Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

Transition Hairstyles For Growing Out Short Hair

Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair When you have short hair and are looking to grow it out, you have two options available to you.

Depending on your preference, you can either maintain the style of the current cut or you can keep cutting it.

However, if you’re reading this, then it looks like “maintaining” doesn’t work for you anymore.

As a result, let’s discuss 4 haircuts that will allow you to let your hair grow out without going through a too drastic a change.

When you’re getting have a pixie cut, be sure to regularly trim your sideburns, sides and nape to keep the rest of your hair looking neat.

If you have a tapered pixie cut, you can let the lowest layer grow out so that people can still see your face and know that it’s still “you”.

Do you have long or longish bob?, try wearing it with shorter or longer layers.

And if you already wear a bob, highlights can bring your hair more to life and make it feel a little more ‘you’.

Going from long to short hair is a big transition, and you can experience moments of true distress.

When I was in your position a few years ago, I also felt like my hair never looked the way I wanted it to.

Luckily I’ve learned some tricks and can share them with you so you can focus on what’s really important: appearances and making yourself look your best.

Hairstyles for letting your hair grow out

When I was in the process of growing my hair out, I really didn’t enjoy the challenges that came with it.

My hair became increasingly messy to deal with, hard to style, and when it finally got to where I wanted it to be – It wasn’t how I imagined it would turn out when reaching my desired length.

So I ended up looking in a mirrorless so I wouldn’t have to see my hair – I felt it was a disaster.

There have been moments when I’ve wanted to cut my hair, but thankfully I didn’t go through with it. For now, my hair reaches down to the middle of my back.

Here are some tips to help you make the transition from short to long hair less painful, and it’s pretty easy! The key is to get your cut done right so it gets easier for you.

What haircut can you choose according to the length?

Which can you choose according to your face shape?

If you’re still not sure about what to do with your short hair, these few suggestions will leave you in peace.


I’ve heard that you can tell a person by who they go with and I think the same is true about hair. For me, the perfect haircut for someone depends on their hair length.

That’s why we’ll start with the most extreme haircut, the pixie.


In this instance, you should keep cutting back the hair on your sideburns, sides and nape until your longest locks from the top of your head start to “touch”, as I think of it, your ears.

In order to avoid a messy looking round mane, try letting the top of your hair grow out for now. When you have a trim, have your stylist only take off a little length so that the top layer will get fuller over time.

If you can’t make it to the salon or don’t want to commit to any more time on your hair, just use a scarf or a hairband.

You might find that it becomes easier to keep your hair in order and also that this is a quick way of donating a little more time & money for those in need.


If you fall in this category, you can enjoy a little bit more freedom. There are varieties of alternatives and styles.

The structure of this haircut is quite unique. You can even opt for bangs to give it an edgier look. The most important thing at this stage is letting the lowest layer grow out since that way, you’ll be able to add some small braids to play around with your hairstyle and make it more fun.


If this one applies to you, do a little dance, because the worst is over.

Has it ever felt like your hair has been growing faster? That’s why I always recommend people choose hairstyles that fit their hair the best.

Cutting your hair in layers, or with a shaggy edge, are both good options. Frizzy or curly hair can have layers to help manage these textures or are shaved completely to give the impression of a sleeker surface.

One way you can change your hair is by choosing parting in the front. This will keep layers off of your hair and give you a little more volume at the front.


You better be ready to put your hands up in the air if you’re still here on the floor!

The long bob is a simple, versatile hairstyle that can be styled to suit your preferences. For more texture, choose waves or curls, or leave it looking sleek without any layers.

Do you want more movement? Go for the layers then!

You can now make your hair grow out without looking disheveled with these haircuts! In this article, I’ll share some tips on how different face shapes affect what hairstyle suits you best.



For my clients with round faces, I recommend straight hair with layers starting at the chin down.

This will make your neck stand out, making it appear slimmer. If you have curly hair, you are most likely better off with a medium-length style with a side-swept bang.

You can also try a side part, which covers up the middle part of your forehead and most of your chin. This will make your face appear thinner in no time!


This face shape is compatible with all cuts so you can play with different styles.

With these different styles, your hair can look completely different. You could opt for a fun and modern wave, or something more classic and shaggy. We recommend adding some bangs to the style as well for extra flair!


Her goal is to disguise the angles on your face, so she’d recommend a cut that gives volume at the upper part.

You can cut your hair in layers. These are especially good for wavy-haired people to give the hair more shape when it’s styled with a styling cream or side bangs when you have wavy hair.

When it comes to straight-bangs, I would avoid that, since that’s one thing that can make many women feel weird about their straight line of bang


One of my recommendations for people would be to get a haircut with a side part. This detail will change the hair completely and I think you should go for a jaw-length bob.


The best haircut for you falls in the category of long, wavy layers

Adding a bang to your hair is not restricted to one particular type. You can add whichever style you prefer, as long as it’s at least around the ear area.

To hide the angles of your jaw, you’ll want to part your hair in the middle.


Adding waves to long hair can help it look more youthful. Try using your fingers or specially designed tools made of plastic or metal that are heated up by an electrical current.

For longer hair that moves a lot, a middle part can work well. You can also add some waves to your medium-length hair near the cheekbones if you prefer it shorter.


Throughout this article, I’ve shared tips on transition hairstyles for growing out short hair

You can transition from short to long hair without switching your whole style. Different hairstyles are available, and it’s easier to maintain because no length requires any specific style.

You might be able to fix your curly hair by using things like gels, no-rinse styling creams, scarves and hairbands.


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