Splat hair dye tips and tricks to color your hair

Splat hair dye tips and tricks to color your hair

To make sure your Splat hair dye lasts as long as possible, follow these tips and tricks to color your hair at home.

Splat has a wide range of hair dyes for you to choose from so you can achieve the exact color you’re looking for, even when the salon is closed.

If you’ve ever dyed your own hair, you know that the process typically involves a lot of patience and precision.

Successfully changing your hair color at home is a lot easier these days. There are tons of tutorials and products available that are sure to provide you with the perfect look.

Here are 10 tips and tricks for using Splat Hair Dye to get the perfect color for you. We know that you’ll be able to achieve the results you have been dreaming of with minimal effort!

10 Pro Tips and tricks to color your hair with Splat dye

Now you can have professional-quality results with just one thought by adding in the 10 pro tip and tricks for coloring your hair with Splat dye. This article will show you how to master this technique and get certified results from home!

1) Choose the right color and formula for your hair

You’ll have to pre-lighten your hair before you get a color, in order for the color to deposit evenly Splat’s color kits are now available with bleach for convenience.

For a subtle transition, you can add layers of color to blonde hair. Natural blondes look great with shades of blonde or similar colors such as Berry Blast.

2) Get an extra box of Splat dye!

You can’t get halfway through a hair color, so you have to finish the job. So make sure you have enough color when your hair is halfway done!

Splat offers vibrant colors that are affordable, so it is good to buy more than you think you’ll need when beginning to dye your hair. Don’t worry about having an extra box on hand – that’s better than not having enough!

3) Setup your work area like a pro

Prepare your hair color station. Set the area up like you would a professional salon, with everything arranged in a row so it’s easy to see how to get your hair color just right.

We recommend having two sets of towels, one to put around your neck and the other for cleaning. That way, you can do both at the same time.

We also recommend having a few pairs of gloves to become more efficient. You’ll also want them for when the hair dye spills, but remember to put them back in their proper place when you’re done.

Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing that can easily be removed without tugging your hair.

4) Read the instructions carefully and follow them!

Your natural inclination may be to not follow Splat hair dye instructions and jump right into the application without reading them, but please do read them! This step is important.

Hair dyes are designed to produce specific, controlled results. That’s why they are available in large volume on the market.

Skipping any part of the instructions may lead to inefficiency and incorrect results.

5) Consider mixing colors!

Every color is formulated with a particular target result in mind. A great way to test your skills and try out new mixing techniques is by mixing two colors together- you’ll get a custom result, just as desired.

Many people don’t know the best way to pair colors. It’s perfectly safe to stick with shades from the same “color family” (ie. dark red, light red) but you can also mix colors together to get a variation on that shade of your choice. Experiment with combinations such as bright blue + dark green or green + brown!

As a company that provides the best hair dye and hair care, Splat is always on the lookout for new ways to bring out your natural beauty.

With their Crimson Obsession and Purple Desire colors, these hair colors are tinted with an extra boost of color to make them more vibrant.

Splat has created a set of unique colors that are made up of both original colors, mixed together to give bolder pieces and accent pieces.

6) Conduct a strand test

Some people tend to skip the strand test, but it’s one of the most important steps in dyeing your hair.

For a healthy and happy hair life, the strand test not only lets you know what color your hair will be after a set amount of time, but it also ensures that your scalp and skin won’t break out in rashes or other skin reactions.

Taking care of yourself in 2022 will be difficult after an exhausting year. You may feel like going small before going big is doable, but getting started and sticking to it will require patience.

7) Color your hair in sections

You would not want a professional to color your hair without sectioning it. Neither should you do this at home, as it will end up with uneven color.

Part your hair into approximately 4-6 even sections before coloring. Start with the bottom layers, working your way up from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head.

8) Start with your roots and finish with your ends

You need to be aware that your hair is different from the person who dyed or processed it before, so it will tend to absorb new colors differently.

There are two parts of your hair that, in the case of damage, can be treated differently. The ‘ends’ of your hair are the most prone to breaking, dryness, and other damaging external factors.

These damaged ends need to be addressed with a separate approach from the rest of your hair to ensure their longevity.

Make sure you’re adding color to ends first when doing a bleaching job. If you want to only deposit color on the roots and midsections, apply that first.

Then, you just need to work the remaining color through your ends. The opposite holds true when bleaching or using a dye with lifting power (such as new Splat’s new permanent line, Double Lift): only start with the midsection and work that section of hair before moving on.

Make sure to bleach the roots of your hair last, the heat from your head will actually speed up the process and cause oxidation to happen more quickly.

9) Try a simple shampoo trick

You’re about to rinse your hair and need to take a few minutes to mix it up so your color won’t get messed up.

Be sure that you squirt two drops of shampoo in your remaining dye that is roughly equal to how much water you are going to use. Stir well until everything is thoroughly mixed together.

To prevent damage from overcompensation, it’s best to use the ends of your hair to color the undergrowth a different color. This prevents fading and helps your hair look fresher for a longer period.

10) Follow the rules when rinsing your hair

After you let your dye process, it’s important to remove the excess dye by shampooing in order to avoid harsh chemicals later on.

Run a lukewarm sink of water into your hair and massage gently with your fingertips. This will break the dye down so the excess will rinse out more easily. Let it sit for fifteen minutes before rinsing out again.

Follow the instructions that you’re given with your box of color and be sure to rinse thoroughly. You can also use shampoo that comes with the dye and conditioner that you already have sorted in your bathroom to keep on top of your beauty routine. Close the cuticle and lock in your color with a cool rinse after using hair dye.


Adding these 10 Splat hair dye tips and tricks to your home routine will help you achieve beautiful hair with bold colors.

For sticking with more challenging hair color transitions, it’s better to leave the treatments up to your expert stylist.

But, if you’d like a new look quickly, you can do the hair coloring yourself! It’s a new year, so it’s time to try something different.


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