancy event? These are the 10 Best Jamaican Hairstyle Names to choose from, and while it’s great to have so many options, the choices can also be a little overwhelming.

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the best Jamaican hairstyles names for women to choose from, just pick your favorite and don’t be afraid to play with your hair a bit.


“The Bob” is a quintessential haircut that looks good on every woman regardless of her hair texture or color. The Bob hairstyle can have straight and classic lines, or it can be inverted with many angles.

Bobs can be short or long, and they are a perfect look for every day and sophisticated for fancier events. Never had a bob haircut? Maybe it’s time.


Were you under the age of 10, the last time you wore braids in your hair? Braids aren’t just for little girls or fairy tale princesses.

Whether you have a short bob or long hair that falls past your shoulders, you can find a braid that will fit your style and personality. Get creative, have a little fun and play around with braids in your hair.


There are a lot of stereotypes about the bun hairstyle (uptight librarians, old-fashioned grandmas, and ballerinas, to name a few).

Wearing a bun can be practical, but it can also add instant glam to any outfit. The bun hairstyle doesn’t need to be high and tight; it can be messy and loose; there’s no right or wrong way to wear a bun.


While cornrows may not be the best look for every woman, the hairstyle is a work of art and should be admired for all the work that’s put into each row of braids.


Perhaps one of the most fun types of women’s hairstyles is a dyed hairstyle. Whether you’ve always wanted to be a blonde or you have had your eye on the latest dip-dye hairstyles, dyed hair is always in fashion. Dyed hair can match your existing hair color (to hide gray hairs) or match your signature color.

Half Up, Half Down

If an updo isn’t really your vibe, you can always rock a half up half down style. The top knot or half bun is the obvious choice for many reasons.

One is that it looks cute and two, its an easy style for long-haired women. This style can be worn dressy or casual and is also a great way to make it an extra day between washes.


Playing with hair hues is fun if you trust the job to a professional. Once you have made a decision to add some color, when you come to a beauty salon, a stylist is going to ask what you’d actually like.


Getting a curly perm for black hair is one of the many ways to get a relaxed, bouncy and softer look. Black women have been getting perms for decades in the bid to achieve a curlier look and this practice is carried out by millions of hair salons around the globe.

However, amidst the new soft feel and curliness that comes with permed hair, it can be quite challenging to style.


Going short can be very daunting for women with thick hair. When it goes wrong, it goes very very wrong (we’ve all had those awkward bowl looking haircuts).

But the key to nailing short styles with thick hair is layers and texture. Avoid blunt cuts as this style will add bulk to your hair.

Instead go for a layered, textured pixie cut. The layers will take some the weight out of your luscious locks allowing them to sit and flow with ease.


The ponytail is one of the most versatile and popular hairstyles today. The look requires minimal styling, equipment or special techniques, and you can dress it up or down with ease.

Even better, there’s a ponytail – whether high, mid-height, low or on the side – that suits every face shape and hair texture.

From the gym to date night and even your wedding, a ponytail can be the perfect hairstyle to make you look your best.


Bangs are back, and short hair is here to stay, so why not combine two of the biggest hair trends from recent years? Simple and easy to style, bangs also require very little maintenance, other than the occasional trim.

Bangs in short hair work particularly well as the frame your face, drawing attention to your features. This can also be a slimming style if you find your short hair is making you look a little fuller in the face.

From side to front, choppy to blunt, curtain or sweeping, there are endless styling opportunities when it comes to bangs.


A few sexy twists are a great way to breathe some life into your cropped hairstyle. Not only is this a unique look, but it will also protect your locks too.

The twists require zero additional styling and will let your hair repair itself from damage sustained from heat, coloring and just the general wears and tears of life.

Types of Jamaican Hairstyle Names For Men

There are so many different types of Jamaican haircuts for men that choosing the best hairstyle can sometimes require a little research. To help guys find the coolest men’s short hairstyles, here’s a list of the most popular styles.

If you see something you like, be sure to save the page so you can show your barber the look you want – this is often the easiest way to communicate your preference.

10 Best Jamaican Haircut Names For Men

Learning about the different Jamaican haircut names for men is the best way to ensure you get a good haircut every time you visit the barbershop.

We’ve all been there – you’re talking to your barber and have no idea what to call the haircut you want, so you offer a bad description and the barber seems to understand what type of haircut you want.

Unfortunately, not knowing barber terminology and the names of haircuts is the most common way to get a bad cut, and it’s an issue we plan to fix today!

In this guide, we will describe and provide examples of the different haircuts and hairstyles for men, including low and high fades, undercuts, pompadours, comb overs, and faux hawks. In the process of learning these haircut terms and names, we hope you’ll find new styles to try.

Fade and Taper

Often interchangeable with the term “taper”, a fade simply means you want the hair on the side of your head to gradually get shorter from top to bottom.

The process of fading from one length to another is generally achieved using hair clippers. Because the fade comes in a variety of styles, it is important to tell your barber the type of fade haircut you need.

One determining factor is where your fade begins. For example, you can request your barber give you a low, mid or high fade.

Furthermore, you can decide how short your fade becomes by asking for a skin (bald) fade or any other length (e.g. 1/8 inch). Just remember, you don’t even have to get a faded haircut – maybe you prefer your hair to be all the same length on the sides.


The undercut hairstyle is a very popular modern haircut where the sides and back are clipped short or shaved. The undercut is not faded and the hair on top is left much longer.

The hair on top can then be styled in a number of ways, such as combed over, swept to the side, slicked back, brushed up, or made into a pompadour or quiff.

Ultimately, the undercut is one of the coolest “short on the sides, long on the top” haircuts you can have these days.


The pompadour is a type of undercut hairstyle that continues to have short sides and a long top. However, the pompadour is unique because a large volume of hair is swept upwards in the front to create a “pomp”. The hair just above the forehead is the highest point and gradually falls towards the back of your head.


The quiff is similar to the pompadour, but instead of the hair brushing back, the quiff styles the hair forward. Typically coupled with a fade on the sides, the quiff haircut is versatile and can be left messy if desired.

Crew Cut

For a low-maintenance and easy cut with a bit more length than a buzzed top, the crew cut is the way to go.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk, also known as the fohawk, is a trendy favorite for guys who want to style a unique look.


The textured fringe hairstyle has quickly become one of the best cuts of the year.

Side Part

The side part haircut is a classic look that is timeless and professional.

Top Knot

The top knot was a craze a few years ago, and some guys still sport the look.

Man Bun

For men with long hair, a man bun is a style that features a ponytail or bunch of hair, bundled together somewhere on the crown.

When the bun is placed high on the head, it’s usually referred to as a topknot. There are different styles of man bun, some less acceptable than others.

Conclusion – 10 best Jamaican hairstyles names

Thanks for reading my post about the 10 best Jamaican hairstyles names Hopefully with these men’s haircut names and terminologies in mind, you’ll never have to suffer through another bad hair day again!

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